Why does my dog walk and poop at the same time? The walk is an instinctive behavior that requires no explanation. An animal’s digestive system tends to follow certain patterns, and when those patterns don’t exist, it creates the need to find out why. Animals move their waste products along pathways in their systems, including the intestines. Dogs are no different than other animals in this regard; this may cause your dog poop during a walk.


why does my dog walk and poop?


They are going potty.

One of the most prevalent reasons dogs poop is going potty. When dogs aren’t walking on a leash or in pen by dog owners, they will poop on the floor. The most likely reason behind this is because leash less walking itself causes them to relieve themselves. Walk gives an improved response to the walking muscles, enabling the waste to pass more quickly through the system. That improved digestive process means there is less time for stool to become impacted and backed up in the system.

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Anxiety and Excitement.

This often happens when nature calls in an environment they’re not comfortable in. Maybe you’re in a new part of the neighborhood you’ve never walked in. Or, it could be the presence of strangers nearby. Pooping puts your dog in a vulnerable position, so they’ll try to make stool and get out of dodge!

On the opposite side of the coin, we have over-excited dogs. Many pups get riled up when they’re going for a walk. They’re just happy to be out of the house. If you want to calm your dog down a bit, consider walking in familiar areas before they poop. Once they release their bowels, you can move onto exciting areas!

The natural tendency.


why does my dog walk and poop?


Another frequently cited reason is the natural tendency of dogs to relieve themselves where they sleep. Most owners feel it is perfectly natural for their dogs to do so. Many veterinarians encourage this theory. This is especially true for young puppies who are prone to developing urinary tract infections. It can also happen in older dogs, most often due to the gradual loss of muscle strength that occurs with age. In these cases, some experts recommend giving the dog an enema before it goes to bed, which increases circulation and causes the urine to be pulled up into the rectum.

Scent Spreading.

We all know that dogs use their urine and feces to spread their scent. It’s a way to claim their territory! Taking a Walk around and pooping is the best way to maximize coverage, so eager dogs do it all the time. Walking helps secrete more scent fluids, so it’s a harmless way for your dog to go above and beyond.



Long and Droopy Stool.

It’s not uncommon to see dogs walking around if the stool they’re trying to push out is super long. The same behaviors occur if the stool gets caught in the fur on the way out, too. The fur they swallow by licking ends up acting like aggregate in cement. It holds the feces together, resulting in ultra-long logs. The same thing happens if your dog chows down on grass due to stomach pain. Either way, this is an issue that usually goes away once your dog’s stool goes back to normal.


Bowel movement issue.

If your dog is sick or suffering from a serious medical condition, it could have trouble controlling its bowels. This issue is pretty common with dogs that suffer from parvo, parasites, and other illnesses.

Injury or atrophy of the bowel muscles can be to blame, too. Don’t ignore this issue. Please take it as a sign of something nefarious going on. Speak with your vet about potential solutions, a proper diagnosis, and treatment options.

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Bacteria build-up.

What causes the dogs stool to get backed up in the system is an even more prevalent question. There isn’t a simple answer to this one. Some experts believe the condition is the result of bacteria build-up. They believe that the bacteria get caught in the oily covering of the dogs stool. But the actual cause is unknown.

Water is another potential culprit. If you notice that your pet always seems to need to go after taking a drink, it could be a symptom of a dry urinary tract. This can be caused by a diet lacking in water or one that is too dry. An obvious example is of a dog that drinks a lot of water, only to find out he can’t drink anymore until he drinks water after eating.


Digestive system issues.


why does my dog walk and poop?


Other causes are problems with the digestive system. A dog diet can cause trouble when absorbing the nutrients he needs. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to this than others. For instance, diarrhea that lasts more than a day or develops a fever is often a symptom of sickness in dogs that are supposed to be in good health. The same goes for dogs that have vomiting after eating.


A Lackluster of a dogs diet.

A diet filled with lackluster ingredients is only going to cause trouble. Cheap fillers and difficult-to-digest carbohydrates are notorious for causing chronic constipation. You might find this hard to believe, but many cheaper brands use ingredients that have no place in a dog’s diet. Those unnecessary additives and fillers are hard to digest, but they add bulk and keep costs low. Loose stool is never easy to hold in. So, you might see your dog “dripping” poop every once in a while. If this becomes a regular event, consider switching foods. Look for a product with wholesome ingredients and plenty of fiber to solidify things in your dog’s system.




Your dog has to walk and poop at all because it isn’t getting enough fiber in its diet. The easiest way to ensure he’s getting enough fiber is to add extra green vegetables to his diet. Fiber helps your dog feel full, eliminating the urge to eat things that aren’t necessary. Also, consider adding vitamin E supplements to his diet as well to make sure his intestines are healthy.

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When dogs act like they have to go for poop, it’s probably because they feel uncomfortable. One of the most common reasons is because they are sick. Sometimes, dogs catch an illness that makes them unusually tired. This leads to a reduction in inactivity. However, it can also lead to other symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea that are mistaken as the normal effects of being sick.


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