The experience of having a Chihuahua as a pet is similar to having a child for many years to come! My beloved tiny dog, the Chihuahua is so needy, he is with me everywhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and stays at my feet throughout the day while I work. I love having a clingy Chi, but not all Chihuahua owners would like an animal who is constantly in need of attention if you’re thinking of getting a Chi to take note of their needy behavior, which is usually rooted in their genetic history and their evolution! If you have one of the Chihuahua and are looking to reduce the clingy and needy behavior, then read this article, and I’ve got a wealth of ways to lessen their desire.


why are chihuahuas so needy
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A few reasons why my Chi is becoming more and more clingy.

  • Changes in your behavior: for instance, when you’ve started employment or changed the time of your entry into and out of your home.
  • A new guest in the home: Chihuahuas have known to get more affectionate after a new addition is welcomed into the house. It could be a newborn or a guest or a partner who steals attention from them.
  • Changes to their surroundings: if you move to a new home or change their bed in an entirely new space, this can trigger your Chihuahua’s anxiety, making them more dependent than they were before.
  • An alteration of their physical health additional factors which can make your Chihuahua more affectionate than usual may be related to their health. For instance, if their hearing or eyesight has begun to decline, they are anxious.
  • A sudden sound or act of aggression the classic Chihuahua desire can be caused by stress from fireworks or an aggressive encounter they’ve had with another dog.
  • An absence of mental stimulation All dogs love to play. If your Chihuahua isn’t playing enough and stimulation, he may become dependent and want to be with you.
  • In a situation of separation anxiety, Chihuahuas can’t be left on their own for more than one or two hours. If they are left alone for longer than that, they can develop separation anxiety.


why are chihuahuas so needy?


Your Chihuahua is about to give birth.

Do you have an expecting Chihuahua? If yes, they may be extremely clingy right before giving birth. In this manner, your Chihuahua will signal to you that they are at ease with you. The birth process can be extremely stressful for dogs’ mothers. Being with her will help her relax during this period.


Velcro dog syndrome.

When your Chihuahua is always watching you and is never far from you, is it likely they’re Velcro dogs. Particularly if you’re Chihuahua keeps an eye on you all the time. The issue is that it’s easy to confuse the Chihuahua, a velcro dog, and one that suffers from separation anxiety.

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One-person dogs

Although Chihuahuas can be a good companion for every member of their family, they’re sure to have their favorite. It could be the one who offers them entertainment like enjoyable games. Perhaps, it’s the one who leads them on walks and feeds them. Ideally, for you and your Chi, it will be one owner. To whomever it is, the dog can benefit from all wonderful things. This makes your Chi follow the source of all the beautiful things. Your dog will also be attentive and desire to spend more time with them than any other dog.


Why are Chihuahuas so hated?

The Chihuahua’s bark is exactly the same thing as the bark of a large dog; many people dismiss it because Chis is a tiny clingy dog. Many people consider it difficult to understand the Chihuahua bark loud or irritating and can even cause headaches. Chihuahuas are single-person dogs, as mentioned before. They are also often aggressive and jealous of their owners.



Clingy and dependent is something that comes naturally to people.

Chihuahua dog is a small dog, and all they would like to do is snuggle. These dog breed’s are designed to be the closest companions for their owners, leading to the inexplicably strong desire to remain with their owners. There are dog breeds with a primary goal of companionship. They are generally referred to as lap dogs, companion dogs, and parlor dogs. Chihuahuas fall under the group of companions. They elevate their friendship to a higher stage, making them even more dependent and clingy.

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Do they enjoy people more?

You’ll generally see Chihuahuas who are more attached to a specific person. Sometimes, you’ll see them acting aggressively toward other family members, as well as strangers. I’ve always come across Chihuahuas as an animal that is fun, smart, intelligent, and loved and loved cuddling with their owners. This signifies that your Chihuahua loves their companionship with you as a human. They’ll follow your movements, attempt to catch your attention and remain attentive to be close to you and will be available.

All you have to do is love and care for your little ones, snuggle them, kiss them, and be attentive to them.


why are chihuahuas so needy


Don’t reward clingy behavior.

Think about the possibility that part of the reason your Chihuahua has become clingy is that you do not realize you are rewarding your pet for their behavior. To make sure this isn’t any longer the case, it is possible to act boring with them. To do this, you have not touched your Chi, and be sure not to kiss them each time they approach you. Sure, show them your love and spend quality time with them. However, when it’s time to get some work done, do not lose focus on your attention-grabbing Chi. Please don’t give them food when they’ve not been productive for them. It is better not to be around them, look at them, touch them, or even talk to them. At some point, the Chihuahua should realize what you want them to do and be able to for a walk by themselves, such as snagging an item or sitting at the table. It’s healthy.

How to alleviate clingy behavior?

When your Chi becomes more clingy, it is a little tricky situation. Because you may not go out quickly, it becomes challenging to hug others. However, you can alleviate the problem. Here are some ways to improve your Chihuahua’s behavior:

  • Do not sleep together; if you and your Chi sleep on a bed together, you should stop this.
  • Spread your Chihuahua’s toys around the house.
  • Take your Chihuahua to Doggy Daycare.
  • Create a specific place for your Chihuahua; it can be a crate or a bigger area designated for your canine.
  • Provide your Chihuahua with enough mental and physical stimulation
  • Improve your dog’s socialization; increase your Chihuahua’s interaction with other people and pets.
  • Help your Chihuahua feel independent: socialize your Chihuahua.
  • Don’t make leaving or coming home a big deal.


why are chihuahuas so needy?


What dog breeds are classified as “clingy”?

Every dog loves being with its owner – they pack animals as they thrive in the context of a lovable family unit that is a loving and supportive one. If you’re not a fan of constant attention clingy dogs and extra clingy in the home, even when you’re going to the toilet, you might be thinking about not choosing one of these adorable breeds to your home:

Hungarian Vizsla

Labrador Retriever

Border Collie

saint bernard

Italian Greyhound

Doberman Pinscher


Great Dane


Video: Clingy senior Chihuahua leans on hooman!



It’s a wonderful feeling to connect to your Chihuahua. It’s also essential. One thing you should not forget during the process is to allow your Chihuahua to interact with humans and dogs. This can be beneficial not just in terms of becoming more independent, but can also help them to react positively to other dogs and humans.




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