Akita Shar Pei Mix.

The Akita Sharpei mix is one of the rarest hybrid breeds. This crossbreed is a beautiful designer dog. It is playful, curious, and stubborn as a puppy. Also, the Akita Shar Pei mix is a courageous and independent breed that can become active and independent like their parents. The Shar Pei Akita and Shar Pei Akita mixes are playful and affectionate like their Shar Pei parents. However, they can be fearful or uneasy about their surroundings.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed


Parent breed Information:

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The 17th-century Japanese creation of the Akita saw Japan’s first Akita. Akitas were strong hunting dogs and loved for their loyalty. Also, Akitas were not only strong hunting dogs, but they were also loved for their loyalty. Both Akita types are loyal, intelligent and protective and make wonderful family pets. Akitas are smart and strong-willed dogs. Akitas are intelligent and strong-willed dogs.

Helen Keller in Japan meet the Akita. In 1972, the American Kennel Club recognized the Akita breed as distinct. Also, The American Kennel Club accepted the Akita as a breed in 1972.

 Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei dog is large and has wrinkled skin. However, the Chinese Shar-Pei has been recognized as the 134th breed by the American Kennel Club since its inception, this dog breed has been around for hundreds. It is square in profile and has a flat, broad head. The muzzle is broad, full, cushioned, and full with a moderate stop. Also, these dogs, like the Chow Chows, have a blue-black mouth. The teeth are joined in a scissors bite. Moreover, these small, hollow, almond-shaped eyes can be darkened in dogs with a lighter coat.

His name is a reference to his distinctive, bristle-like hair. However, that’s not all that is unique about the Chinese Sharpiei. His distinctive, bristle-like coat makes him stand out. Also, The Shar-Pei was adopted in the American Kennel Club Miscellaneous class in 1988. In 1991, the AKC recognized the Shar-Pei as a member the Non-Sporting Group.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed



Akita Shar Pie mixes have a high prey drive. They are independent and intelligent. To keep them in line in social situations, it takes a strong pack leader. These dogs are affectionate and loving at home. They will not only gravitate towards their pack leaders, but also show affection for other family members. Although the Shar Pei Akita and Shar Pei Akita mixes love to play and run, their serious side makes them great hunting and hiking companions. They can be left alone for a few hours and are not susceptible to separation anxiety.



This mixed breed is almost a medium-large hybrid dog breed. Their height is 18-26 inches on average, and they can weigh 45-100 lbs.

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The average lifespan of the Akita Shar Pie with a good health can be 9-15 years.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed


Health Conditions of Akita Shar Pei Mix

These dogs are generally healthy throughout life but prone to several health conditions that potential owners should be aware of.

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Skin problems
  • Patellar luxation
  • Kidney problems

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If a Shar Pei Akita mix is wrinkled like its Shar Pei parent, careful attention should be paid to its folds to ensure that food and dirt don’t build up within them. You need to clean their wrinkles with a damp cloth weekly. These dogs have medium-length fur that does shed throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to brush or comb them a few times a week.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed



A Shar Pei Akita mixed should begin obedience training as soon their first home is made. They can become defiant and stubborn without training, and their aggressiveness could overpower their loving nature.



Akita breed can run for miles upon miles without getting tired. While the Shar Pei is less active, the crossbreed of these two breeds tends to result in a highly active dog that needs a great deal of daily activity and opportunities to run and play outside without restriction. Moreover, if this mixed breed is not exercised daily, they can become destructive and ruin items in your home, such as clothes and shoes or furniture and knick-knacks.

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Food and diet

These mutts, like most active dogs require high-quality homemade or commercial food to thrive. Also, their food must contain real meat, as well as whole grains, gluten-free grains, and real fruits, vegetables. However, to maintain a healthy weight, an adult Shar Pei-Akita mix should be fed up to 3 cups of dry, high quality dog food each day.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed


Are they aggressive mixed breeds?

Like their Akita parent, this designer dog can be aggressive toward other animals, tiny ones. 

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Are they good guard dogs?

This mixed breed has guarding instincts of the Shar Pei. They will let their family members know when someone strange is coming to the door and do what they can to keep people out of the house when nobody else is home, including barking and guarding the doors and windows.


Are they good family dogs?

Although these designer dogs are great for families, their aggressive nature can make them dangerous to children. They might be teased with pokes or tail tugs.


Akita Shar Pei Mix: Understanding the Unique Traits of this Hybrid Breed



The Shar Pei Akita is a strong dog breed that has many positive traits. Also, they will show affection for their family members and not just gravitate to their pack leaders. The Shar Pei Akita  love to run and play, but their serious side makes them excellent hunting and hiking companions. Moreover, they are energetic, can be trained easily, have good health, and live a long life.


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