Australian Cattle Dog AKA Blue Heeler breed’s were born with floppy ears. As the cartilage and muscles strengthen, they will eventually be able to stand up by four to six months old. Blue Heelers’ ears are not always standing. Some are floppy, while others have one pointed ear and one floppy.



When do Blue Heeler ears stand Up?

Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), puppy’s ears can be reached as early as five weeks, but it can take up to 20 to 24 weeks.

Nobody loves concrete answers. The best answer to this question is “it varies”. We aren’t trying to be vague or evasive. There doesn’t seem to be much uniformity in when Heelers will stand and salute.

Most cases, or at least 60 percent of them, have the ears already erected by the time that the adopting family picks up their Blue Heeler (or Red Heeler), at our house. It also means that approximately 40% of the time, we will get the “ear question”.

Sometimes, we get an email or call from a customer with a four-month-old puppy. They are usually trying to reassure us that their Heeler’s ears will eventually point north. They almost always do.

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Are Blue Heeler puppy born with floppy ears?

Blue Heeler puppy have remarkable hearing and are well-known for their alertness. Their pointed ears allow them to hear predators and dangers more clearly.

They aren’t born with pointy ears. The ears are placed wide apart on the skull and should be inclining outwardly. They should also be sensitive to their use and pricked when alert. Leather should have a thick texture and the inside of each ear should be well-furnished with hair.

Their ears appear floppy when they are born, just like other dogs. Because their bones and cartilage are much more flexible as puppies, this is normal. Most dogs will be able to hear their ears as they grow, but sometimes, they might need some assistance. Some may remain floppy.

A pointed ear is an Australian Cattle Dog breed standard, but unless they are being shown it is purely an aesthetic issue.



Why do some Blue Heeler ears not stand up?

As mentioned earlier, Blue Heelers are likely to have upright ears by the time they turn 6 months old.

However, Blue Heeler ears won’t stay up forever. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dogs are suffering from health problems, but they don’t conform to the breed standard. This phenomenon is caused by two main factors: genetics and floppy ears. Let’s see!


Floppy Ears

It is important to determine the age of your dog. Dog ears might be floppy if they are still puppies.

These body parts may require extra support if the Blue Heelers turn 6 months old.

Find the position of their ears on their heads. They who can stand are more likely to be higher up on their heads and closer together. Also, your dog may not be able to stand upright if they are older than 6 months.

Your Blue Heeler’s cartilage is too soft for your ears to be straightened. These body parts are also too heavy and large to support.

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Genetics can cause your Blue Heelers’ ears to not be upright. You can’t do much to change their situation if that is the case. This doesn’t mean that your Blue Heeler dogs don’t have health issues. With their floppy ears, they are active and healthy.



What makes the ears stand?

This part of canine anatomy does not involve any bones or muscles. It is just cartilage. Similar to the cartilage found in our ears and noses, it is similar to what we humans have. The cartilage in the ears of puppies becomes less flexible and more rigid over time, which causes the ears to remain vertical.

It takes time. It usually takes several stages. One morning, we might notice that one of our dogs has a slight lift in their ear carriage. It’s subtle, but it is significant. It will likely take 7-10 days for the ears to fully erect after the lift has begun. Sometimes, the transitional phase can see the ears rising and falling a few more times before they finally stand.

It rarely happens in both ears at once. You’ve likely noticed in the Heeler Puppies available that some puppies have one ear up and one down.

It almost always works out that if one ear is standing during the six week pictures, the other one will be standing when the Heeler puppy’s forever owners comes and picks it up at eight weeks.

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Tips to keep your dog ears eracted

Here are some tips to help your Blue Heelers stand out. Continue reading!

  • To shape their ears, you can gently move them up and down to increase the strength of your muscles to allow this body part to be straightened unaided.
  • Give your dogs chew toys. Giving your dog chew toys will strengthen his jaw and head muscles.
  • It is also a great idea to use medical tapes to maintain the ears in place.
  • This method is recommended by most breeders for dogs between 2 and 3 months of age.
  • Floppy ears can be caused by nutrient deficiencies. To increase cartilage and muscle growth, it is important to feed your dog high-quality food.




When do Blue Heeler ears Stand Up? In 4 to 6 weeks, you should feel firmness in the base of your ear. This is because the cartilage is beginning to harden. It could take a few weeks before your eardrums start to straighten.


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