If your dog doesn’t let you be for yourself for even a second, then you have a Velcro dog. Velcro dogs are adorable; their affection and attention have no end. However, it can be annoying when you can’t be alone and your puppy is always around.


velcro dogs breed


Why my dog is a Velcro dog.

Simply put, a velcro dog is the opposite of separation anxiety (SA) dog. A SA dog becomes extremely anxious and difficult to manage when left alone by its owner. On the other hand, a velcro dog will follow his owner from room to room and everywhere else in between; he cannot be easily distracted by anything else around him as he prefers to focus on his owner’s every move. Velcro dogs are also easy-going and tolerant of many things that might make an SA dog intensely fearful or aggressive.

Velcro dog breed’s can be one of two types – either born this way or made through positive training methods. Some dog owner’s are more tolerant of their pets’ “velcro” behavior, while others are more demanding. Dogs that are “born this way” can be difficult to manage for those who want their dogs to learn an independent temperament, but there are still plenty of ways around this issue.

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Why is my dog a Velcro dog?

Well, many reasons make your dog too clingy. Some certain breeds are born to be with humans. Because their main activity is to assist their owners like shepherd dogs, guard dogs, etc., they can consider being a Velcro dog due to their nature.

Sometimes, clingy behaviors can emerge because of stress or anxiety. If your puppy feels insecure, he will be around you all the time. In addition, Our training can make a dog a Velcro one. If you pay attention to your dog and award him constantly, your puppy learns to be near you always.

In some cases, Velcro dog behavior emerges when your dog is sick or feels scared. No matter the reason for your dog’s clingy behavior, it is just a matter of training to shape your dog’s behavior.


velcro dogs breed


What is Velcro dog syndrome?

An older term, “velcro goo,” is a disease that has been recognized in some dogs and not others. Those who have heard of this do what feels good or right for the dog.

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What causes Velcro Dog Syndrome?

It’s a matter of perspective and what your wants and needs for your dog happen to be. Not all owners want or need independence from their dogs, so it might not even be an issue if you’re happy with just having a jogging partner who never leaves your side.

Boredom and Lack of Mental Stimulation 

Bred To Be Dependent

Changes in Surroundings and Atmosphere

Health Concerns

Vision and Hearing Impairment 

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Is Velcro Syndrome Harmful?

It’s all relative to what the owner expects from their dog and them as individual human beings. Some owners find it cute and even charming, while others find it annoying and stressful as they want more freedom from their dogs for themselves. This may lead to complete avoidance training, which might sometimes work but can also be risky, especially if your dog likes to bolt outdoors without you realizing he needs to do his business urgently! Other methods such as redirection or playing with your dog can work and create a bond between you and your dog.

Velcro dogs are great!

You should know that Velcro dogs are great pets. If you want a new best friend, this is the dog for you. They come in various colors, and they are straightforward to care for. Velcro dogs adore their owners, and they need to be around them all the time.


velcro dogs breed


What are clingy dog breeds?

It can be difficult to determine which dog breed’s are more likely to be clingy dog breed and become excessively attached and follow their humans from room to room. However, some breeds that are extra clingy (and female clingy dog) that want as much attention as possible include the Afghan hound, Basset Hound, Bichon frise, Greyhound, Heeler (Australian cattle dog), Italian Greyhound, and Spaniel.


Velcro dog as a member of the family!

Some people choose a Velcro dog because it has a lot of personalities. These are very loving pets, and they do make wonderful additions to any family. If you own a Velcro pet, then you know just how much fun they can be. However, you do need to be careful. If your Velcro dog has just gotten accustomed to your family, it may be a bit too pushy for your tastes.

However, if you love your Velcro dog and treat them like a member of the family, then you will get along quite well. Many owners find that their pets get along well with other pets. Remember, these are intelligent animals. They can learn to be good companions to humans, but they can also be aggressive towards other pets. If you get an overly aggressive Velcro pet, you might want to consider another type of dog.

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Different types of Velcro dogs!

There are many different types of Velcro dogs out there. One of the most popular is the Velcro mastiff . Many people choose this breed of dog because it is very protective of its master. This dog may not be as friendly as other smaller dogs, but it does have its charm.

Another popular Velcro breed is the American Bald Spot breed, the most aggressive breed of all. Because it is an aggressive breed, I wouldn’t recommend this breed as the first breed for a novice owner or a guard or police dog because of its ability to bite and make a significant threat. However, if your goal is to protect your family or to work security or as a herding dog, the American Bald Spot would be a perfect breed to start with. Other aggressive breeds can make good candidates for protection and as herders.



Velcro dogs breeds.

As discussed above, making a dog a Velcro one is a matter of training or nature. Therefore, dogs that show a lot of affection can be considered Velcro dogs. Dog breeds related to helping owners are mostly Velcro dogs; Breeders like shepherd dogs and guard dog’s .

If you are considering having a Velcro dog breed, here is a list of your popular dog breed’s to adupt:


  • Labrador Retriever Golden retriever
  • Collie French bulldog
  • Maltese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • German Shepherd Saint bernard
  • Shetland Sheepdog Boston terrier
  • Doberman Pinscher Toy Fox Terrier
  • Pug St Bernard
  • Vizsla Welsh corgi
  • Border Collie Irish wolfhound
  • Yorkshire Terrier Australian Shepherd
  • And a lot more breeds.

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Having a Velcro dog as a pet can be a delightful experience. Velcro dogs are kind, obedient, affectionate, and working dog’s. However, their clingy behavior can be annoying sometimes. Hence, it is best to consider their characteristics before owning a Velcro dog.

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