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It is believed that the German Shepherd Malamute mix, nicknamed Alaskan Shepherd, is one of the most sought-after dog breeds found in North America. The breed was developed several hundreds of years ago in Alaska, where herding instincts were still in full force. Herding was an integral part of life in Alaska at the time. This Alaskan Shepherd may have been selected due to her friendly nature or another characteristic, like solid bone structure.


Alaskan Shepherd puppy


Alaskan Shepherd is a mixed breed of two well-known breeds, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd. As a crossbreed, the German Shepherd Malamute mix is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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Olympic is what makes them famous!

At first, Alaskan Malamute was bred for riding and working on farms in Alaska. In 1980 one of the first Alaskan Malamute was documented as being part of the Olympic team. Following the Olympics, their popularity grew. These Malamutes quickly spread to the United States, where the breed became extremely popular as a pet or show dog.

Shepherds vs. Malamutes.

Alaskan Shepherds temperament is one of a kind when some people might confuse between the two breeds. These puppies share many of the same physical characteristics as their dominant predecessors, Alaskan Malamute, such as square, short skulls, large paws, floppy ears, and a tail that is low-lying. They’re also highly active, alert dogs that often get bored or require lots of exercise. Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan shepherd dogs are very loving and naturally want to be close to their owner despite their energetic nature. An adequately socialized Alaskan shepherd is highly aware and attentive and is able to respond to instructions.

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Alaskan Shepherds vs. German Shepherd.

Alaskan Shepherd puppies have their own distinct features to be aware of. Compared to its German counterpart, the Alaskan Shepherd puppy has a more compact body, with a slightly higher length than the German Shepherd puppy. Additionally, the Alaskan Shepherd’s legs are longer in comparison, and it is especially noticeable around the head and body area. This breed overall gives off a strong, muscular appearance.


Alaskan Shepherd puppy



Alaskan Shepherd information.

The Alaskan Shepherd (commonly known as the “Alaskan Kid”) is a small-sized dog, possessing a keen attention to detail. Because of their precise nature, they excel in obedience and dressage. They have coats in an array of colors including black, silver, chocolate, tan, and white. The length of the Alaskan Shepherd’s coat can range from seven to 24 inches; generally speaking, shorter coats are recommended when picking out your pup. This breed typically lives between eight and thirteen years old.

You can mix Alaskan Shepherd with other breeds.

Mixed breed dogs may be bred with various characteristics. Suppose you’re considering creating a breeding program for the Alaskan Shepherd with another breed. In that case, You might want to investigate the following potential mix breeders, including American Staffordshire/Hooded Retriever Poodles, Akitas, Australian Shepherds, Dobermans Greyhounds, Chow Chows, giant Schnauzers, and Bulldogs. The majority of them are great dogs to adopt, but certain breeds may be prone to problems with their health.


Alaskan Shepherd puppy


The Alaskan Shepherds vs. The American Bandogge Mastiff.

Although both the Mastiff of American Bandogge and Alaskan Shepherd are similar in numerous ways, there are a few essential differences between them. They are different in that the puppies need lots of love and attention while growing up; however, an American Bandogge requires less guidance as it gets older. They are also extremely curious and active breeds, which can quickly become bored, despite their age. Thus, owners need to be ready to endure the long hours of training since they are known to be, in some instances, a bit stubborn.

The Alaskan Shepherd, sometimes called “the Alaskan Lambdogs.” The Alaskan Shepherds are often compared to The American Bandogge Mastiff or the Boston Terrier because of their diminutive dimension (length and height). The dogs were originally bred in Alaska; however, they’ve gained popularity worldwide after their debut in the international market. It is believed that these dog breed has good characteristics like compact bone structure, muscles, and elastic body structures, excellent ability to move, quality of life, gorgeous eyes, and delightful temperament. They are considered to be among the most beautiful dogs around.

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Health-related concerns.

When deciding to bring home a Malamute puppy, it is important to be aware of the medical issues for which this breed may be susceptible. Notable health issues include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, congenital eye defects, leukemia and skin allergies. Despite the potential costs associated with these conditions, Malamutes are delightful family pets that tend to become attached to their owners. They can be wary of strangers and unfamiliar environments; therefore it is essential that they receive frequent socialisation opportunities.

It is believed that the Alaskan Shepherd breed is one of the most sought-after breeds within the United States. The Alaskan Shepherd population has spread across the United States and Canada. However, it’s comprised mainly of Alaska, and therefore you will not discover numerous Alaskan Shepherd puppies in a backyard dog park. The breed is typically found in homes located in the frigid Northern regions of the US.


Alaskan Shepherd puppy


Health-related concerns

The Alaskan Shepherd, more commonly known as a Malamute, can be a great addition to a family. However, there are some medical issues to consider before making the commitment. Issues such as hip dysplasia epilepsy, congenital eye defects, leukemia, and skin allergies can affect the breed. It’s important to research extensively and understand that veterinary assistance may be necessary depending on the health of your pet. Furthermore, Malamutes tend to be wary of strangers and unfamiliar faces which should also be taken into account.

It is believed that the Alaskan Shepherd breed is one of the most sought-after breeds in the United States. The Alaskan Shepherd population has spread across the United States and Canada. However, it’s comprised mainly of Alaska, and therefore you will not discover numerous Alaskan Shepherd puppies in a backyard dog park. The breed is typically found in homes located in the frigid Northern regions of the US.

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What you need to know before adopting Alaskan Shepherd:

When deciding if the Alaskan Shepherd is the right breed for you, keep their health in mind. These working dogs are genetically designed to thrive with less risk of disease or other illnesses that may affect other breeds. Additionally, these breeds experience lower amounts of stress and anxiety than other dogs, contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle. The Alaskan Shepherd is a great companion if your household includes other pets that also require physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.

Take into consideration the basics of grooming. The coat of the Alaskan Shepherd is very thick. It needs regular brushing. However, the hair can grow back if it is appropriately taken care of. An Alaskan Shepherd’s coat can be extremely long and thick and has an average height of 20 inches around the shoulders and nineteen inches on the head. Regarding color, their coat is often considered among the palest breeds. Their eyes are sparkling and bright even after many years in the same environment.

Take note of the mental activities that Your Alaskan dog might be involved in. Although the Alaskan dog isn’t engaged in dangerous activities such as hunting, they are susceptible to feeling uncomfortable in enclosed areas like cages for dogs. Alaskan Shepherds are prone to becoming bored, but owners must take measures to keep their four-legged companions entertained in different ways.

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This interesting canine is a hybrid of two striking breeds, combining the best of both. Not only are these gorgeous dogs intelligent, alert, and loving to their owners, but they also require plenty of physical activity to stay healthy and in shape. Though not designed for hot climates, these pets will certainly add zest to your life!

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