Have you wondered what smells dogs hate to pee on? Here you can find interesting facts about it.


what smell do dogs hate to pee on


Dogs have a powerful smelling sense, which they are known for. Dogs can distinguish different smells from a far distance. Therefore, they are excellent human assistance for searching. But, this strong sense of smell can cause trouble for dogs. They can’t run away from it. Here we discuss the unpleasant odors for dogs, specifically those they hate to pee on.

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What smells do dogs hate to pee on?

This is a common question among pet owners. Knowing what smells dogs hate to pee on will help you know which dog pads or bowls will be best to use when you have your pet at home. There are several smells that dogs hate to pee on; some are pretty natural for them to deal with, while others can be harmful chemicals that can be very dangerous to dogs if they get into the water.


Citrus aromas.

So, what smell do dogs hate to pee on, and why does this occur? In most cases, it’s because of the citrus scent. A few other smells deter dogs from doing their business, but none are as powerful as citrus. Citrus fruit aromas are generally neutral or sweet. They come from a citrus fruit family called the Orangeroom family, for instance, oranges, lemons, limes, or grapefruit. The citrus smell contains acetic acid that gives many people the “sour taste” when they drink too much wine or get their nose burned by perfume. As a result, most dogs won’t want to go potty to make lemon juice. In short, dogs sense can’t tolerate acidic smells.


what smell do dogs hate to pee on


Medical rubbing alcohol.

Like humans, rubbing alcohols can result in your dog’s nostrils to cause a fire. As your dog’s nose is less sensitive to touch, that burning sensation is amplified in his. The distinctive scent of rub alcohol is not harmful to your dog; however, it can irritate. If your pet is a chewer of furniture, applying rub alcohol on furniture legs may help. If you’re not averse to the scent of rubbing alcohol, it’s an effective method to discourage your dog from places that he doesn’t feel welcome in.

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Essential Oils.

Some essential oils which dogs tolerate, and some which dogs don’t. Cedarwood, eucalyptus, marjoram, pine, peppermint, and thyme. Several other essential oils can also be used as a repellent. Most commercial repellent sprays contain various essential oils in varying concentrations.



Vinegar is a safe method to keep your pet from chewing in areas where he’s not welcome. All types of vinegar, such as apple cider vinegar or white vinegar useable. This household staple is easily transformed into the form of a “dog-away” spray bottle. Add water to disperse white vinegar, mix it with water until slightly dilute white vinegar, and add the mix to the spray bottle. If you add a tiny quantity of water, you’re lessening the smell for one’s nose, but it won’t affect your dog’s. Vinegar can be sprayed from a spray bottle to furniture legs or door frames on doormats, carpet, or wherever your pet isn’t accepted.



Cleaning supplies containing ammonia.

Ammonia is one of the most prominent examples of a scent that dogs aren’t fond of and is poisonous. Ammonia is among the many scents that can be harmful to your dog’s health to breathe in. It is not recommended for humans to contact ammonia unless they take the proper precautions. Your dogs nose sensitive pet will also be affected by the harmful consequences of ammonia. However, the reactions will occur more rapidly and more than usual. It is recommended that a dog owner never use pure ammonia products or ammonia-based cleaners to discourage your dog from the area. Although your pet will be careful around the place, the scent will be present throughout the house and may result in an illness for your pet.

Can you use cayenne pepper to stop the dog pee smell?

Sprinkle cayenne pepper, baking soda, or chili powder on the area where you do not want your dog to go peeing. The powder can irritate the skin and nose on your dog’s skin. I wouldn’t apply powdered pepper to repel your dog because I find it cruel.

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Fun facts about smells with dogs.

Smells and scents constitute the world of dogs. Their intense ability to distinguish a tremendous variety of smells sometimes makes life hard for them. Sometimes dog’s urine may even be more potent than others. This could happen if she was sprayed by another dog and has since bred with that dog. You may notice the smell is different from the original. She may become upset when you spray her and no longer want to pee on the floor.

Now that you know the smells that hinder dogs from peeing, do you want to know how to eliminate unpleasant odors? Read about it here:


what smell do dogs hate to pee on


How to eliminate unpleasant smells caused by dog urine?

Peppermint and other essential oils can eliminate the unpleasant smell caused by urine in various ways. A simple spot test will let you know what smells your pet tolerates daily. Spray a little bit of peppermint essential oil into a closed space and wait for the reaction. If the spot remains unaffected for a minute or so, you know that your pet is fine with the smell.

For more pungent smells, you will need to use an aerosol spray. The spray can be applied directly to the area you want to eliminate. Be very careful when you spray, as the strong smell lingers in the air long after the initial application. Always follow up with a heavy-duty towel to catch any residue, especially around the nose and eyes.

An excellent solution for strong smell’s in dogs is mint and peppermint essential oils. These two scents effectively eliminate any odors caused by urine in the house. The oils are an excellent solution for fighting back against those strong smells because they are antiseptic. You can also use these sprays for fighting other problems in your home, such as mold.

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Some smells are a sign of illness.

If you’ve noticed these familiar smells in your dog and it has become a recurring thing, then you may want to consider the idea of having your dog checked out. There are health problems associated with dogs that produce the smells they do. Your vet may be able to help you find a solution to the smell problem. Since many of these smells can be pretty dangerous to your dog, your vet will most likely suggest a change in diet and possibly even surgery to correct the problem.

what smell do dogs hate to pee on



It’s been said that a dog shouldn’t smell its urine. Dog’s urine is primarily acidic, and dogs can’t tolerate their pungent smell. Several smells hinder dogs from peeing, which can help their owners locate the place for dogs to do their businesses.

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