Corgis are small herding breeds; St Bernard is a big working dog breed. Combining these two breeds creates an unusual and rarely encountered mix known as “the St Bernard Corgi Mix. Read the article for more.



What is a St Bernard corgi mix breed dog?

A St Bernard Corgi mix breed dog is a cross between a St Bernard and a corgi. These dogs are typically very friendly and have a lot of energy. They are also known for being very intelligent. Mix dog breed’s like this can be a great addition to any family.

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Parent breed information.


The Welsh Corgi.

There are two varieties of Welsh Corgi: the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which are named for the counties of Wales in which they were initially dog breed. Both breeds were developed around the 11th or 10th century when they were employed as dogs for herding cattle. There’s some debate about whether they are related. However, it is well-known that they were interbred in various instances, but they were considered one breed throughout the years up to the 1800s.

Regarding their temperament, they are confident, energetic, athletic and high-spirited dogs who are active in family activities, including fun and games. They’re reliable and loyal; however, they may be shy around strangers. Corgis can be a good companion for children and are well-behaved around other animals; however, training and socialization can go a long way to stopping this behavior.

The coarse-haired coat of dogs is typically shorter or medium in length with a well-groomed undercoat. They’re big shedders and require regular grooming to maintain their coats in good order and prevent dog hair from spreading throughout your house.

Although they’re very alike, however, there are some distinctions in the breeds, including those of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s being slightly heavier and having a greater bone mass. They also have a different design for the skeletal structure surrounding the ribcage and front legs.



Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard did help people escape the cold. It wasn’t the virus, but the frigid winter winds and snow in the Alps, which are dangerous to travellers. Unsurprisingly, Saint Bernard is a gentle, kind, intelligent, and good-natured dog. Also, he’s a huge, big, muscular dog breed with 30 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. The Saint is available in both shorthaired and longhaired versions. The shorthaired is the preferred choice of the monastery monks from Saint Bernard Hospice. Saint Bernard Hospice, where the dogs were born.

Despite its size, Saint Bernard can be a calm indoor dog breed that makes an excellent family companion even at his size. While he’s quiet indoors but it’s best when he’s able to get access to a garden with some space to sprawl out. You can have him living in tiny spaces to ensure he takes regular walks. Your ability to handle mess is much more important than how big your house is. Saints aren’t the ideal choice for keeping your house clean and tidy. They shed and drool, and they get tracked in dirt and mud. This breed is a saintly one. Isn’t always the same as hygiene.

Saints don’t have the right temperament to live in the outdoors, with only a few human companions. They require the house with their families. They’re not violent; however, they will bark if there’s a reason or threat to their family members will trigger their defensive instincts. Their size can be an effective deterrent for any potential burglar or attacker. Saints are ranked 39th out of breeds and breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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A Corgi Saint Bernard Mix will possess both breeds’ best traits. In addition, the different personalities will counter any extreme behavior, in either direction. Corgis are guided by their instincts to herd and are known to be aggressive towards children, trying to bring them up in the subconscious. St. Bernards, however, are gentle, loving and patient with children. If you have kids living at home, then this breed is a great choice.

St. Bernards can be extremely vigilant and secure. However, they don’t bark much. Corgis are loud and tenacious. They can be loud and aggressive. St Bernard Corgi Mix carries the characteristics of both that make it a reliable watchdog and guard dog.




The st bernard corgi mix is a medium-sized dog. They typically weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.



The average life expectancy for a St Bernard corgi mix is 12 years.

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Exercise needs.

As mentioned, the st bernard corgi mix breed needs plenty of exercises. A daily walk or run will suffice, but they will also enjoy playing fetch or going on hikes.




Training for a Corgi Saint Bernard Mix can be difficult, but it’s rewarding.

Corgis are intelligent dogs who excel at managing cattle. Corgis are extremely intelligent and can be very effective at herding cattle. Also, Corgis could influence St Bernard Corgi Mix in this regard. This is why they require training to stop them from attacking the ankles of people.

St. Bernards and Corgis love their owners, and training them shouldn’t be all that difficult. You, St Bernard Corgi Mix, will probably be a very attentive student.

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The st bernard corgi mix has a thick, fluffy coat. The coat is usually brown and white but can also be black and white.



Grooming needs.

In addition to regular brushing, whether biweekly or weekly in addition to biweekly or weekly brushing, a Corgi Saint Bernard Mix would also require regular grooming of the ear, nail trimming and brushing their teeth.

The importance of ear hygiene is often overlooked when dogs have floppy ears. For instance, the St Bernard Corgi mixed breed can have floppy ears, just like those of St. Bernard, which is why it’s crucial to ensure their ears are free of excessive wax build-up.

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St Bernard Corgi Mix does shed a lot. The St. Bernard dog and the Corgi dog shed a lot. Add to this being aware that the mixture can grow quite large, and it is safe to assume that you’ll have to spend the majority of time washing dog hair. If you are allergic to hair from dogs or dust, this is not the dog for you.




The Corgi Saint Bernard mix is a relatively healthy mixed breed. However, certain health issues are common to Corgis and St. Bernards, which means they are likely to inherit them. Corgi Saint Bernard Mix will likely inherit them too. The health problems include:

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Good family dog?

If you’re planning to get a mixed breed with unpredictability in size, it is recommended to have ample space to be prepared. It is important to remember that large dogs do not do well in small apartments, and being cooped inside a tiny home is similar to having a bull in the china shop!

In general, these dogs can be extremely unpredictable since there isn’t much information available on their behavior. We can assess the physical and behavioural characteristics; however, we cannot determine for certain what parentage this Corgi Saint Bernard mix is named after.




The st bernard corgi mix is a friendly, energetic dog that makes a great addition to any family. They are relatively easy to train and don’t require a lot of grooming. However, they do need plenty of exercises. The st bernard corgi mix is a great option if you are looking for a medium-sized dog with plenty of energy.


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