If your dog behaves oddly after grooming, read this article to know the reasons behind it.


The process of grooming can bring about an entirely new experience for your pet. The shaving process can cause it to appear “lighter” or “airier.” It’s like how we feel after getting a haircut.


my dog is acting strange after grooming


Your dog’s responses to grooming may be diverse. Dogs can seem sluggish or disengaged following trimming or bathing. Some dogs may even be depressed or scratch themselves out in a rage. If your dog is an utter mess after bathing or grooming, it could be that he will appear odd following the bath or grooming.

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Separation Anxiety.

It would be best if you weren’t apathetic about your dogs behavior following grooming. First, recognize that your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety. You can alleviate the stress of your dog by soothing him. In the same way, your dog may feel a bit strange after shaving. In some instances, the reason for this could be due to a reaction to changes in your environment. The best approach to handle this issue is to figure out ways to prevent leaving your pet at home for a long duration of time.



A few dogs may shake after grooming. They might be anxious or stressed following the grooming session. If your dog is prone to walking in a sway following a grooming session, it’s probably not an excellent idea to give the dog more time to rest. If your dog tends to walk in a slack manner after grooming, he could be experiencing an attack of panic. Additionally, it could be due to an incident that has caused trauma to your dog.


my dog is acting strange after grooming



Following grooming, your dog could show indications of depression. It could be due to a traumatizing incident, or it could be a trigger for stress. A traumatic event can negatively impact the mood of your dog. If your dog displays signs of depression, you have to go to the veterinarian immediately.

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If your dog is acting uncontrollably after grooming, it could be because of an injury. If your dog is injured, it could be suffering from trauma. Following a grooming session, the trauma could affect your dog’s confidence. Your dog’s reaction to grooming may have a devastating effect on his mood. Cuts or scratches may make your dog feel uncomfortable.


Emotionally tired.

Your dog might be exhausted emotionally. If they’re not as active following grooming, it could be because they are experiencing emotional pain. The process of grooming could leave your pet exhausted both physically and emotionally. If your dog isn’t so active following the grooming procedure, you should give it a rest and let it recover.


my dog is acting strange after grooming


Your dog could be sick.

While grooming, it is possible that your pet won’t feel as relaxed as they usually are. The good news is that most pets aren’t affected by the chemicals used for treating their fur. However, it’s still essential to ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the process. This will help prevent any future health issues down the line. Sometimes, your dog may behave oddly after bathing or grooming. It is crucial to observe your dog’s behavior to detect unnoticed problems. If, for instance, it is agitated or shakes, this may be a sign of a severe condition like kidney disease. As a pet owner, you should know your pet’s needs and deal with any issues.


A few dogs can behave oddly after a haircut or bath. Even if the dogs aren’t clinically depressed, they could be embarrassed after cutting their hair. Dogs can be anxious after bathing too. It might scratch because the hair growing back is itchy. It’s essential to understand the reason behind the problem. If your dog’s scratching and itching, it is likely suffering from the ailment of dermatitis.

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Feeling of security.

The behavior of a dog can change after grooming. The dog’s feeling of security can be affected by irritation to the skin. It can also take time to adjust to the new appearance. After a few sessions, your dog may behave oddly. If this happens, you must seek professional assistance from a professional groomer and bring your pet to a pet salon. You can inquire with the groomer for suggestions.



How long will dogs behave strangely after grooming?

Most of the time, it takes a few days to get used to the fresh feeling they get after the grooming. It takes time to adjust to their new look. They may experience a different sensation after a haircut, but this could be discomfort. If your dog is acting strangely after a grooming session, you must be gentle with the dog. The dog may be feeling different than you.


Skin irritation.

If your pet seems uncomfortable following the grooming, they may have had irritation to the skin. It could be due to an underlying problem, like an infection. Certain dogs have sensitive skin. In addition, the shaving process can be irritating to the skin’s sensitive areas. If your dog has itchy skin or limps during the following grooming, it could be a sign of an illness. Also, if your dog’s coat is dry and sneezing, it could result from an allergy to something in your home or a seasonal allergy. If you cannot determine why your dog is discomforted, consult your vet. Your vet can give you the most effective solution.


my dog is acting strange after grooming


There are a variety of possible causes.

Some of them can be the stress-related-for instance, the noise of the shaver and the rough handling of the groomer. Your dog could also be suffering from digestive issues. If you suspect that your dog may be suffering from one of these problems, consult an animal vet.

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What can we do? Can I stop this?

If your dog seems to be not acting normal when groomed, you can find a variety of methods to fix the issue. You can, for instance, employ counter-conditioning. This can calm your dog and make him at ease and relaxed. It is also possible to apply certain tranquilizers. You could even bring your pet to the vet on your own to stop the problem. Once you’ve settled, you can concentrate on the issue at hand.



my dog is acting strange after grooming



A majority of dogs act oddly after grooming. It is recommended that groomer dog owner’s to consult their dog’s veterinarian if they observe any abnormal behavior. If your dog is suffering from an underlying illness and you are concerned about it, take care of it before giving your pet a haircut or grooming session. However, there is no need to be worried about in most cases. Dods need a short period to get used to the new style.

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