How is the Boxer dog breed?

Boxers is an energetic, strong-willed, and intelligent breed. They are known for their short muzzle, square head, muscular body, and alert expression. They have a high energy level and can be athletic if given a chance. Also, they make excellent watchdogs and are loyal companions to their owners.

Boxers also tend to be protective of their families and can even become very possessive of toys or food they deem theirs. Because of this, it’s essential to socialize them early on so that they learn proper boundaries with other animals and people outside the family circle.

Despite these traits, Boxers are incredibly loving dogs who will show affection to everyone in their household, provided they don’t feel threatened by them. Boxers can make excellent family pets as long as their owners are willing to give them proper training, exercise, and attention.

in this article, we will talk about why boxers are the worst dogs.



The Boxer was originally bred in Germany during the late 19th century. Since then, it has become one of the most popular breeds worldwide due to its loyal and protective nature.

In 1904, the American Kennel Club registered Arnulf Grandenz as the first Boxer. Also, the American Kennel Club (AKC), in 1915, recognized Sieger Dampf V Dom as the first Boxer champion. Governor and Mrs. Lehman from New York owned him.

Boxers are medium-sized dogs with short coats that come in three different colors-fawn, brindle, and white. They have square heads and muscular bodies, which make them look powerful even at rest.

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15 Reasons why boxers are the worst dogs

1- Boxers have high energy levels and need a lot of exercise, making them time-consuming:

While boxer dogs have high energy levels, they are also very intelligent and easily trained. They need a lot of exercises, making them time-consuming to care for, but the payoff is a loyal and loving companion.

2- They are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long, leading to destructive behavior in the home:

Boxers are very sociable and do not like being alone for long periods of time. If they are left alone too often, they can develop separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing furniture or barking incessantly.

3- Boxers are known for their strong jaws and can be challenging to muzzle train properly:

Boxers are known for their strong jaws and it can be difficult to properly train them to accept a muzzle. They will need a lot of patience and positive reinforcement in order to learn how to accept muzzling.

4- Boxers often bark excessively, which may bother neighbors or other pets in the house:

Boxers are prone to excessive barking, which can be a nuisance for neighbors or other pets in the house. This type of behavior should be addressed through proper training and positive reinforcement. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that boxers get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to help curb excessive barking.

5- They shed a considerable amount and require regular brushing and grooming sessions to stay healthy and look good.

Boxers shed throughout the year. Boxers are non-hypoallergenic and have short fur. They can get between carpet fibers or cracks in hardwood floors. Their fur will never stop shedding completely. Hypoallergenic boxers are not possible. Hypoallergenic dogs are those with hair instead of fur. This means that their hair grows constantly and sheds less.


6- If not appropriately trained, boxers can become aggressive towards other dogs and animals as well as people they don’t know

Although boxers can be aggressive, they will not be aggressive if they are purchased from a legitimate breeder and raised properly. Aggression can be caused by past negative experiences, inactivity, or feeling threatened.


7- Because of their strong personalities and independence, boxers are not easily trained and require a lot of patience and consistency.

Boxers can be difficult to train. Boxers are energetic, especially when young. They can be great dogs if they are trained and led well. They thrive on positive human interaction. They need your love and guidance.


8- Boxers tend to jump up on people, which can be dangerous dogs for small children or elderly family members.

Boxer puppies and canines often jump on other people. This is a common problem that Boxer owners have to deal with. Boxer puppies can be quite powerful so it is possible for them to jump on people, especially children and seniors.



9- They can become destructive when bored or unhappy, often chewing furniture or other items in the house.

Boxers need companionship and exercise. Boxers can become destructive if they are left to their own devices. For busy people with large homes and busy households, boxers can be a great companion dog.

10- Boxers don’t do well with strangers, as they tend to protect their families and homes.

Boxers might be cautious of strangers, but they are generally friendly towards people and pets. Although they may be inclined towards protecting their pack members or owners, a Boxer who has been exposed to many different people and pets will not have any problems.

11- If not appropriately socialized early, boxers may become fearful or aggressive around unfamiliar people or animals.

This dogs are energetic breeds that require a lot of exercise in order to stay calm. They may become aggressive if they are not getting enough exercise. Boxers can also exhibit fear-based aggression with strangers, especially children, if they don’t have the right training and socialization.

12- These dog breeds are prone to serious health issues such as heart problems and cancer, making them costly to treat.

Boxers are more susceptible to developing health problems like heart problems, degenerative Myelopathy, bloat and ulcerative colitis than any other breed. Common health issues in Boxers

  • Brain Tumour.
  • Mast Cell Tumours
  • Lymphoma.
  • Boxer Cardiomyopathy.
  • Problems with Bones and Joints
  • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat


13- Though they may look intimidating, boxers are sensitive and can be prone to anxiety or depression if not given adequate attention or exercise.

Underneath that bouncy, joyful exterior, Boxers are a sensitive breed. They are very attuned to their owners and what is going on around them. This sensitivity makes them great companions, but it also means they can be overly sensitive, causing them to become stressed and anxious easily.

14- Boxers need a lot of physical stimulation to stay healthy, including a daily walk or run and mental activities such as puzzle toys or training sessions.

Remember that they need a lot mental and physical stimulation. They can also be stubborn when you are training them. It is important to be a strong leader and have patience with your dog. Boxers are intelligent and can learn quickly.

15- Boxer dog breeds require an experienced trainer with a firm and consistent hand in order to reach their full potential; otherwise, they may become unruly and difficult to control.

These dogs are intelligent and can be trained if you have the right reward. These dogs have many benefits. These dogs are truly amazing. They are energetic and a great breed!




The Boxer is an excellent family pet and loyal companion who will show affection to everyone in the household. They are alert guard dog breeds who will protect their loved ones from any danger or threat. However, it’s important to remember that these dogs require proper training and attention to become well-rounded and well-behaved. With the proper guidance, theycan make wonderful lifelong companions.


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