Do you want a cuddly friend? The cute and cuddly Teddy Bear Dog is the perfect companion for you. The popularity of the Teddy Bear dog has soared across the country. It’s not hard to see why. Teddy Bear dogs are one of the cutest designer dog breeds ever created. They have a cute button nose and adorable little face.



What’s a Teddy Bear dog?

Teddy Bear puppies can be described as designer dog breed’s. They are a crossbreed of the Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise dogs. This is how they get their small size and beautiful looks. This is similar to other designer breeds of dogs, as Teddy Bear puppies inherit different traits from their parents. The Teddy Bear was bred to be cute and have hypoallergenic hair. The Teddy Bear dog is a beloved furry friend for many families since the early 2000s.

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Pros and Cons of teddy bear dogs

  • The Shichon is a large pet that can be used by urban dwellers who don’t have much space for their dog to run.
  • It is easy to fit in any dog carrier that’s suitable for mobility and doesn’t require much space. They don’t require too much physical activity.
  • This breed requires only five miles of walking per week, and 45 minutes of running or playing each day.
  • They enjoy playing fetch and learning tricks to help prevent obesity.
  • The Shichon, despite being playful, is a calm and quiet dog breed. Contrary to other small dog breeds that bark constantly, the Shichon does not bark excessively. This can be quite irritating.
  • They can adapt to their environment and are considered the best companions for small households.
  • They are able to sense when their person is feeling down or in distress, making them an ideal fit for people who can’t communicate their emotions.
  • They are a great companion for other pets, as they don’t tend to be prey animals or dominant.
  • They are not aggressive, making them an ideal playmate for children.
  • It is important to supervise playtime to prevent any injury to the dog’s fragile and small body. Even a small drop can cause injury to the dog.

The Advantages of Owning A Teddy Bear Dog


Designed for family life

Teddy Bear dogs are happy to be surrounded by people, provided they are socialized well.

These lovable dogs can be adjusted to any lifestyle with consistent training and socialization. Your Teddy Bear dog can fit in with any family whether you are alone, with a child or partner, or even with large families.

Keep in mind, however, that even small children may not be able to understand how to properly treat a dog. Also, include small children in puppy training if you have them! They will be able to learn together the limits of your puppy’s abilities and how to treat it with respect.




Bichon Frise breeding and Shih Tzu breeding were specifically designed to eliminate dander. Dander is made up of microscopic skin particles that are shed by dogs and cats as well as birds, birds, and mice.

For those with severe allergies, this dander can trigger an allergic reaction. Because the amount of dander in the Shih Tzu or Bichon Frise is minimal, it is hypoallergenic.

The expectations were fulfilled because people who had previously struggled to own dogs can now have one like the Teddy Bear dog.

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People like

Teddy Bear dogs can be very friendly and will often play with your emotions. Teddy Bear dogs are very friendly and will play with any person they can.

There is no need to argue about who Teddy Bear dog is more fond of. Spoiler alert! It’s all of us!


Only LOVE and TOYS

Nothing is better than a dog that wants your attention, love, and time. That’s exactly what Teddy Bear dog is. It’s not the “pat on your head and we’re done” type of relationship.

Did you remember when I said these Teddy Bear dogs are full of energy? This is also indicative of how much love and affection they require. The Teddy Bear breed is known for their neediness, so if you see one in public, it’s almost always right next to the owner or person.

What happens when you don’t get enough love from your Teddy Bear dog? They will eat anything and everything that comes in their way. They are very demanding of your attention and love. Their tendency to chew and bite is especially high in their younger years, which range from 3 to 6 months.

You can leave your Teddy Bear dog with someone else if you aren’t available or leave a chew toys behind. Be prepared for any Teddy Bear dog who decides to eat your furniture.


The Disadvantages Of Owning A Teddy Bear Dog

Health issues

Teddy bear hybrids are generally healthy. They live between 12 and 16 years. Some Cockapoos live up to 18 years. There is always the possibility that their parents will pass on medical conditions to them.

These issues may be more prevalent in certain breeds. Moreover, Mini Goldendoodles are, for instance, at higher risk of developing cancer due to the Golden Retriever genes. Poodle mix is more likely to develop Addison’s Disease.

Multiple types of teddy bear dog can be affected by other health issues, such as epilepsy and joint problems. There are several health issues that could be a concern, including hip and elbow dysplasias, patellar dysfunction, arthritis, and arthritis.

Deafness, cataracts, and other ear problems could also occur. Also, progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness, is a more serious eye problem. It is important to have regular vet visits in order to catch this condition early. Signs often don’t appear until it has advanced.

You may also have minor health problems for your teddy bear. It is usually possible to manage food and skin allergies easily. If your dog is scratching or has upset stomach, talk to your vet.

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Training Issue

I don’t mean to be negative, Teddy Bear dogs can be smart but they struggle with understanding the difference between potty training and toilet training.

It’ll be easy to teach them how to sit, remain, eat, and fetch. You can do this in just a few days. However, potty training is another story. Teddy Bear dog owners stated that their Teddy Bear breeds had to be trained properly for at least 8 weeks.

If you are going to teach your Teddy Bear dog how to use the toilet, make sure you have patience. Do not let time scare your Teddy Bear dog. Once your Teddy Bear dog is trained properly, you will be happy that you took the time to teach him.




If you have allergies to dogs or want to care for one, the Teddy Bear dog is a great choice! You might be able to enjoy being a dog owner, without all the side effects that can come with allergies. Moreover, If you are new to dog training, the Teddy Bear dog might be the right choice for you. You just need to be patient when potty training.


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