It would be better if you got ready to take care of your dog breed before you buy one. There are many things to prepare, from getting a dog crate that is properly sized to scheduling puppy vet visits. If you have a female dog, this includes preparing for her “periods”, or better, her estrous cycles. Male Dog’s don’t have periods. In this article we will talk about how often do Pomeranians go into heat



Female Pomeranian’s enter heat twice or three times per year. The heat cycle lasts three weeks. During this time, there were many signs and changes. Pomeranians in heat may be more alert, sleep less, eat less and lick their skin more often. They may also prefer being alone.

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When does my Pomeranian go into the first heat?

Your female dog (puppy) may experience their first heat at 5 months old. This is considered early heat. However, the normal range to experience this first heat is 6-9months of age.

In rare cases, your Pom puppy may heat up later than expected because toy breeds are more likely to heat up earlier than larger breeds.

Early signs can be hard to miss if your Pom has never been in heat. These signs may occur one or two days before the breeding cycle begins. These signs are:

  • A slightly swelling vulva
  • Larger nipples that appear darker in color.

What is Female Pomeranian Heat Symptoms?

The Pomeranian breed could have bloody discharges. Although the discharge isn’t as severe as in larger breeds, it can cause some behavioral and physical changes.

A Female Pomeranian might have some discharge. It’s common for owners and pet owners to use a doggie diaper. It saves you the hassle of cleaning the furniture, mopping the floors, and washing the cushions in case there is blood or discharge.



What are Pomeranian Heat Cycle Behavioural Changes?

Your small dog can start humping out of a strong urge. Then she might hump other dogs or inanimate objects. Sometimes, your Pom might lick her entire body. Self-grooming is what your Pom might do. Your dog may demonstrate nesting-type behaviors. It could include gathering toys, food, and other items and placing them in a safe place.

Poms may need extra attention or prefer to be left alone. Although studies have not confirmed that dogs feel discomfort or pain during this period, they are still subject to research. Scientists know that the uterus lining contracts when it is shed. This is similar to what happens in female humans. So they expect some discomfort. This could also be why your Pomeranian dog is less playful and wants to rest more than usual.


What is the maximum time the Pomeranian dog breed can stay in heat?

The heat cycle typically lasts 18-21 days (3 weeks). However, this is an average heat cycle length. Heat cycles can vary by up to 2-4 weeks.

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How many time Pomeranians get into heat?

Pomeranian dogs usually enter heat once every six months, which is twice yearly. Sometimes, the heat cycle may last less than usual (for example, 2 weeks), and the next arrives in less than 6 months. Your Pom could heat up even more than once a year.

Older dogs might only go into heat once a year. This is normal.

All eggs are given to dogs when they are born. These eggs will lose their effectiveness over time and eventually die.

The more eggs your Pom has, the higher her production of hormones. She will therefore have more pauses between her two heat cycles.



How to Care for My Pomeranian in Heat?

Although you won’t likely have to do much with a female Pom in heat, it’s a good idea to know some things.


Your Pomeranian Needs Extra Attention

Poms in heat may want human attention. This can make her very cuddly. When handling your pet, be gentle and kind.

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Give your Pom Peace if she Wants It.

Some dogs like to be isolated as much as possible during their heat cycle. A crate is essential nowadays because it is her private place, her only cave, where she can be herself if needed. Some Poms prefer to be alone, but others will love a doggy bed in the corner of a noisy room.



Doggy Diapers

In the heat, dogs may urinate more often. This is how messy your house can get if you don’t do something. Dog diapers are the best solution.

There are many options for sizes, styles, and prices. There are disposable diapers, but you can also buy fabric-washable diapers if your concern is more about the environment.


Keep her away from other dogs

In the heat, a dog behaves differently than usual. You should consider keeping your Pom in the house and away from other dogs, particularly in dog parks during the heat. A male Pomeranian could be a serious threat to your dog ( if you don’t intend to breed your dog). They can also smell the female heat over long distances (cca 3 miles/ 5km). While other females may not pose the same threat, their interactions might present a problem. Heat-prone females might be aggressive toward other female dogs.

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Do not let her get distracted

It is natural for your Pom to think only about mating during the heat cycle. She cannot control hormonal change. You can distract her a bit. You can give her a new toy every few weeks or play new games more often.


Do I need to spay my Pomeranian for her heat?

Most vets agree that your Pom should be spayed unless she is to be used for breeding. The ideal procedure for spaying your Pom should be before you go to the first heat cycle.

It is important to remember that if you miss the moment or don’t do the procedure correctly, it must pass at the latest 6 weeks after Pom’s last day of her heat cycle before you take Pom to the vet to have her spayed.




As a dog owner, you need to know that how often do pomeranians go into heat? They could go into heat at 5-6 months old. This can also occur later. Pomeranians are usually exposed to heat twice per year. Normal is between 2 and 4 weeks.

If you are not planning to use her for sexual maturity, ensure she is spayed before the first heat cycle. It is best to wait until the first heat cycle has passed before you attempt to breed her. Dogs live their entire lives with heat cycles. As your Pom ages, the time between heat cycles can be longer in older dogs.


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