Are you tired that your dog paw’s you when you pet them? Please read this article to find out why it and stop them from this unwanted behavior.


why does my dog hit me when I pet her?


You don’t pet appropriately!

Dogs will touch you to show affection, attention, or communicate your feelings. Dogs will paw at or lick you when they feel loved and protected. It is their way of letting you know that they are happy. Dogs don’t just want to be petted in the same way. They will most likely not paw at you when you pet them. However, if they feel threatened or uncomfortable, they will hit you.


They want to be playful!

Many dog owners don’t know that dogs tend to put their paws in your lap, especially when petted gently. Dogs often hit or nip you when massaged on the tummy, lower back, or near the rib cage. Usually, a pet dog is simply playing a game or enjoying your attention when she puts her paws up on your lap.


It is essential to understand how your dog communicates with you!

To make your dog feel comfortable with you, you need to communicate with your dog. People often confuse petting with training. Petting your dog is more of a communication tool between you and them than a way to show your love.



Some dogs are highly protective!

Dogs enjoy touching their human family members, and many dogs love it. Some dogs, especially older dogs, are more protective. These dogs may bite or hit you when being petted. Dogs don’t like being petted when they are anxious or angry.

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Inquiring for Attention.

Poking someone is a common method of attracting interest, And your dog understands this principle as well as you do. This is particularly true if you’ve discouraged the dog from stopping barking or engaging in other aggressive or loud behavior. They might begin hitting my paw to show a calm, fresh method to get your attention and affection.

Dogs paw-wagging for attention can be observed at specific moments of the day, for instance, when you’re getting ready for work or getting ready for your bed. The dog is trying to gain your attention might be like a simple cuddle or a scratch or to get you to unlock the door so they can get out. Continual pawing means giving us your attention, humans.

Maybe you pet your dog in the wrong area!

Dogs love to be petted on their legs and bodies. Some dogs prefer to be held on their stomachs. Your dog may not want to touch you if she is lying on her stomach. This will make her less protective and less likely to try to attack you. You can stop your dog from trying to hurt you and make you angry by encouraging your dog to play with you.


They defend their territories!

Your dog may be defending their territory, which is a common reason they hit you. Dogs who are energetic and love to run and play will be more inclined to want to be petted when you’re out and about. Dogs can sometimes think you are not respectful of their territory and want to assert their dominance. They will hit you with their paws if they feel you are not surpassing their territory.


why does my dog hit me when I pet her?


Hitting is a sign of frustration!

If you pet your dog too often, they will get frustrated and begin to bite you, chew on things, or hit you with their paws. They will often paw at you when they get frustrated. This can lead to other problems. To avoid this problem, you should pet your dog adequately not to be frustrated.


Because of the nature of petting, dogs think they should touch you too!

While it can be advantageous to have your dog petted, downsides. Petting your dog can teach your dog that it is okay for them to touch you. They think it is a sign of showing love and attention. You should not treat your dog as a baby when you pet them.

Expressing emotion.

Dogs have incredible emotional intelligence and are especially in tune with their pet parents and family. A dog may hit you with their paw not to get something for themselves but maybe how to express sympathy with you. Dogs use their body language to show pet owner, that they understand and care about you. These behaviors include hitting you with their paw as well as

  • Sighing, howling, barking, or other out of place vocalizations
  • Sudden separation anxiety
  • Excess licking and lip smacking


Aggressive Behavior.

Being dominant and aggressive doesn’t always occur simultaneously. A dominant dog might not be interested in harming your feelings or pushing the conversation more. They could be trying to climb an echelon in the group.

It could lead to aggressive behavior, or your dog might be defenseless or territorial. If you are bitten or scratched, or when the pawing behavior is combined with barking, growling or snarling, or other indications in a way that indicates aggression not part of the normal behavior for the dog and you, then they could be in the mood to take steps to take things further.


why does my dog hit me when I pet her?


In most cases, dogs don’t hit you intentionally!

Your dog will most likely not intentionally hit you, but she may accidentally. Dogs hit you to get your attention, communicate with you, or be kind. It will surprise you to learn that even though a dog cannot verbally communicate what it is feeling, she can still tell you with her actions.


How can you stop this behavior?

You can take your dog outside if she nips or plays with you while petting him. This will stop the play or nipping. Take her back inside. This simple action can often prevent the behavior or provide you with temporary relief for a confused puppy.

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It is essential to teach your dog not to touch you while you pet him!

It’s a great way to show your dog that you have complete control. While petting your dog, you can wrap your arm around it to protect her. It might take several attempts before she stops hitting you. Gently push her away as soon as she begins to paw at you. You can praise her for trying to stop hitting your body and explain why. She’ll stop putting her claws all over you once she understands.




While most people think that dogs constantly bark to communicate, on the contrary, dogs body language is a way to talk with pet parent or dog owner’s more frequently. When you pet dogs, you touch and rub them. This will teach dogs that touching signifies affection and positive attention. Eye contact is another way. Mainly dogs don’t want to hurt you intentionally, and they are trying to send you a message that they are happy with positive behavior. It can be solved by proper training and behavior modification, and your pet will learn how to communicate with you instead of paw hitting

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