What is a Guard Dog?

AKC defines guard dogs as dogs with an “instinct to protect their family and home.” Dogs who make great guard dogs will instinctively recognize danger and know how to deal with it. Although English Bulldogs are protective of their owners, they may not always be able to acknowledge or stop a threat. It doesn’t count as smothering an intruder by kisses.



Although the AKC doesn’t list the English Bulldog as one of its “Best Guard Dogs“, it could mean that an English Bulldog is a better watchdog than a guard dog.

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Are English Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Unfortunately, no. Although English Bulldogs are strong, loyal, and protective, they aren’t as effective as other breeds as guard dogs.

It can be due to various reasons, including the difficulty in training them. They can be calm and have a great sense of humor. However, they can also become a bit silly and intelligent.

Your Bulldog will likely need help learning and following instructions. Unlike other working dog breeds, English Bulldogs are not encouraged to perform chores and won’t obey orders just to please their owners.

An English Bulldog can be a bit too friendly to be a good guard dog. It will, however protect any family member in distress.

What is the temperament of an English Bulldog’s Bulldog?

The Bulldog evolved into a gentle, calm dog breed through years of selective breeding. It is affectionate, friendly, and capable of showing great courage when necessary. Bulldogs are excellent watch dog’s.

They are known for their sweet, gentle, predictable, and reliable temperament. Also, they are excellent family pets and actively seek attention.

Bulldogs are to be avoided when they get angry. It can cause a lot of destruction when it defends its territory, family, or possessions.

However, they can become dominant or territorial with other dogs if socialized well.

However, remember that they are stubborn and unwilling to follow instructions. They will require a trained and firm person to teach them the right way.


Which Bulldogs are best for protection?

There are three bulldog breeds: American, English, and French bulldogs. Although all bulldogs fall under the same category, each dog breed has its own characteristics and is protective of its owners.



French Bulldog

French Bulldog’s are often considered lap dogs. They have an incredible amount of energy. These lively furballs love to socialize and are great attention-seekers.

French bulldogs are social and small, but they can be very protective of their owners. Their love, size, and weight are all good defenses. A small, alert, vocal dog can still deter potential intruders.


English Bulldog

When properly trained, English bulldogs can be social and even friendly with strangers and other pets. It needs to be clarified if an English bulldog will defend you. English bulldogs are social dogs that can protect their owners and be friendly with strangers.

Bulldogs were created to fight large animals. English bulldogs have been known to protect their owners by fighting off mountain lions and bears. If your Bulldog is timid and clingy, it will make you less likely to defend you from a burglar.

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American Bulldog

American bulldog breeds are agile because of their fast, long legs. They can sometimes be mistaken for pit bulls depending on their breed. American Bulldogs can still be loyal and affectionate to their families and can be trained so that they are protective of their owners.

Your Bulldog should be socialized with other animals and people. Eliminate their possessive and defensive nature. Bulldogs can be protective of their bullies, but they are also loving.

To learn how to protect your Bulldog, take it to a professional trainer.

They are protective and loyal, have a strong bite, and are loyal to their family. Most bulldogs love children and can be playful. As an addition to your family, the American Bulldog is an excellent choice for protecting your home.



English Bulldogs are protective, not fearful.

English Bulldogs are naturally protective of the family. Also, it’s part of their DNA. English Bulldogs were initially developed for bull-baiting. This blood sport was popular from the 1200’s to its banning in 1835. The English Bulldog breed was not needed after the sport was banned.

According to PetMD, “Bulldog enthusiasts rescued the breed from what appeared certain extinction…replacing its ferociousness with a gentle and docile disposition.”

Breeders over time, worked to make the bull-fighting English Bulldog a family-friendly dog that you love and know today. This breed retained its courage, which, when combined with a gentle disposition, created a protective nature. Despite the changes in their personalities through breeding adjustments over time, English Bulldogs had maintained some of the courage they had when they faced bulls with bravery.

Protective and fearless are the two most desirable characteristics in a guard dog. The English Bulldog is a good example of this. Loyalty and dependability are other characteristics guard dogs, and English Bulldogs share.


This dog is strong and muscular and has a robust appearance. Its past involved fighting and facing animals larger than it.

These qualities make Bulldogs excellent guard dogs. However, they are quiet family dog who enjoys socializing and is not too fussy about training.

The English Bulldog is a great watchdog dog for your family. However, he will require reward-based and repetition-based training to improve his skills, such as his bite strength, barking at intruders, loyalty, protection, and many other things.


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