Dogs have been known to chew on underwear and other fabrics. This behavior is common in young puppies, but it can also occur in adults. Canines are naturally curious and prone to swallowing foreign objects, but the problem arises when the clothes become a choking hazard. This article will provide tips to prevent your dog from eating your underwear. Read on to learn more about underwear and other fabrics.

You may not know it, but dogs can be prone to eat under-wears. Many people are surprised to learn this fact. It is just one more thing that people need to keep in mind when caring for their dogs. They aren’t just dogs though, cats and other animals can be prone to the same problem. There are things that you should know about this type of problem to make sure you are aware of them.


why do dogs eat underwear?


The litter box is full.

First of all, why do dogs eat underwear? The main reason they do is that their litter box is full. They may have urinated during the day, but they can smell their urine when they come home, which can get on their bed and on the floor.

Underwear may not be a serious health issue, but it can be a sign of trouble. Dogs who chew on underwear are likely teething and can’t differentiate between food and objects, and are likely to swallow a few pieces of clothing if they can’t find something else to chew on. If the dog’s underwear is made of plastic or other non-food materials, it may signify Pica syndrome. This psychological disorder results in aggressive, destructive, and often obnoxious behavior.

It can also get on your clothing, which could lead to your dog’s ripping up your dress. This is a very dangerous thing to deal with because your dogs’ health is important. There are also some serious health concerns to think about if your dog consumes some of these bacteria while eating your underwear.



Dental problems

You have probably heard that teething dogs chew on socks. If you have a teething dog, you know that this can cause them major dental problems. If you have had your dog teething for a long time and he has not been properly cared for, this will cause him to chew on his socks. These dogs will start to lose hair on the stomach area and around the mouth, so they need their socks to keep their teeth and gums clean.

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They are covering up their scent

Your dog may prefer to mask their scent and absorb yours.

Predators are less likely to approach a dominant-smelling animal in the wild. Therefore, your dog will want to make its scent stronger. You are the obvious choice, as most dogs view you as their pack leader.



Pica Exhibiting

Pica is an additional disorder that dogs can develop when chewing on or eating non-nutritional objects. It’s also common in humans. These objects don’t have to be underwear. They could also be anything from paper to rocks. We recommend that you take your dog to the vet to examine pica. Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common causes of pica so a simple diet change could fix it. Pica can also lead to gastrointestinal problems. It’s not good to eat food that isn’t food.

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Weaned Too Soon

Some veterinarians concluded that a puppy who was too young might be responsible for repetitive eating the dog owner’s personal belongings. Many people agree that weaning your puppy before he is 7-8 weeks old can cause problems. A dog that is weaned too early can find comfort in its owner’s underwear. Dogs can accidentally eat their underwear during this comforting activity. Sometimes, they do this out of hunger. Dog treats can be used to distract your dog and keep them from eating your underwear.


Waste materials attraction

Dogs are naturally attracted to waste materials and everything with a powerful smell of blood. You can attract your dog if you leave your underwear or period clothes in the hamper. Your dog could get a Bacteria infection if he chews on dirty or worn-out underwear.



Could it be a sign of missing you?

If they are left alone, dogs can become destructive. Dogs can get bored easily and become troublesome, just like people. Your dog maybe chewing on your underwear or sock because they are missing you and need to find something else. Your underwear, socks, panties, or other personal item’s that caries your perfume is the best thing if you aren’t there. Unfortunately, dogs are prone to go for socks and underwear because it carries the strongest marker of their owner’s scent.

Be avoid of:

You must understand the reasons your dog eats your underwear. First of all, every dog doesn’t stop chew undies. Some will go so far as to swallow them whole. This can cause obstructions in their stomachs and intestines. Although fabric can’t swell like diapers or tampons, it can cause obstructions in the dog’s system that could make it hard for them to process food and even to eat. Your dog’s digestive system is the most vulnerable to obstruction. If the fabric gets down there, your dog may lose appetite and weight and show symptoms of fever.

Some Tips if you want to stop your dog’s chewing objects behavior.

  • Provide A Better Alternative. Give your dog a good chew toy to play with and distract them whenever you note them engaging in ‘negative’ behavior.
  • Use Anti Chew Spray. There are many types of anti chew spray that can be used to discourage chewing, with varying degrees of success. Most dogs dislike the bitter apple and citrus tastes used in these sprays.
  • See A Vet. In some cases, the root cause of your puppy’s odd behavior goes a little deeper, and you might need to visit a vet.


Dog eats underwear!



If your dog is constantly eating underwear, especially dirty underwear, it may signify that something isn’t right. Some dogs are still practicing their hunting skills by eating their underwear. Some others are genetically predisposed to it, while others develop it due to environmental factors and stress. While underwear-eating can be a behavioral problem, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. It could have medical reasons. For example, your dog may have a condition that causes them to salivate. If this is the case, it is best to consult your vet to find out what is causing your pet to engage in this destructive behavior. Some medications can help your dog stop chewing underwear, such as ibuprofen and etomidate.

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