Corso is a large dog and strong and has a protective nature. They have served many purposes over their long history, including guardians, farm workers, and large-game hunters. Noble, intelligent, loyal, strong. These are the most popular words to describe the Cane Corso, an Italian mastiff with an ancient lineage. Cane Corsos can be stunning dogs. Can Cane Corsos get attached to just one person? Are they best friends?



Do Cane Corso get attached to one person?

Yes. Because they tended to be extremely attached to their owners, the Cane Corso Italiano has been called “one-person dog breeds”. Many owners have reported that their Cane Corsos are loving and loyal companions. However, does this mean they aren’t open to other people? Not at all! Cane Corsos can be friends with anyone they meet but are especially close to their human family.

A Cane Corso will always attach to one person and follow them. They would follow the person underfoot and just wait to cuddle. The Cane Corso Italiano would feel excluded if the person invited guests.

This is not true if Cane Corso lives with more than one parent. Moreover, This dog breeds won’t be attached to one person if everyone takes the time to play with them, give them training lessons and take them on walks.

It is common for Cane Corsos to be attached to more people than one. If a household member isn’t spending enough time with the Cane Corso, they will not become attached to them.

However, it is quite common for the Cane Corso breed to have a favorite person. The person who spends the most time with the Cane Corso, giving them treats and training them, would be this person.

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The Cane Corso dog breed is strong, athletic, large-boned, and balanced, with rectangular proportions. However, the skull curves with a width equaling the length of its head. The ears can be cut to a triangle or left as is. Alertness should be the expression. The muzzle measures approximately one-third of the length of the head.  The broad chest and legs show a muscular build. Moreover, if there are no deformities or kinks, the tail should be trimmed at the fourth vertebrae. The Cane Corso is intelligent, noble, protective by nature, and affectionate with his family.




American Kennel Club dog breed standards

Cane Corso, an Italian-bred mastiff-type canine, is descended from Roman war dogs called Canis Pugnax. Cane Corso is an Italian-bred mastiff-type dog. Its name comes from the Italian words “cane”, which means dog, and “cohors,” which refers to a protector or guardian.

Cani Corsi, also known as ‘catch dogs,’ was used for hunting cattle and wild boar. Their task was to capture the animal and force him to the ground. Cani Corsi would then hold the animal until the hunter could dispatch it.

They were used all over Italy to protect and manage livestock. The breed almost went extinct when the population declined. Its fans saved the breed who worked tirelessly to rebuild it. It reached its peak in the late 1970s. The Italian Kennel Club recognized Cani Corsi in 1994. Michael Sottile brought a litter of Cane Corso from Italy to America in 1988. In 2010, the American Kennel Club recognized this breed.

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How does Cane Corso get attached to one person?

A Cane Corso who lived for a long period with one parent will likely be reattached to that parent. This is because they cared for them and loved them.

Even if your family is large with many people, a Cane Corso likely favors one person over the other. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t because Cane Corso has a hard time accepting people. This is a sign that Cane Corso is receiving lots of attention from this person. This person takes the Cane Corso out to the bathroom, feeds them, and walks with them.

It’s fine for dogs to be attached to their caregivers and spend the most time with them. In fact, Cane Corso’s loves attention and will seek out the best attention. They will avoid any household members who are not giving them attention and instead stick with the one who is.

The Cane Corso will bond with any family member as soon as they are given attention. Also, it is easy for family members to create a bond with the Cane Corso. Give them more attention and spend more time with them. The Cane Corso doesn’t need much. You can feed, walk, and play with them. In no time, you will develop a relationship with them.




Can Cani Corsi be good with kids?

Although they are affectionate towards children within the family, they may protect children who play with horses. Although the Cane Corso is a great breed, it should be introduced to children with special needs. They can knock over small children unintentionally because they are so large.

Although the Cane Corso is a sturdy and large breed, children should not be allowed to ride or climb on it. This could injure the dog or cause a bite.

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What should I do if my Cane Corso is attached to me?

It means your Cane Corso has become attached to you. You make them feel safe and secure. This is why they have become attached to you. Keep doing this, and the bond will not break.

Be careful. You will be surrounded by them all the time. It is not a good idea to be too attached to one person. To normalize this situation, I recommend obedience training. It is perfectly normal for dogs to love you, but it is not wrong. Also, if they are attached to your family and won’t let you go, you will not be able to leave the house without them. Sometimes you may have to leave them at home. This will cause the Cane Corso to suffer. Keep the bonding process at a normal border.


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