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When do Akita's ears Stand up?


When do Akita ears Stand up?

It isn’t easy because it’s unclear why and when Akita’s ears are upright. It’s a normal phase of puppyhood. While it’s impossible to know how tall they’ll get in adulthood, However, there are some ways you can aid in the growth of their ears to the fullest extent. Find out more about this adorable puppy’s ears!

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At what age do Akita ears stand up?

Akita puppies’ ears are floppy and fold-down aged nine to 14 weeks. Then they begin standing up slowly. Most ears will be up by 14 weeks old. However, sure ears may require longer. Akitas typically attain fully erect at around 16 weeks. If your puppy has floppy ears after you return them, they may need tape to aid in standing up.


When do Akita's ears Stand up?


Natural growing can make it happen.

Akita puppies have ears that are loose and folded back until they are about nine to 14 months old. They start to stand up on their own at this age. Their ears are often completely up by 16 weeks old, but some puppies may have a longer time. Suppose you notice that your Akita puppy’s ears aren’t yet entirely straight. In that case, it is ideal for bringing the puppy home and addressing the issue. If it’s not fixed, it could cause the puppy to fall back socially and develop destructive behaviors.

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Effect of Calcium.

If your puppy’s chewing phase is filled with cartilage development and calcium, the ears will stand independently. It is essential to permit your dog to chew on raw bones with supervision since it will aid in building the muscles that help make the ears rise. It could take a few months before you notice any discernible distinctions. When the Akita puppy’s ears are closed for nine or fourteen weeks, they begin standing up slowly after nine weeks. At this stage, Akita’s ears can be entirely up by 16 weeks old. Sometimes, however, they will require tape to stand correctly. You could also offer Akitas additional calcium; however, make sure you allow them ample time to develop.


When do Akita's ears Stand up?


Pay attention to your poppy’s age.

From nine to 14 weeks, Akita puppies ears are folded. They’ll begin standing up gradually, although some might take longer to stand up than others. They’ll be standing fully in between nine and 16 weeks at the end of the process. Certain Akitas are still ears that are loose and require to be taped. If you’re the parent of a newborn Akita, It’s crucial to keep in mind that their ears are closed until they’re approximately 9-14 weeks old.


Permanent or temporary?

Your Akita puppies ears are likely going to stay up throughout the remainder of their lives. As a puppy, Akitas ear is fully up when they’ve started teething. Dogs ears will stand up naturally when they’re older. Once Akitas ear is upright, they’ll be in a perfect position to socialize with others.

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When do Akita's ears Stand up?


How can you make your Akita’s ears stand up?

You can hire some methods to help your Akita ears to stand up. Here are some of them:

  • Use tap. You can use this method to helo its structure shape erected. Keep in mind that, only use medical tapes, otherwise they may develop allergies.
  • Muscle-up its jaw. Ears stand up with the help of muscles around the skull. If you help your puppy’s head muscle to build up, it will be able to stand up its ears.
  • Contain Calcium. While Calcium is a necessary matter for your puppy, feeding him too much will cause several problems, including joint issues and arthritis.
  • Shave hairs of the ears. This will make dogs ears stand easier. In addition, your puppy will feel the reduction of pressure, therefore it will be easier to maintain the correct erection structure.

Akitas good protection dogs?

Akitas are one of the most loyal dog breed’s. Bred for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, this courageous and alert breed is naturally suspicious of strangers. This dog will require obedience training, or you can consider guard dog training to sharpen its skills.



The ears of the Akita don’t sit up until they’re nine to 14 weeks old. After this, the ears will begin to rise gradually. A few Akita pups will be born with one ear up and the other ear is down. The Akita may have floppy ears if one ear isn’t up and then become destructive. If you don’t notice this before it’s too late, Akita puppies can still hold their floppy ears, as is typical for Akitas.



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