You may think your dog barks for a reason. Some dogs will howl when they are excited or even when they are feeling hungry. Other dogs howl when they are sick, injured, or want attention. No matter what the reason, it’s important to understand the behavior so that you can help your dog by correcting it. You can do several things to fix this problem, and you’ll learn them as you continue reading.


why does my dog howl with me?
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Why does my dog howl with me?

There are a few reasons why your dog may howl with you. One reason could be that they are trying to get your attention. Dogs are very social creatures and enjoy being around their humans. If you are doing something that your dog wants to do, such as going for a walk or playing fetch, they may start howling to let you know that they want to join in on the fun!

Another reason your dog may howl with you is because they are trying to communicate something. Howling is one way that dogs can communicate with each other. If your dog starts howling while you are talking on the phone, they may be trying to tell you that they miss you and want you to come home.

If your dog starts howling for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of something more serious. If your dog is howling excessively, it may be a sign of separation anxiety or another health problem. If you are concerned about your dog’s howling, please consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Is that for getting your attention?

All dogs howl for attention. Some dogs learn that howling can get attention from people. They know from the moment they’re old enough to howl for mommy that this is a great way to get a response. The dog owner who yells back gives the howling dog a reaction they understand. Therefore, you are howling back, but you’re doing it wrong. You teach the bad habit when a dog is howling for attention and works. Instead, it’s better to discourage the behavior and spend time with your dog in other ways. 



Is howling Comes From Wolves to dogs?

A wolf’s howl is its natural way of vocally communicating in the wild between pack animals. Dog’s vocal communication has inherited this behavior from their ancestors. This behavior is back to the origin of dogs and their ancestor, wolves. Dogs descended from wolves and became domestic, and now a companion to humans. Howling in wolves is a common behavior and it has several meanings. It can be a sign of fear, anger, aggression, threatening, pain, joy, and so on. However, in dogs, it is mostly happening without a specific reason. Different types of howling serve very different purposes. Just as humans can scream in pain, fear, joy, or anger, dogs howl out their feelings. 

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Howl for bonding.

Howling in dogs is mostly an act of showing friendship and bonding. It means that your dog and you are all in the same pack and support each other. If you howl first and your dog follows you, the main reason is probably bonding.


why does my dog howl with me?



A common reason why dogs howl is separation anxiety. If you have ever witnessed a pack of dogs fighting, you know howling when they are apart. Separation anxiety can be hard to cure, but it’s something that you can easily cure. Dogs learn by experience, and they are always looking for a way to pass on their experiences. The more you work with your dog, the more they’ll know what they should be doing.

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Why are puppies howling?

Puppies howl when they are seeking attention. Also, some reasons for puppy howling include:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Need to go to the bathroom
  • Loneliness

Play with your dog.

If your dog is howling because of separation anxiety, the first thing you should try to calm them down is to play with them. Make sure your dog is comfortable, and then take a few minutes to pet them. You should also show your pet affection because dogs love being touched. The more you feel your pet, the less they will be afraid of you.


why does my dog howl with me?


Which dog breed howl the most?

  • Dog Breeds That Bark Or Howl More Often
  • Airedale Terrier.
  • American Leopard Hound.
  • German shepherd.
  • Siberian husky.
  • Danish-Swedish Farmdog.
  • Drever.
  • German Spitz.
  • Northern Inuit Dog.
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen.
  • Alaskan malamute.


Verbal affection.

If you don’t want to try physical touching, you can give your dog lots of verbal affection. Almost all dogs love to be told “please” or “thank you.” Try saying these phrases several times while you’re playing with them or while they are by themselves. Sometimes, it helps compliment them when they give you the “come” command. Most dog owners have their dogs trained to know when to be quiet or quiet down.



Medical Causes.

Dogs sometimes howl when they’re hurt or sick. Something could be physically wrong, and they could be suffering from internal pain. If your dog starts howling or howls more than usual, take him to a veterinarian to check dog health and rule out illness and injury before doing anything else. 


Unfamiliar people.

Your dog may also want to think about howling when you’re away from home. This can result from feeling anxious when there are unfamiliar people around. This can also cause dogs to feel abandoned and very scared. Try talking to your dog owners in your absence to see if your pet will understand your need to be alone.
Many dogs howl when their owners leave home. This can be very frustrating for owners, especially if they can’t identify why they are howling. Many things can cause dogs to howl, including boredom, hunger, loneliness, or even stress. To eliminate the frustration, talk to your dog owners about their frustrations and find out what they do to make their dogs feel better.

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How stop dogs howling?

While it may be cute to hear your dog howling along with you, there may come a time when you want them to stop. If your dog is howling excessively, it can be disruptive and even annoying. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help stop your dog from howling.

One way to stop your dog from howling is to provide them with plenty of attention and exercise. Dogs that are bored or not getting enough mental and physical stimulation are more likely to start howling. Make sure you are spending enough time playing with your dog and giving them the exercise they need.

You can also try training your dog not to howl. This can be done by teaching them a cue, such as “quiet” or “enough.” Whenever your dog starts to howl, give the cue and then provide a treat. With enough practice, your dog should learn that they will get a tasty reward for being quiet.

If your dog’s howling is excessive or becoming a nuisance, please consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for help. Howling can be a sign of an underlying medical condition or behavioral issue that needs to be addressed.

why does my dog howl with me?


Type of your bed.

Another reason my dog’s howl could have to do with the type of bed you own. Most dogs love to lie down and stretch out. If your bed isn’t high enough or doesn’t have enough cushioning, your dog might try to jump on you or run upon you to get the attention it craves. You can help eliminate this by making your bed higher and ensuring the pillows are big enough to accommodate your dog’s head and neck. Dog owners who make their beds higher and use bigger pillows often find their dogs stop howling after a while. This makes sense because dogs tend to want to be as high up in the air as possible, which means more space for them to stretch out.

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If none of these reasons satisfy you, then maybe you should consider getting a pet health insurance policy. Not only will it cover costs for veterinarian bills and emergency visits, but it can also be used to help pay for boarding or kenneling fees. You may also want to talk to your vet about your dog’s care and treatment before getting a pet insurance plan, so you’re fully prepared for whatever happens.

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