You never expect your dog to fall on you as a dog owner? This is a common occurrence for smaller breeds. Your dog stands on you because they are balancing out your weight. This can be very uncomfortable to deal with, especially if you own a larger dog breed, and sometimes it can also be confusing to you because of the owner. You need to know what your dog needs, but sometimes it’s not always easy to determine at all. This article will help you understand why my dog stands on me, how to help them, and more.


why does my dog stand on me


They are playful.

One of the main reasons your dogs are on you is due to the weight they are carrying around with them. In some cases, the dogs are just being playful and are bouncing off the walls. In other cases, they are carrying excess energy from somewhere. The result of all that extra energy is stress. Stress is known to cause various behavior problems in dogs, including why my dog stands on me.

Stress is also one of the biggest causes of why my dog stands on me. If your dog is dominant by nature, there is no reason for them not to be on you. If their owners have raised your dog as a pack animal and are used to having their owners control everything, they will be accustomed to having their own space, and you, as the dominant owner, must establish your dominance over your pets.

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Sign of affection?

Dogs look for attention in different ways, which can be one of them. It’s hard to ignore a pet when it’s standing on your chest. A velcro dog, one of those who always stick you no matter what and looks for your attention, may be more guilty of this than others as this is a great way to attach themselves to you.


why does my dog stand on me


Protecting themselves.

When a dog is dominant, they feel protected and want to be a submissive dog. When a dog is defending themselves, people often have problems with their dogs being on them. So, the question becomes, why does my dog stand on me? If you are thinking this, I’m sure you have been convinced that if your dog is on you, they are protecting themselves.

A guard dog.

If your dog perceives any threat, and if the dog is the type that is protective of you or others as a pet owner, it may be they are putting themselves between you and the perceived danger. So if they are standing on you due to something they perceive as a threat, this dog behavior may be accompanied by growling barking, and their hair may be standing up. Their tail may be straight up and stiff rather than wagging. All seen our pets do it. The body language is unmistakable.



Who is the pack leader?

However, I want you to know that your dog may be on you because your dog is trying to show you who is the leader of the pack. Remember that a dog may be afraid of you, but your dog may also be defending their territory against a threat. Let me explain this further.

Is it aggression?

If your dog is standing on your chest, his teeth are inches away from your face. Not the place for aggressive behavior. In this case, I recommend no eye contact and gently push the dog away while you back away from the dog, when they show this aggression behavior. If you truly feel this is an act of outright aggression, you need to seek assistance from an experienced and trained behaviorist

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A threat to its territory.

When a dog senses danger or a threat to its territory, your dog immediately begins to protect its territory by either jumping on you or bark on you. It’s a common behavior. Now, what do you think your dog is doing? Your dog is showing you what the leader of the pack is doing… jumping on you. Your dog may even think that if they attack you, they can show who the pack leader is by jumping on you and barking.


why does my dog stand on me


How to get your dog to stop this habit?

Now, let me share the best way to get your dog to stop this habit. The best way to get your dog to stop this from happening is to use a dog training collar to teach your dog that you are the leader of the pack and that you will be obeyed. Also, you may want to consider using a muzzle on your dog when it is in its natural behavior so that it has no idea what you are doing while in the house. That way, your pet will not be able to feel threatened and it will only have instinctive behavior’s to protect itself.

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Eye contact impact.

It would be best if you always made eye contact when you are around your dog. This is very important. Eye contact is a sign of submission and indicates that you protect them. Do not ever give your dog any attention while barking or scooting. This is considered a form of dominant behavior and one of the top three dogfighting commands.




why does my dog stand on me? A great way to teach your dogs the proper way to behave is through positive reinforcement. Training your dog using treats, positive reinforcement, and even praises with a dog can help them learn to act properly. By rewarding good behavior, you reinforce the idea of

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