You may have noticed that your dog is walking with her tail sideways. It’s usually a display of their mood. However, it may be a sign of hip dysplasia or something more serious in some cases. To rule out other health problems, a veterinarian should inspect your dog. Read this article to find out what the reasons are.


why is my dog walking with her tail sideways


Displaying a different mood.

Dogs who walk with their tails to the side exhibit a different mood. Tail position in dogs may display submissiveness or concern to dog owner’s. If his tail is raised, he is likely to communicate with his owner. If it is stiff, he is probably showing fear or dominance.

The best way to determine a dog’s mood is by looking at his tail. The tail can tell you how anxious, excited, or nervous your dog is. If the dog’s tail is always down, this could indicate a more severe problem. Nervosity in dogs can also indicate a severe health problem. The tail pointing to one side can tell many reasons. However, it may signify a health problem that can develop to severe stages.

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Hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia, a genetic disorder, is the leading cause of dogs walking with their tails sideways. Your dog might be born with a sideways tendency, but it may have a physical defect that affects his ability to walk.

A weakened hip could cause your dog to walk with her tail up. Although it might not be a severe problem, it could indicate something more serious. Although most dogs won’t complain, it is crucial to immediately get your dog to a veterinarian to rule out other medical issues. Your veterinarian can diagnose a broken or damaged bone.




Anal sac.

Sometimes, the behavior could be due to a physical problem. Your dog may be holding her tail in an unusual position due to a full anal sac. Dogs with a full anal gland may walk with their tails down or sideways. A full anal gland could cause your dog to have a limp tail or walk with a sideways tail. Your pet should be taken to the vet to have her anal sacs emptied if this happens.

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Sometimes, the limp tail may be due to an injury or bacterial infection. No matter the reason, your dog should be taken to the vet. These symptoms may include irritation, chafing, or a more serious medical condition.

Your dog could be suffering from injury. It may be hard to spot a fracture in your dog’s tail. A fractured tail can be more painful than one held in its usual position. A dog holding its tail at an unusual angle is likely to have an injury. You can seek medical attention if the pain is severe.

Ear infection.

Ear infections could also cause a dog to walk with its tail down. If the ear odors are bad, it could be an indication of an ear infection. Ear infections are more common in some dogs than others. Another sign is excessive scratching. You should consult a veterinarian even if you aren’t able to determine the cause.


why is my dog walking with her tail sideways


A bone problem.

You should consult a doctor if your dog seems to be walking sideways or dragging her tail. Your dog might have a bone problem. If this is the case, you should get a referral from a veterinarian. Your vet can help you determine what is wrong. It’s best to contact your veterinarian.

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Lack of Tail Wagging.

Younger dogs will wagging tail to show different emotions that range from joy to stress, but the dog’s most loved method of communication is susceptible to the effects of getting older. An older dog may be more sluggish or less, and you may even see the old dog not waving their tails.

Dog tails could drop to the point that it appears like it’s not linked to the dogs body. The reason may be different. The absence of wagging, the dog may hunch their back and slowly move while the pain could be limited to the hind end , and the entire body position may appear normal. An older dog is not waging their tail could be due to the decline in their cognitive abilities as well as stress, arthritis or pain due to the condition known as limber tail syndrome.


why is my dog walking with her tail sideways


Asymmetrical body.

You should immediately consult a veterinarian if your dog exhibits unusual behavior, such as dragging its tail outwards. This could be a sign of a medical issue. It is not usually a serious problem, but it could indicate an abnormal body structure. You should have your dog checked for any health issues if he is overage. If your dog has a lopsided tail, it could indicate a skin condition such as chafing or rash.

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There are many reasons why a dogs tail may move sideways. If your dog shows signs of any of these conditions, your vet should examine it. The causes could include nerve damage or inflammation in the back and back injuries. You should immediately take your dog to the vet if you notice this behavior in your dog.

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