Although you may not have ever seen a French bulldog with long hair, there are some. The Long hired Frenchie has distinctive bat ears and a body similar to a Frenchie. They also have visible longer hair than breed standard Frenchies. Their heads have wavy hair that is slightly longer than their backs. This type of french Bulldog is an extremely healthy dog with rare genetics. French bulldogs have long, occasional hair because their parents have the recessive gene.

Both parents should have the recessive L4 gene but not necessarily be long-haired. They do not need to be carriers. A similar situation happens in human genetics. Red hair genes may be passed from one generation to another, so if both parents have the same gene, they might have a child with red hair.


what is long haired frenchie?


Is Long hired Frenchie Bulldog Purebred?

It is hard to say precisely how Frenchies become so hairy in some of their breeds. However, they are considered to be purebred. There are several explanations about their hairs and their origin. Some breeders believe that it is normal for French Bulldogs to have long hair, which has the genes responsible for that. However, others believe French Bulldogs didn’t possess the genes to breed long hair puppies. Their theory suggests that French Bulldogs have mated with other dogs naturally for long periods, leading to Long hired Frenchie Bulldogs. The first defendant, in this case, is rattle dogs.

Nevertheless, research and genetic tests have shown that hairy French Bulldog’s can be pedigree and have the required genetic structure to grow long hair. However, it does not acquit rattles, and they can have a role in the long hairs of Frenchies. In short hair, hairs aren’t the matter here; the long length of hairs can be attributed to rattle dogs.

But it would be best if you also considered that many Frenchies are purposefully bred with hairy dogs, and their mixes can have a long haired coat.

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The personality.

You will forget all about possible health problems when you see the unique personality of a French Bulldog with a long hair gene! Frenchies are gentle, calm, and affectionate. They rarely display aggressive behavior. Although it can take some time for them to become comfortable with other people, they are known to be good friends with pets and get along well with other people. French Bulldogs love to be loved, and they don’t like being left alone. They are easy to train and require little exercise. However, French Bulldogs do need to be walked regularly, so make sure to keep that in mind when you add them to your family. They are the perfect companion!


what is long haired frenchie?


What do they look like?

The French Bulldog is adorable enough by itself, but the Long hired Frenchie version is just as cute. Their bodies are very similar. The breed also shares bat ears. The fluffy male bulldogs are slightly larger than the females and taller. The full-grown French Bulldog is between 11 and 13 inches tall. Males weigh between 20 to 28 pounds, and females can reach 16 to 24 pounds. The main attraction is their hair. It is medium in length and covers the ears and head and the back and chest. This gives them a soft but not unkempt appearance that will make it easy to pet and cuddle them. These traits are the ones that the AKC has included in the breed standard. However, as with all animals, there may be variations.

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French bulldog colors.

Like other breeds of Frenchies, they are available in a wide range of colors for coats. You can find

standard french bulldog colors like white, cream, and fawn; they might also come with chocolate Lilac or blue coats. Red Fawn French Bulldog- A red fawn Frenchie can be a rare variation in color from the Frenchie. Afflicted pied french Bulldog, the fawn pieds of a dog can be all of them mentioned above; however, they have a patchy pattern on their pieds.

When we think of markings, we can mention black or piebald masks. Since hairy Frenchies aren’t allowed to participate in shows, they usually find homes in families with children due to their charming personalities.

A variety of markings can be found on a french bulldog breed that can add to its appearance. The markings are:

  • Note: Patches of color on the coat
  • Black Mask: black patches on the face
  • Brindle Markings Shaded patches of red, with darker bits of hair
  • Piebald: a largely white coat that has flecks of color
  • White Marks: A dark coat that has white spots

Long hired Frenchie Bulldogs could be any of the colors mentioned above and have distinctive markings similar to other Frenchie. In many ways, Frenchies could be a mixed breed; each has a distinct look distinct and is a unique French bulldog puppy.



Brushing issues.

Many Long hired Frenchie breeders out there will sell you a beautiful color puppy that comes with an adorable name. This cute little furball is going to require brushing from the moment it arrives at your home. A standard brush for a bulldog is usually too large for a small face, so you may need to purchase a bristle brush designed specifically for face brushing. Be sure to ask your breeder what types of bristle brushes they use on their dogs because it will help you determine how often you should use them. Most reputable breeders will have the grooming tools you need for short haired and Long hired Frenchie.


what is long haired frenchie?


dog training and tricks

Another thing you need to consider when getting a Frenchie pup is the necessary dog training and tricks. They tend to be stubborn and require a firm hand from the owner. You may have to invest some time in training your pet, but your puppy will thank you for it when he starts growing into an adult. It would be best if you remembered that many Long hired Frenchie pups were actually sired by Frenchies and so have temperament traits associated with that breed. This means you must also take care of proper grooming and dog care so that your dog does not turn out like the Frenchies.


what is long haired frenchie?

Talk to the local breeder.

Some red hair genes are passed down from one generation to another in the Frenchie breed, so you might want to find out if your puppy shares any of these red hair genes with his ancestor. If you do find that your dog does have the red hair genes, then you can look for a dog that doesn’t have the red hair genes. You can also talk to the local breeder or the person who raised a bulldog puppy to learn more about the dog. The breeder can sometimes help you choose between bulldog mix that shares many things in common.


Where to buy a long-haired Frenchie?

If you want to buy a long-haired Frenchie, the place where you can easily do so is on specialized fairs such as this one. It’s not only an opportunity for people who want to sell their dogs to meet people looking for puppies but it’s also a great way of getting in touch with breeders. Of course, you can also call, email, or write to breeders directly. Just be sure to have a look at the website of the person whose puppies you are interested in so that you can see whether or not you like their philosophy and if it might suit yours.


What is a dog diet?

It is recommended that you speak with your pet’s vet to select the appropriate diet for your pet’s diet. Each dog has its nutritional requirements. However, Frenchies typically don’t require many calories because of their size. They are unique in that Frenchies have hair that is different from most dogs; caring for their curly locks isn’t as difficult as taking care of shorter hair. They’ll need at the very least four baths throughout the year and more often when they spend a lot of time outside or are particularly dirty.

Regular brushing reduces shed and removes dirt from the coat in between baths. The Self-cleaning Brush is perfect for long hair and short hair French Bulldogs. Dry hair is also great for a fresh, clean coat after baths.



What is the differences between Fluffy French Bulldog (fluffy Frenchie) and a French Bulldog?

The Fluffy French Bulldog isn’t much different from other Bulldogs breed in terms of appearance. The only main difference is that they have slightly longer, fluffier hair than the average French Bulldog. Fluffy Frenchie is often called “long haired,” their fur is only moderately longer than a regular French Bulldog because of different long hair gene It is more accurately considered “medium-length. Fluffy Frenchie are well known as “bat ears,” which stand straight up on the top of their head. They are very erect and prominent.


How to take care of long haired Frenchie?

To take care of a long-haired Frenchie, you have to brush it regularly, especially before going out. A wet-combing is also a good idea. You can find more detailed

Be careful with brushing if your Frenchie has skin problems such as allergies to the grass, pollen or dust.

You also need to pay attention to its food. It is preferable to provide it with hypoallergenic food that will not irritate its skin. You can find more detailled information here.

how to feed a long haired Frenchie?

what a long haired French Bulldog eats is as important as how often he eats.

It’s very important to give him the correct amount of high-quality food, giving him kibbles that not only have the right nutritional value but also control tartar formation and prevent other dental problems.

Health problems :

1 – Allergies

Be careful with the choice of your dog‘s food. It may be caused by its diet or by allergies to dust, grass pollen or another substance. The only way to know it is to see your vet who can do some tests to find out what causes this reaction.

2 – Dandruff

It is often due to the quality of the food. The other possible causes are dry skin, parasites, low humidity in your house or allergies to dust, grass pollen or another substance.

You should know that flea comb is not very efficient against dandruff because it does not remove all the scales that are stuck in the hair coat. Only specific shampoos can solve this problem. You should use a shampoo that is adapted for this type of problem at least once a week.

3 – Hair loss

It can be due to hormonal changes in your dog, because it is about to come into heat, or if it has been neutered lately. Sometimes skin allergies are also the cause. If you have noticed the beginning of this problem, go to your vet who can give you some medicines or recommend a shampoo. And if it is not due to an allergy, the treatment will be based on corticoid injections.


Watch this video to know more about Fluffy French Bulldog and see how they look!


Be skeptical about buying fluffy Frenchies just because it is expensive. Instead, consider the benefits of owning one. They can be unique pets, live with large families, and be brought to your apartment as they can adapt quickly to city life. To avoid paying too much for vet bills, I recommend that you buy one from a reliable breeder and not from hobbyists. You don’t want to spend too much money on a dog with health problems.

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