Wire haired dog breeds have adorable, fuzzy, and cute looks that delight people worldwide. Wirehaired dogs are truly unique. If you’re in search of a lovely companion to be a part of your life, have a look at our selection of the top wirehaired dog breeds.


wire haired dog breeds


What is a Wire hair dog?

Wirehaired dogs have strong, sturdy coats that are somewhat wavy to the contact. Apart from their unique texture, the wire coats were primarily created to shield them from the elements and keep their fur free of harm while traversing the underbrush since the thick wire is less able to penetrate than more smooth coats.

These breeds all have wire haired varieties. But not all of them will have wire hair. All Wire Fox Terriers have wire coats. But Not all of these dog breed has wirelike hair. The Jack Russell Terrier is an example of a smooth wire coat. Here is a list of the most common wire hair dog breed’s:

  • Border Terrier
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Wirehaired Dachshund
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Wirehaired Vizsla
  • Old English Sheepdog


Wire Haired Mixed Breeds.

If you mix a wire haired dog with another dog breed, the puppies born may or might not be wire haired. The resulting mix could be a wire haired dog. However, it’s only a possibility when both parents are a dog breed that is exclusively wire haired.

  • Border Terrier mixes
  • Fox Terrier mixes
  • Jack Russell mixes

Wire hair is a dominant trait. That means If you are born with the gene that makes a wiry coat, the hair you have will become wavy. But, even if dog parents have hair with wires, it does not mean they’ll have the gene for wire hair.

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Breed Characteristics.

Most wirehaired breeds are terriers that were first developed during the British Isles. The breeds that have this coat typically sport distinctive and distinct mustaches, beards, and eyebrows. The majority are active and require ample exercise. In addition, they could have a built-in instinctual prey drive.

Wirehaired coats won’t grow fast, but they require regular grooming to maintain an orderly appearance. To keep the coat’s wavy texture, groomers employ the unique technique of hand-stripping. This lengthy and complex method is usually better left to professionals in grooming. The clipping of the coat can be done to make it easier, but it can affect the overall texture of the coat over time.

Wired-haired fox terrier.

The most popular variety of fox terriers! The other was the smooth fox terrier. Foxys were created to be tireless hunters and are an active, energetic breed. Like all terriers, they’re smart, curious, and can easily become bored if not kept active. Regular walks and games of fetch, as well as other games, are crucial. Due to their prey instinct, you have to prevent them from encounters with cats, rodents, and the family Gerbil. In this regard, Foxies are wonderful pets for children, playful and energetic. They need to be cleaned once per week. This wired-haired terrier breed was born in Scotland.


Wired-haired fox terrier


Airedale Terrier.

The Airedale is known in the “King of Terriers” title because it’s the biggest of all breeds of terriers. They’re highly intelligent dogs and extremely guardians of their family members. They can also be a little stubborn. Combined with their high prey drive and natural energy, The Airedale should take a break from running after creatures and playing around with beloved pets.


Airedale Terrier


Wired-haired Dachshund.

The Dachshund is among the most sought-after dog breeds and is commonly known as”the sausage dog. This is due to the unique shape: an elongated body and short legs. There are many types, including wired ones. just one of them. The breed was originally bred in Germany, and they were utilized for chasing badgers. They are affectionate, confident, and intelligent and loves to snuggle. You’ll be sure to have an animal with personality if you choose to purchase the Doxie. But, they tend to bark occasionally and become noisy; therefore, they must be taught not to bark without reason. Due to their nature, they possess a high prey drive, and they cannot coexist with other species.


Wired-haired Dachshund


Terrier Border.

With their squarish faces and slender faces and their alert, squarish faces, the Border terrier is adorable, fun, playful, and fierce canines. Born in Scotland as the foxes of their time, they’ve got an intense desire for chasing small creatures. They aren’t scared of anything even though they ought to be. Their tangled topcoats require hand-tripping at least twice per year to help reduce the amount of shed. Border terriers make great companion dogs who are eager to please. Their tiny size makes them perfect to lap. They’re easy to train and are at ease with you on walks and would enjoy nothing more than large, wide fields for running around in.


Terrier Border


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Jack Russell Terrier.

The fun and fierce Jack Russell Terrier was traditionally long-legged; however, it has been bred to shorter legs. They are strong, fit dogs who love to chase running, running, and digging.

Jack Russell puppies are mostly white, with brown or black patches on their heads and body. The Jack Russells with hair that is wired is rarer than their shorter, smooth-haired siblings.

The pampered dogs are friendly but are often on their terms. They’re loyal and affectionate to their family members, but they naturally avoid strangers. A lot of socializing will help them feel more comfortable with strangers and new situations.

They are often found in a smooth-coated breed of JRTs are typically smooth-coated. Russels can also be found with a damaged coat. JRTs are tiny. However, they’re not the typical lapdogs. They are known for their amazing intelligence, energy, stamina, and determination. They are tough dogs that could last to an old year and, will be a great fit in an active household. You must be prepared to improve their prey drive and propensity to barking.



Brussels Griffon.

The unique Brussels Griffon is a small dog with a large beard around its nose. They’re short, strong, and muscular with large, black eyes. Brussels Griffon puppies can be rough coated with wire hair or have a silky short coat type. Their fur is red, black, black and tan or black and red. While they are a good guard dogs and protective, the Brussels Griffon’s main instinct is to be with their families. They’re very attached to their owners so they may be susceptible to anxiety about separation.



Kerry Blue Terrier.

This bigger Irish terrier was created and bred to be a working dog. These dogs possess the typical terrier determination and are effective hunter dogs, but they can be difficult for their dog companions. They are versatile working dogs used to herd cattle and sheep and hunt rats, mice, and rabbits around the property.



Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a dog with a sporting personality that is medium in size. They are quick, clever, and keen to please their owners. The pups who are hard at work have an incredibly coarse, thick wirehaired coat. A stunning beard and mustache! They are available in various shades and shades, such as various shades of brown along with orange and white hues. While generally friendly they can be somewhat reserved with pet owners and other dogs they don’t know. A good socialization program is crucial for these active pups.



German Wirehaired Pointer.

As a distinct breed from their close relative, the German shorthaired pointer The German wirehaired pointer is specifically created for their wiry coat. It’s water-resistant as well as insulating and protective. The wiry coat is ideal for hunting in cold water, harsh weather, and deep undergrowth. This breed is bursting with energy and endurance and will not fit in a home where the owner is passive. They require ample exercise and stimulation to avoid recurring problems due to boredom. If they have plenty of stimulation, the loyal German wirehaired pointer is ideal for your family. They’re generally enthusiastic, loving, and playful.



Irish Wolfhound.

AKC’s highest breed, the rough-coated Irish Wolfhound, is commonly described as the gentle giant. They are known for their loyalty and loving They are generally kind and gentle with children, regardless of their size. The large breed requires more space than the average dog. You’ll have to budget for a high cost of food each month. They’ve also maintained a powerful prey drive that may not be suitable for an apartment with pets of a smaller size.



Grooming Wire Haired Dog breed.

Wirehaired dogs are low maintenance in regards to grooming. They sport short coats that don’t get caught up when they’re dirty. A quick grooming every week using a comb should make most dogs happy. During shedding, Deshedding tools can help keep hair from strewn across your property too often. All dogs with wire hairs are classified as hypoallergenic or low-shedding categories. They will each have times when they shed a significant amount.

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The wiry coat is also referred to by the name “broken coat,” which feels exactly like the name implies rough, heavy, and bristly. Wirehaired dogs were usually used for hunting. This is why they require coats that offer greater warmth and security while working in harsh and cold environments. The best wire haired dogs are healthy, active, and friendly. They come in various types and breeds, so it’s not too hard to find one that suits your family well. Look for a breed known for having an even temper that is relaxed around people. And one that has a long nose and evenly proportioned legs and body.

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