Why does my dog rub his face on me?

You may ask why your dog rub his face on you, in this article you will find the answer.



Many people assume that dogs do this because they want to be dominant. Studies have shown that wolves can take the lead. It could also be showing aggression or bullying behavior. It would be best to not give it any reason to feel threatened. Instead, you can train it with programs like NLIF (“Nothing in Life is Free”) dog training.

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Separation anxiety

It might have separation anxiety. It is a condition where the dog doesn’t like being left alone, and anxiety at the thought of being alone can cause it to panic. If your dog is anxious about leaving home, or if you’re about to leave it at home, it could be more likely that it does this.

It would be a good idea to teach it how to relax when you leave home.

This could be done as follows:

  • You can make it appear that you are about to leave with simple gestures like picking up your keys.
  • Reward your dog for being calm and repeat these steps a few more times
  • You can make more steps towards actually leaving, such as picking up your keys and pressing the handle of the door.
  • Repeat the process several times to reward your dog for being calm and not anxious.
  • Open the door, let your dog out and then reward him with a treat.
  • You can repeat the process, but this time you will be outside for a little longer


It needs attention

Your dog might do it because it wants attention. If your dog does this more often when you are not paying attention to it, and if you give it extra attention when it does it, it could be more likely that it is seeking attention. It is best to not reward your dog with attention if it does something. Instead, redirect its attention to the moment it is about to do it.




Dogs were designed to be part of a pack and feel more secure around others dogs or people. Your dog could rub its head against you because it feels safer.


Spread its fragrance

You might think it is doing it to spread its scent on you, so other dogs won’t approach you. If it is a bit protective of you around other dogs, this would make it more likely.

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The meaning of things is determined by con٫text.

Let’s say you meet a stranger and are interested in socializing with a dog. Consider the importance of smell when introducing your dog. Your perspective would include your nose, ears and eyes. You should avoid eye contact, be calm and relaxed, and let your potential canine friend sniff you. If the dog passes the sniff test, he might nuzzle or rub his head against you to initiate affection.

Another scenario is the dog who has needed a California King for her sleep. She will tell you when she wants to eat, what she would like to cook and who she can visit. The marking of their guardian’s territory and ownership might be done by dogs using their scent glands on their faces. This would indicate that you should run to your Marin Humane Society to discuss any issues in your relationship.

Your dog might have itchy skin. You can give your dog a scratch and examine his skin to see if you need to take him to the vet. If he is constantly rubbing his head and pawing at his knees, or sliding his head under the guardian’s arm, then it could be a sign that he needs to “Look at me!”



The moment your dog started to rub its head on you.

It might be helpful to think back to when your dog started to do it.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you have recently moved in with your family
  • If someone moved away
  • Changes to its schedule
  • You may have started working at different hours.

If your dog rubs its forehead on you

You might also want to think about the timing of your dog’s head against you. It could be that timing is important. It might be more sensitive to your departure and do it more often. It might also do it more if you don’t give it enough attention.

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How can you get your dog to stop rubbing his head against you?

Here are some ways to get your dog to stop rubbing his head against you.


It is best to ignore it

It might do it to get attention, so it is best to not reward it with attention. You could redirect your attention to something else whenever it starts to rub its head against you. It could be possible to get it away from you if it does this, and then wait for it calm down before you give it your attention. This will teach it that rubbing its forehead on you is not a good way to get attention.

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Avoid negative reinforcement training

Negative reinforcement is when you teach your dog to do something you don’t like. You do this by rewarding it with things it doesn’t want. You might have accidentally trained your dog to rub its head against you by giving it toys, treats, or extra attention. It would be a good idea to reward it when it behaves the way you want and to redirect its attention when it appears to be trying to lick your face.



Pay attention

It could also be helpful to pay attention to it throughout the day through exercise, training, and playing with it. This will help you reduce the attention it needs to pay you.

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It is not your fault.

You can also train your puppy to move to another place. This can be done by training your dog to sit and to lie down, and then gradually teaching it to stay where it is for longer periods of time.




In conclusion, there are many possible explanations as to why dog rub his face on you. Whatever the reason for your dog’s behavior, it is a sign that they feel safe and secure around you and that your bond together is strong. By observing your pup’s body language and other behaviors, you can determine the underlying cause of this behavior and respond appropriately


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