Also What is a basenji corgi mix breed dog?

A basenji corgi mix breed dog is a hybrid or designer dog created by crossing a basenji with a corgi. These dogs are typically small to medium in size and have a short, compact build with erect ears. They may inherit some of the physical traits of both parent breeds, but they can vary greatly in appearance. These dogs are intelligent and active, making great companions for families with children.



Parent breed information.

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Also known for its “barkless” dog, the Basenji isn’t silent. They’re a clever, intelligent smaller breed of Africa with an intense desire to hunt and an endless supply of energy. While small in stature, although they’re small in size, the Basenji is a strong and determined dog. The Basenji dog breed is most content when following the scent of a scent, making her a prime candidate for wandering off. Instead of letting her wander around, make her focus on dog sports like agility, tracking and lure coursing.

The Basenji is an extremely solitary dog. Loving with his family. However, they aren’t very outgoing with strangers. They hunted as packs and usually got along well with other dogs when they were socialized when young. But, some can be antagonistic with other Basenjis.

The Basenji Club of America was founded in 1942. it was the American Kennel Club that recognized the breed in 1943. Phemister’s dog was the first Basenji registered with the AKC in 1944. Basenjis are scarce, ranking at 84th place among the 155 breeds and varieties accepted by the AKC, which is why you’ll wait on the waiting list of breeders if you decide that this is the dog you want.




Pembroke Welsh Corgis are famous as the breed preferred by Queen Elizabeth II, who had more than thirty corgis royal during her time in office. While these dogs have been loved by British royalty for over 70 years, in the eyes of the British population, they’ve recently declined the demand and popularity. They are nevertheless loved throughout America. The United States. Cities like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have regular “Corgi Meetups” where hundreds of dogs and their owners come together to enjoy the day.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs are the smallest breed of those belonging to the American Kennel club’s Herding Group and are also recognized by the United Kennel Club. Their coats are red or fawn, sable, tri-colored (red-black, tan and red), typically with white markings on their chest, the neck, legs, muzzle and belly. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is also an elongated blaze over their head. Also, Pembroke’s head is shaped like the head of an elk. The eyes are oval and dark. Their ears are straight.

While Pembroke Welsh Corgi remains popular in the field as dogs for work, they’re most often seen as pets for families nowadays, and they are known to be joyful, affectionate and smart. However, they can also be with an independent or stubborn streak in some instances. The Welsh Corgi dogs are very easy to train, but don’t think your Pembroke is enslaved. They are a bit a thinker about their interests.

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Corsengis are affectionate, compassionate and loving. They are not fond of strangers, so you’ll need to be cautious if you’re planning to host guests. This makes them excellent watchdogs. This dog breed will not let anyone harm its owner since it puts all its energy into protecting those dear to them.

Corgi Basenji mix also has characteristics similar to cats, such as aloofness and constant grooming. They will clean their bodies constantly. This mixed breed dog is quiet like night, although it uses diverse sounds to catch your attention. Despite their small size, they’re smart and able to engage in fights with larger dogs. The dog breed must be kept in check around children and other pets as they could try to harm them.




Corgi Basenji mix shares many characteristics with its breeders as a hybrid dog. Their appearance is contingent on the kind of Corgi employed in the breed’s production. Pembroke’s size is different. Pembroke can be smaller than Cardigan Corgi and also has an elongated coat. This dog can sport straight tails similar to Corgi or a wavy tail similar to a Basenji dog.

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The average lifespan of a basenji corgi mix breed dog is 10-12 years.




Basenji corgi mix dog breed’s typically range from 13-16 inches. Also, these mixed breed dogs typically weigh 20-30 pounds.

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Coat colors.

Corgi Basenji mix breed dogs can come in various colors, including black, white, brown, and red.


Grooming needs.

Basenji corgi mix breed dogs typically have moderate grooming needs. They should be brushed regularly to remove any dead or loose hair. Brushing their teeth using a specially-designed toothbrush for dogs at least three times per week is recommended to improve blood circulation.

Brushing your dog’s teeth at least 3 times every week using toothpaste specifically designed for dogs is also recommended. Clip their nails with an exclusive nail clipper for dogs and wash their ears if necessary.



Health issues.

Basenji corgi mix breed dogs are generally healthy but may be prone to some health conditions. The mixed breed is prone to joint dysplasia, corneal dystrophy, and patellar luxation, among others.


Are they good with kids and other pets ?

Yes, basenji corgi mix breed dogs are typically good with kids. They are friendly and outgoing and make great companions for families with children. With proper socialization, these dogs can be well-behaved around kids.

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Energy level.

Basenji corgi mix breed dogs typically have high energy levels. They need plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy. These dogs enjoy being active and playing games. They make great walking or running partners and love to play fetch.




Basenji corgi mix breed dogs can be independent and willful, so they may require patience when training. However, they are typically intelligent and eager to please, so they usually learn new commands quickly. With consistent training, these dogs can be well-behaved family pets.

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Exercise needs.

Basenji corgi mix breed dogs typically have high energy levels and need plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy. These dogs enjoy being active and playing games. They make a great walking or running partners and love to play fetch.



Basenji Corgi mixes are intelligent, active, friendly dogs that make great companions for families with children. Also, they usually have high energy levels and require plenty of exercises. With consistent training, these dogs can be well-behaved family pets.


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