Tricolor Dog Breeds

The tricolor coat pattern, which is as striking and adorable as it is cute, is one of the most popular color schemes for dogs. The classic combination consists of black and white along with brown. However, technically, it can be mixed with any of the three colors. The tricolor scheme, which is similar to brindle and other coat patterns, can be found in many dog breeds. You can choose to have a traditional color-block look where the colors are limited to certain areas (such as in Bernese mountain dog), or you might go crazy with color splotches all over the place like in panda shepherds. Read this article to meet tricolor dog breeds.



Is brindle a tricolor?

A Brindle is more a pattern than it is a color. However, dogs with three or more colors may be called tri-color brindles. A brindle is a pattern that resembles a tiger’s coat.

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1- Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher is a medium-sized breed. It is a member the herding group. The traditional color-block tricolor Entlebucher pattern features a white chest blaze and mostly black body. There are two brown markings that resemble expressive eyebrows. Entlebuchers can be a hardworking dog that thrives on a job to do. the Entlebucher can be difficult for new dog owners.


2- Beagle

The beagle is easily the tricolor dog breed most well-known cutie. This small, friendly hound makes a great family friend. He is a happy, go-lucky puppy with a distinctive bark called a bay.

The beagle was originally bred to hunt in packs. He is a dog friendly scenthound that follows his nose. However, he may wander off if he gets too excited.

There are many colors available for Beagles, including eleven¬†coat designs that meet the AKC standard¬†‚Äď six of which are tricolor variations!



3- Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dogs or Berner, are a strong working breed that is full of cuteness and has a calendar-worthy personality. He might be strong, but he is known for being gentle and making him a great companion for children . Early training is crucial to control his worst instincts as a puppy, especially since he’s a large dog.

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4- Chihuahua

There are three lengths of Chihuahua fur: long, short, and medium. The breed’s distinctive colors and patterns include solid white, solid black and brindle. Fawn, cream and red are the most common coat colors. Your Chihuahua may come with a blue or black mask.

There are many other markings that can be accepted for the Chihuahua breed. This combination with beautiful color combinations can make a stunning puppy!


5- Boxer

There are very few colors available for boxer coats. The American Kennel Club standard lists two colors for boxer coats: brindle and fawn. White marks are common; sometimes, the entire body may be covered in white.

All purebred boxers have a black muzzle. Moreover, white markings can partially or fully hide it. The black mask may not be necessary if your boxer is mixed breed.


6- Cocker Spaniel

One of the most desirable breeds is the Cocker Spaniel. His thick, sometimes wavy, coat is shorter on the head, back, ears, chest and belly than on the legs. It is also longer on the ears and chest. In fact, you can choose from a solid color (black, light cream or red to brown), or a part-color (black, light cream or red to brown), with two or more colors including white.



7- Basset Hound

The basset dog is a great choice for those who love slow and low.

He is a gentle, calm and sweet dog with old-soul charm. His small stature makes him a surprise to many. It can be hard to train the basset . He is a scent hound and will follow your nose. A basset’s short coat makes it easy to groom. However, he can get ear infections easily so you need to take extra care when cleaning his ears.

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8- Bull Terrier

The bullterrier is a charming, clown-like cutie with a potato-shaped skull. He is beloved for his joyful spirit and playful antics, which earned him the title family dog. Moreover, Bull terrier dog breeds are great for those who don’t like to groom their dogs often. They only need a weekly bath and brushing. Also, bull terriers benefit from early training, as his thirst to have fun can make it difficult to control his impulses in such a strong breed.

He should get moderate exercise each day, including a walk or jog.


9- Pit Bull

Pit bulls can be found in many different coat styles, including tricolor. His short hair is very easy to maintain. However, he does shed moderately throughout the year so make sure to have your vacuum nearby.

Your pit bull should begin training as soon as possible , as he is a strong breed with muscle for days. Although he may appear tough, he is a gentle giant. Keep him happy and positive in training.



10- Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss mountain dog looks a lot like the short-haired Bernese mountain dog breeds . In many ways they are very similar. The Swissie, as they are often called, is a gentle giant that is a tricolor dog.

Although Great swiss mountain dog breed is powerful and large, is still a great family dog because of his loving nature. It is important to start training your Swissie early, because he can quickly grow too big if he gets unruly.

His daily exercise requirements are not too high despite his work background. He enjoys a good walk or hike every day to keep him happy. This is a very slobbery dog, with his droopy cheeks.

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11- Rough Collie

All collie types, including border, rough and smooth, have the same color variation, even tri color. The collie will be tri-colored if each parent has recessive black genes. Tri-factored sable colies inherit a brown gene from one parent, and a dark gene from the other (still brown but genetically heterozygous).


12- English Bulldog

English Bulldog’s make great household pets. They are affectionate, sweet, and have a short nose. They come in many colors, including red, fawn and fallow. However, there are also a few non-standard ones, like tricolors such as lilac and blue. Tri color Bulldogs, while rare, are very expensive.



13- Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The five colors of Pembroke Welsh Corgis are red, sable and black. White marks might or may not exist. Tris can either have black hair or red hair.

Mismarks (too many white hair), long hair and bluies (flushed-out coat color with a sooty look ‚Äď NOT Merles) all are considered flaws and are prohibited from competing.¬†Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeds are known for their merles and brindles coats.

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14- Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds, or ‚ÄúAussies‚ÄĚ, as they are often called is one of known tricolor dog breeds in the world. They have a multitude of colors and patterns including tricolor and Merle. They are just as versatile in sports as they are in obedience. This is the dog for you if you are active. However, Aussies require daily exercise, and they make great jogging companions. A thick, medium-length coat of the Aussie requires weekly brushing. However, this will increase as the shedding season approaches. To remove the undercoat that is shed, brush your Aussie once a week.


15- Basenji

The basenji hound is expressive and has his own mind. He is surprising catlike, with his dislike for water and meticulous grooming. However, he has a doggish zest to have fun and adventure.

Although his¬†‚Äúbarkless‚ÄĚ label¬†might catch your attention, it doesn‚Äôt necessarily mean that he is quiet.¬†The breed makes many different sounds, including chirps and yodels. The basenji¬†is not recommended for new owners¬†as he is stubborn and handsome.



16- Collie

The tricolors are available in both long-haired and short-haired collies, with three of the ten standard breed coat colors being used to identify the dog.

Lassie is the Hollywood star who loves the collie, a herding breed that is well-known for its trainability . Moreover, he is energetic and eager to please. This makes him an excellent candidate for agility and obedience . You should use positive training methods to train him. Rough collie’s have thick, long coats that require regular combing. Smooth collies need to be brushed to remove their dense undercoat. Both types shed heavily once per year.

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17- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Only four colors are recognized for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The most common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel color is the Blenheim, but the black and tan are rarer and therefore more expensive.

Based on our research, Cavaliers can also be ordered in five other non-official colors and patterns. These include merle, black &white, and tan.


18- Panda Shepherd

The Panda Shepherd is a German Shepherd that has a piebald coat. Also, it is well-balanced, and extremely resistant. Only one GSD lineage has ever seen piebald coloration. It is white at 35 percent, and black and tan at the rest. There are no white German Shepherds in this pedigree.



19- Shetland Sheepdog

Two coats are required for shelties: one on the outside, and one on their inside. The undercoat is dense and shorter, so the harsher, longer topcoat stands out against the skin. There are three main colors available, with different amounts of white or tan markings. Also, sable is available in many colors, including golden and mahogany. Merle Black Blue (bluegray with black) A Sheltie with a coat that is more than half white or brindle is not suitable for the show ring. However, his color does not affect his potential to be a great companion.


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