St Bernard Pitbull mix dogs are some of the most beautiful, intelligent and fastest-growing dog breeds in the world. These fast-moving mixed breed dogs can reach top speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) when appropriately trained! They can be your best friend.



St Bernard Pitbull mix parent breed information:

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Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard is a large dog breed, and working dog from the Swiss Alps originally bred for rescue missions in the mountains. They have a thick, long coat that protects them from the cold weather and can range in color from white to brown. Saint Bernards are gentle giants who love being around people and other animals. These gentle giant dogs are loyal and protective of their family and make great guard dog’s.

The dogs today are at #39 on the popularity rating of the American Kennel Club. It is believed that St. Bernard is deemed as one of the purest breeds in the world due to the breed standard set by the International Congress of Zurich.


American Pit bull Terrier.

The Pit bull is a medium-sized dog that was originally bred for bull-baiting in England. When this practice was outlawed, they were brought to the United States, where they were used as farm dogs and for dogfighting. Today, Pitbulls have considered one of the most popular dog breed’s in America. They come in many colors but are most commonly white or brown with short, smooth coats. Pitbulls are intelligent and loyal dogs and tend to be great with children and other pets.

The first time the UKC recognized the breed, it was referred to as the American Pitbull Terrier.’ However, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed’s slightly different variant called the “American Staffordshire Terriers. While they differ in a small way, their primary reason was distinguishing the breed from Pitbull Terriers with a reputation for violence and a history of blood sports.



Saint Bernard Pitbull Mix Personality.

It is believed that the Saint Bernard Pitbull mix will typically be a big dog as they usually follow their Saint Bernard parents. A mature Saint Bernard Pitbull mix will be between 20 and 27 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 120 pounds.

Saint Bernard and Pitbull are working dog’s. Therefore, the puppies have an athletic and slim body, a short and broad muzzle, a deep chest and sturdy legs. If they are born with the St. Bernard’s gene, Saint Bernard Pitbull mixes can have large ears or perked ears when they inherit the Pitbull’s gene.

The main differentiator between Saint Bernard and the Pitbull Pitbull is their coat. Saint Bernards typically have a thick, fluffy coat that helps them remain warm even in frigid weather. However, Pitbulls have short to medium-length coats. Fortunately, most Saint Bernard Pitbull Mixes will inherit their Pitbull parent’s coat. This means that the majority of them will wear an average-length coat.

The majority of Saint Bernard Pitbull mixes be akin to the appearance of their Saint Bernard parents, sporting the white marking on their chests to indicate coat color. But, Pitbull are in many shades. Therefore, it is possible that the Saint Bernard Pitbull Mix puppy can also be available in a range of shades, including brown, blue, tan brindle, fawn, and brindle.




The majority of Pitbull Saint Bernard mix breeds are between 20 and 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh anything from 50 and 120 pounds.

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Saint Bernard Pitbull mix temperament.

The St Bernard Pitbull mix is a great family dog who loves spending time with people and other animals. These dogs are very loyal and protective of their loved ones, making them excellent guard dogs. They are intelligent and fast-moving, so it can be challenging to train these dogs to walk on a leash and respond to commands. However, if you invest the time in properly training your St Bernard Pitbull mix, they will provide years of loyalty and companionship for your whole family!




Health problems of St bernard Pitbull mix.

Like many other dog breeds, the St Bernard Pit bull mix can be prone to health problems, such as hip dysplasia and heart disease. To ensure your St Bernard Pit bull mix stays happy and healthy, you should feed them a high-quality diet and take them for regular veterinary checkups.

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Saint Bernard Pitbull mix training.

The St Bernard Pitbull mix is a very active hybrid dog who loves to be outdoors, so you must invest time in training them to respond to commands and walk on a leash. This will also help ensure your St Bernard Pitbull mix stays safe and healthy for many years to come. Some good training tips include giving your dog plenty of positive reinforcement and using treats as rewards. Be patient and consistent in your training efforts, and you will find that your St Bernard Pitbull mix is an excellent companion animal!



Grooming and care St Bernard Pitbull mix.

Saint Bernard Pitbull mixes have long, shaggy coats that often require frequent brushing to keep them looking their best. You may also need to trim your dog’s nails and clean their ears regularly to maintain good hygiene. Talk to your vet about the best grooming practices for your particular dog, as every breed is different.

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Saint Bernard Pitbull mix diet and nutrition.

It is important to feed your St Bernard Pitbull mix a high-quality diet to maintain health and prevent obesity. These dogs are prone to weight gain, so make sure you monitor their food intake and give them plenty of exercises. Talk to your veterinarian about the best type of food for your dog, as every breed has different nutritional needs.


What are Saint Bernard Pitbull mix pros and cons?


  1. Loyal and affectionate
  2. Easy to train due to his intelligence
  3. Excellent watchdog


  1. Requires a lot of activity
  2. Can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for more extended periods
  3. Highly sensitive to sudden sounds like sirens



St Bernard Pitbull Mix breed types.

With St. Bernard Pitbull Mixes, four types of different dog breed know as Pitbulls. Although all Pitbulls have almost similar temperaments, their sizes do vary greatly.

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bully

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Do St Bernard Pitbull mixes make good pets?

Yes, St Bernard Pitbull mixes make excellent pets! They are intelligent, loyal, and loving dogs who enjoy spending time with their families. These dogs require regular exercise and training to stay healthy and well-behaved, but if you are prepared to invest the time, they will provide years of companionship and love for your whole family. So if you are looking for a unique and loving pet, add a St Bernard Pitbull mix to your home today!




Are you looking for a unique, intelligent, and loyal companion? Consider adding a St Bernard Pitbull mix dog to your family! Thanks to their gentle and loving nature, these wonderful dogs are perfect for families with children or other pets. With proper training, they can also make excellent guard dog’s. If you are prepared to invest time in training and exercise, the St Bernard Pitbull mix will provide years of fun and companionship for your whole family!


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