Are blue-eyed Dachshunds standard? Is it a sign of sickness if a Dachshund has blue eyes? Read this article to find out.


blue eyed dachshund


Blue eyed dogs are popular dog breed’s. Many believe this is because blue eyes are considered lucky and popular among dog lovers. However, it is sometimes a sign of unfortunate, especially when it comes to Dachshund.

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The Dachshund.

Two German words, “Dachs” and “hund,” are the roots of Dachshund. The German word “Dachs” is a badger-like animal. “Hund” refers to a hunter. Dachshund bread dates back several centuries. In Germany, the dachshund breed was developed in the 18th century to be a small, strong, and sturdy pet. Although the dogs were initially used for hunting, they quickly proved to be good watchdogs. Because of their hunting instinct, these agile and playful dogs are very active. Although they are tiny, their potential is fantastic.

There are two types of Dachshund dogs: the miniature Dachshund and the standard. The Dachshund’s coat should have a soft, velvety texture and not look oily or coarse.

The intelligence and temperament of the Dachshunds are exceptional. Although they can be easily distracted and curious, they are effortless to train. They are good watchdogs and eager to please their owners. They can be hard to housebreak due to their stubborn nature and sensitive nature.

A dachshund’s gorgeous, long, and silky coat makes them a popular choice for a new owner.

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Dachshunds’ eye color variation.

Dachshunds have a wide range of eye colors. Eye color can vary depending on the breed. The eyes of light-colored dachshunds can be green, amber, or light brown. They may also have two different colors, one blue eye, and one brown. It is also possible for dachshund blue eyes. Sometimes, a blue-eyed dachshund is identified as “double-dapple.”


blue eyed dachshund


Double-Dapple Dogs.

Double dapple refers to a primarily white color Dachshund that results from the mating of two single Dapple Dachshunds. Double Dapple puppies will always be white, with the same patterns as a collie-type dog.

Is double dapple a bad dog?

They are known as double trouble. This is because this Dachshund breed can be prone to multiple diseases. While Dachshund dogs are lovely due to their almost white coats, they aren’t lucky dogs. They will live a shorter life expectancy than the average Dachshund. They are highly prone to develop eye disorders, including blindness.

blue eyed dachshund may be a possibility for double dapples. Also, it is more likely that only one eye appears to be blue. Their gene is the key. If they have a white coat, their eyes will turn blue. Blue-eyed Dachshunds tend to be double dapples. dachshund blue eyes can indicate health problems in Dachshunds.

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Can Dachshunds have Blue Eyes?

The simple answer is “Yes.” Dachshunds are known for their dark eyes. However, they may have different eye colors. Merle gene is the dominant gene in single dapple Dachshunds. A double dapple dachshund merle is formed when two single dapple Dachshunds mate. This results in blue Dachshund eyes.



Are blue eyes bad for a Dachshund?

Their eyes are blue because of the loss of pigmentation caused by dual merle gene’s. Researchers and breeders do not recommend this breeding, leading to abnormal and problematic puppies. It is not recommended to breed this type of dog.


Is there a health problem for Dachshund blue eyes?

American Kernel Club considers dark colors the standard for Dachshund’s eyes. Moreover, many breeders and researchers believe that blue-eyed double dapple Dachshund’s are at risk for eye problems, blindness, and other health issues, including deafness, cancer, etc.

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Eye problems.

Optic problems are common in blue-eyed Dachshunds. Dachshunds with MM genes are often born with one or both eyes missed. This breed is also susceptible to microphthalmia. It means that some of the blue-eyed Dachshunds are born with super small eyes.




Whitecoat Dachshunds that carry Merle genes are reported to have a higher tendency to get skin cancers and tumors in their reproductive system diseases that, in some cases, lead to death.


Dachshunds with MM genes are more likely to develop a genetic disorder that causes them to lose their eyesight. Double dapple genes result in a significantly higher number of Dachshunds who are either partially or entirely blind.


blue eyed dachshund



While it looks cute when a Dachshund puppy has a silky coat, sadly, it is a sign of double dapple Dachshund genes. Dapple doxies can also be problematic with that loyalty, intelligence, and cuteness. The double dapple Dachshund will also have blue eyed dachshund. But they are prone to a long list of diseases, mostly related to their eyes, including blindness. Be careful when buying new double dapple Dachshund puppies from a breeder to avoid potential health issues.

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