Many dog owners ask themselves why my dog put his butt on me? When your dog sits on you, he plays with you; otherwise, you would not be sitting down. Sometimes, he might even lay down on your face or simply present it to you as a gesture of affection. There are many reasons behind this, all of which stem from canine behavior in the wild, some of which have been domesticated into modern-day dog training. However, you should be asking yourself, why does my dog do this, and how can I stop it?

Dogs use their paws for most of the movements they make, even walking and running, so it comes as no surprise that they use their rear feet also. That is why you see so many dogs out there walking around with their heads straight up as if they were saying hello to whoever is walking by. This is a natural behavior for them. If your dog is doing this when you walk by, keep in mind that he is simply playing with you shouldn’t react to it.


Why does my dog put his butt on me


Marking their territory.

One reason that dogs have their butts on you is that they are marking their territory. They do this by laying their rear legs down on yours and making themselves look like they are at ground level, or at least close enough to it. The goal here is to make themselves seem closer to your level, so they can smell you that they’re supposed to be alerting you to. If you take a moment to notice this and ignore his attempts, you’ll find out exactly why your dog puts his butt on you.

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A sign of dog health issue. 


Cats and dogs are the main hosts of this tiny parasite. These pests off their body and cause skin irritation and allergy. They hide in the tail and anus. However, if your dog is suffering from a serious infection, it’ll be crawling all over your body. Also, the ears and face. These parasites eat on blood from your dog. They’ll lay eggs in your pet’s fur.

PetMD shares that a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. It’s possible to create an extensive infestation in just two months. Fleas are easy to carry from one place to another. Look out for these signs of a flea infestation:

  • Pale gums.
  • Licking excessively.
  • Dark spots over the fur.
  • The skin is irritated or itchy skin.
  • Skin that is raw and red with inflamed.
  • Bald patches and hot spots.




Tapeworms are intestinal parasites that affect dogs. The worms are white and flat. They are 4-8 inches in length. Dogs can contract it by swallowing fleas that carry the larvae of tapeworms. As I said previously, fleas can linger within the hair. Therefore, your dog will likely ingest an infection whenever they pet their fur.

They can feed on a limited basis once they’re in the dog’s intestines. They’ll consume the vital nutrients that are needed by your pet. As the dog’s bowels get bigger, it will release certain segments of fresh urine. The segments appear like rice grains. They can trigger skin infection and irritation to the anus of your dog. Initial signs of infection aren’t noticeable. However, if the condition gets worse, The parasites could be the cause of:

  • Dry hair.
  • A bloated belly.
  • General poor appearance.
  • The vomiting (worms within the vomit).
  • Diarrhea (perhaps with blood).
  • Worms on the hind end of the dog’s raised tail.



Anal Gland problem.

The changes in size and position of the anal glands in dogs (often referred to as anal sac problems) will make them show this behavior to the dog owner’s. The most common underlying cause of anal gland problems is poor gastrointestinal health. When the anal glands become blocked or swollen, they can enlarge, creating discomfort for your pet.

It’s a sign of trust.

It is primarily the passive side of things rather than rude behavior. You might conclude from this that your pet shows that he doesn’t intend on harming you. Instead, he is feeling very at ease in your company. When your dog bum facing you, they give their safety to you. This position makes him vulnerable to your attention. When he can keep his teeth from you, he’s taken down the weapons. He’s also staying clear of eye contact, thus getting rid of that uncomfortable feeling of not being able to look away in order not to make eye contact.

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You’re dog thinks you are his girlfriend!

If you’re wondering why does my dog puts his butt on me and not my husband, the answer could be that your dog thinks you are his girlfriend. Now that we’ve covered why he does this behavior let’s talk about how you can correct it. You can tell your dog that you aren’t his girlfriend by calling him in the middle of a particularly rough situation and having him hold his own. Other ways include teaching him to “hold it” when he goes for you or even giving him a treat so he’ll learn to wait for you. Eventually, your dog will get the idea that is saying hello or goodbye is just as much fun if you call him instead of him calling you.


Why does my dog put his butt on me


You might want to get used to it that your dog bum facing you. ! It is their way of showing they love you. This behavior is how dogs try to communicate with you, initiate new friendships, show their trust, mark their claim, protect and ask for scratches in tricky spots. A dog’s world is ruled by scent, and, well, what has more scent than a butt? But to a dog, these butt scent’s tell them everything they need to know. Next time you ask yourself why your dog is leaning on you with his butt, you’ll have some insights.


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