One of the most common questions dog owners ask me is, “Why does my dog freeze on walks?” I have found that many dog owners will take a walk with their puppy on a leash, and then as soon as they take their dog back inside the house, they become frustrated and say, “My puppy sits on the couch and freezes all the time. If you are in this position and want to know about this dogs behavior, read the article.


why does my dog freeze on walks


You want to start leash training your puppy from an early age.

If your puppy is not leash trained at an early age, then the chances are that he won’t be able to understand why you are taking him out or why you are walking him. The best thing to do is start leash training your dog when he is only a puppy. If you do leash train an older dog, you need to be very careful not to hurt your older dog because old dogs can be very defensive animals, and you can hurt them if you are not careful. The best thing to do is to take your dog out on a leash when he is still very young, so you can develop his walking skills while he is young.


why does my dog freeze on walks



One of the best ways to start leash training your puppy is to use the same commands you would teach an older dog. For example, you would use “stay” or “down” for your puppy. Or you could use the command “come” for him. This will teach him the basic commands and allow you to reinforce him with positive reinforcement for good behavior. If he is doing something wrong, you can always give him a treat after he finishes doing what he shouldn’t be doing.

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Trust issue.

Certain dogs are prone to anxiety or separation anxiety. In comparison, others have experienced bad experiences with previous owners that make it hard to be relaxed in different circumstances.

One Reddit user explained that in answer to a post by a dog owner concerned dog, training and building bonds can help your dog develop confidence during a walk. It is also possible to bring the dog with you to a place where your pet is fond of playing with things that can make your dog anxious. If your dog cannot move, then show that you’re in control by making a few steps back, facing towards your dog. Please do not give them your attention until they can come to you and when they do, reward them with praise and praise.

Probably just nervous.

It is also possible that your puppy has gotten used to your walking him already and may try to pull when you are walking him. In this case, he is most likely not hungry but is probably just nervous. But if an older dog is afraid of something, it may be a good idea to take them on a short leash ride so that they can learn to avoid that object when they see it approaching.


why does my dog freeze on walks



The most obvious reason a dog has been unable to walk for a while is that it does not necessarily mean that they are afraid of anything. Rather they’re more alert than normal. Dogs are extremely sensitive to sense their surroundings. They can detect smells or hear sounds before you even notice them.

Allowing your dog to have the benefit doubt can help in this scenario and will allow you to monitor the body language of your fearful dog will help too. The best method to encourage them to walk again is to give them a few minutes to look at what they are observing and gently encourage them to move forward, either with instructions or a gentle tug on the leash. If you’re in a position, offer them some snacks to encourage them to walk alongside you.

Your dog will be active throughout the walk, watching out or sniffing around to see what they could smell. Remember, it’s probably just an animal.

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They might need rest!

Like any other creature, dogs need to rest and take some breaths. After a long walk, they probably become tired and want to stop for a while. This situation will often happen if you have an old dog. Besides, They are not agile and mighty as they were in their youth. They feel tired sooner than us, and the reason for their freezing can be just the need for rest.


why does my dog freeze on walks


Winter weather. 

Winter walk can be brutal on your dog’s paws. The cold weather, snow, and ice can lead to cracked or peeling paw pad, and that can be painful for your furry friend. Dogs refusal to walk in cold temperatures is an alert for dog owner to be careful about their pets a little bit more. Mostly small dogs may have freeze issues in freezing temperatures. You may need to use dog boots or paw balm to protect your dogs paw. But some other breeds like Alaskan Malamute are suitable for winter weather because of their thick coat.


why does my dog freeze on walks?

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The environment that your dog is used to living in can be effective. If you live in a small apartment or a condo, then you might want to take your dog with you whenever you go out. You can also bring your dog to the park during the summer months so he can experience the open air. The critical thing to remember is to start training your dog when he is a puppy, so he is used to the routine of going for walks and obeying commands.


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