Dogs are sweet, loyal, and affectionate. Owning one means saying yes to a life of joy unending. However, these adorable creatures can drive us nuts once in a while. Sometimes they pull a fast one on you, and you find yourself losing your temper and hitting your canine buddy. Perhaps he ate your burger without your permission when you were really hungry. Or scratched your toddler badly. In the heat of the moment, you grabbed a wooden spoon and hit the life out of him. A few minutes later, the guilt trip begins. You cannot afford to have your dog hold the action against you. So, the question is, will your dog forgive you for hitting him?


will my dog forgive me for hitting him
will my dog forgive me for hitting him


Can you hurt dogs’ feelings?

We often attribute human emotions to dogs. We share many in common – love, attachment, fear, anger, pain – but dogs don’t share the feelings that require higher cognitive ability like unfairness, jealousy, guilt, forgiveness. You can’t exactly hurt a dog’s feelings, but you can induce fear or anger in them, especially with repeatedly abusive behavior. A one-time yelling will leave your dog momentarily confused, but it passes quickly. Repeated yellings for the same “crime” will leave the dog nervous in that situation. Random yellings where the dog can’t predict when they’re going to be yelled at and that they can’t link with a specific behavior eventually create a nervous, fearful, or aggressive dog.

Dogs do not have complex minds, and they can’t comprehend many of the feelings attributed to humans. Forgiveness needs a high capability of cognitive abilities. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried about it. However, your behaviors toward your pet can have many other effects, including developing different types of anxiety, fear, and so on.

Dogs may not have the ability to understand forgiveness, but they feel hurt just like us. When you hit your dog, they immediately feel the pain and realize something is wrong. Therefore, you should avoid hitting them, especially without a clear reason. This will cause fears, anxiety, stress, and aggression.


Can you gain your dog’s trust back?

Teach your dog basic obedience commands using positive reinforcement techniques. Please do this in sessions of 15 minutes at a time, rewarding your pup with treats and praise when he performs the desired behavior. This type of feeding helps build your pup’s trust back up with you while also strengthening your bond with him.


will my dog forgive me for hitting him?


What happens when you punish them?

So, now that you’ve struck your canine companion, the question is, “Who feels worse – you or the animal? ” And, will any good come of it at all? Adrienne Janet Farracelli, certified dog trainer,” explains why there are a number of arguments against physical punishment for a dog which is violence. First, it hurts! Dogs have as finely a developed nervous system as people and feel pain just as effectively. They may not understand why you did it, but they certainly will know that you have hurt them, especially physical abuse. And, the fear induced by the pain may cause them to retaliate with a bite.

Hitting is a bad thing that can cause many dog behavior problems. They may become apprehensive, overly submissive, or take to cowering in your presence. Is this the kind of companion you want? I don’t think so. Hitting your dog can damage the great bond that exists between you two, sowing fear and distrust where there should be faith and affection. Striking your companion in any way, be it hitting or kicking, shows a basic misunderstanding of the relationship between you.

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When is your dog scared of you for hitting him?

In this case, if this behavior is done for the first time, the dog might not be able to comprehend the whole situation and forget it after a while. But if the owner is a proper aggressive person and keeps his torture on the dog, the dog would understand and might not forgive the owner for this behavior. If physical punishment is done for the first time, then after good behavior, you can drive out the fear but after repeated multiple attempts driving out the fear is not easy.


will my dog forgive me for hitting him


How can you say to your dog that you’re sorry?

The least you’ll be able to say that you’re sorry! Dogs are lovable, smart, and witty creatures. However, they also possess an extremely high level of energy. Some dogs are susceptible to chewing on things when bored or stealing food from the kitchen counters when they want an afternoon snack.

In most cases, we’re at fault for not feeding our pets or not giving our pets the mental and physical stimulation they require during their day. No matter the reason, however, there are times when we’ve been having a bad day and then yell and snap at our pets for some “crime” they commit. Then, we’re sorry about our bad behavior. The damage has been done because of our unwanted behavior. The abuse dog snoozes, after which it puts its ears into the same position, and the body language reveals a submissive posture. Our first reaction is to reach out to our beloved pets and snuggle them to show how sad we feel. It’s human instinct.

If your behavior caused your dog to exhibit anxiety by lowering their head or straying away from your dog, flattening their ear, and revealing how their eyes look, The most effective thing to do is to step back and create a space between you. You could also speak to them with a soothing soft voice and then apologize. Naturally, the dog may not comprehend what you’re talking about, but it will benefit you. These dogs’ behavior will allow your dog to return to you at his own time and remain peaceful and gentle when it happens. However, when your dog isn’t showing any signs of fear but is smiling at you with adoration or a smile, a soft word and a bit of love could be enough to resolve the situation.

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These are some tips that can gain dogs trust back.

  • Treat The Dog Well With Love And Affection: The essential thing in a relationship is to give love and win to a person.
  • Always Be Around And Make Him Feel Safe: When you hit a dog as a dog owner, you will always think that another person would also beat him. A threat image is created in your dogs mind, which is very bad for its mental health.
  • Buy Favorite Food For Your Dog: The way to the heart comes through the stomach. Buying the favorite food for your dog will again attach it with you.
  • Play With Your Dog And Pat Him: Try to play the favorite sport and game that your dog likes so that he will think that you care for him and want to be with him.



How you can make them forgive you?

Dog’s don’t spend too much time thinking about what happened to their past or future. Most of what your pets think has to do with what is happening to them at the moment. While your pets can develop a sense of routine and quick-to-spot patterns in your behavior, it’s beyond a dog’s thinking capacity to predict what time you will be home or the time you hit them. However, there are many ways to tell your dog that you’re sorry for what you have done to them. It depends on the approach of your pets. Some dogs love treats, others love cuddles, and others love a good walk. Perhaps, the best way you should do is to combine them. To find more ways to apologize to your dog. Here are the best ways to regain your dog’s trust again after the apology.


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The way dogs feel and think ends up helping them in the long run. A dog cannot “forgive” an abusive owner in the way humans think of forgiveness. Still, the dog will also only associate that abusive behavior with the specific circumstances surrounding the abuser.

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