When looking for a Bulldog mix, it is essential to know that just because a particular breed of dog has different traits from each parent does not mean that the offspring will look like either of those traits. Like any other hybrid animal, Bulldog mixes are usually produced when dogs from two completely different breeds are mated.

The goal then is to get the desirable characteristics from each parent and create a hybrid that has the desired traits. If the goal is to have a Husky look like a Bulldog, there are some specific considerations that you will need to take into consideration.


bulldog mixed with husky


Siberian Husky Mix.

Siberian Husky mixes are some of the most popular dogs across. Their striking eyes and eager to please attitudes are attractive to many potential dog owners. Because of that, they are prime pups for becoming part of the designer dog movement that’s happening across, such as Husky with bulldog mix, Husky with Pug mix, and another hybrid mixed breed dog’s that we collect some of them below here:

Husky and Yorkshire terrier, Husky and German Shepherd, Husky and Irish wolfhound, Husky and Belgian Malinois, Husky and English Bulldog, Husky and Alaskan Malamute, Husky and Australian Cattle Dog, Husky and Golden Retriever, Husky and French Bulldog, Husky and Labrador Retriever, Husky and American Pitbull Terrier, Husky and Australian Shepherd, Husky and Rottweiler, Husky and Pug, Husky and Chow Chow.

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Where does the Husky Bulldog Mix come from?

The Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and the Alaskan Malamute are descendants of the original sled dog. In the gold rush of 1908, dogs from the Anadyr and nearby areas were brought from Alaska as sled dog breeds. Huskies helped entire tribes. The exportation of Huskys from Siberia to the United States was in 1930. In 1933, Naval Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd took fifty Siberian Huskies along on an expedition.

The American Kennel Club ranks the Husky at number twelve today. Around 1500, the term Bulldog was used in literature as Bondogge or Bolddogge. A Preswick Eaton man first mentioned the modern period in 1631.

The Husky Bulldog Mix (Buskdoggy) is a powerful designer breed that has been created from cross-breeding of the Siberian Husky with the American Bulldog. Although not much information is available about its history, it is much more recent than pure breeds.



Look at the health records of parents.

One thing to consider is whether or not the Bulldog mixed with the Husky breed of a puppy has an excellent prognosis. To produce a healthy hybrid, both parents of the mixture should produce healthy puppies. The best way to check for this is by looking at the health records of both of the parents. It is also essential to ensure that both parents have excellent breeding records and show common traits that the hybrid can share.



Huskies have a long, dense double coat, including an undercoat and top cost, that helps them endure freezing weather. In addition, as their name suggests, they are from one of the coldest parts of our planet, Siberia. On the other hand, Bulldogs usually have a short, silky, flat coat. It is hard to predict the coat type of Husky and Bulldog mixed breed. They will be a random of their parents’ appearance and even a mixture of them. Consequently, they can have a long thick, or short and silky coat or something between these. In addition, Both Husky and Pitbull are medium to heavy shedders, and their offspring inherit it.

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Grooming needs.

The next thing to consider is whether or not the Bulldog mix with the Husky breed of a puppy has suitable grooming needs. These dogs do need to go regularly to the veterinarian to be groomed. Therefore, you will want to purchase grooming equipment such as brushes and nail trimmers. These items are less expensive than veterinarian bills and can provide excellent grooming needs for your Bulldog.


Bulldog mixed with husky



Bulldogs are generally 14 to 15 inches up to their shoulder, weighing between 40 to 50 pounds. They are small to medium-sized dogs. Huskies are between 20 to 24 inches tall, and their weight is in the range of 35 to 60 pounds. A mix breed of Husky and Bulldog will be 14 to 18 inches up to shoulder and weigh between 45 to 55 pounds.


The temperament

The temperament of the bulldog mix with the Husky breed of puppy is critical. Huskies are very determined dogs, which means that a certain amount of obedience training will be required before being housebroken properly. A Husky is very friendly, attentive, and easy to train. In addition to being a great pet, they also make excellent watchdogs. However, they can become quite possessive if they feel that a member of their family is threatened, so you will want to take steps to ensure that they are safe when your bulldog terrier is out of your property.




The activity.

It is important to remember that this breed is very active and hard to own as a single dog. They require a lot of exercises and a daily dose of grooming. The average size for a French bull terrier is between ten and twelve pounds, but this can vary. The average age for this breed is four to five years, but this can vary based upon genetic factors.

If you have two people in your household who do not share the same taste for animals, then this breed makes an ideal puppy for you and your spouse. As a puppy, they are pretty independent. They can live in their own home, in a group of up to four dogs, or a large group of ten to twelve. A French bull terrier is very protective of its owner and has a robust and devoted personality.

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Certification for breeders.


bulldog mixed with husky


A reputable breeder will provide documentation that the mother of the sired puppies has been wormed and that the dam has been given a clean bill of health. Breeders are also required to undergo a background check and obtain a certification from the Chester County Sheriff K9 Team. Moreover, This certification is an indication that the breeder has ensured that only proven dogs are included in breeding program. A reputable breeder will be able to supply you with the information you need to ensure that the Bulldog mixed with the Husky mix will be healthy and happy.

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It is possible to find a bulldog 6 months old that is already potty trained. Some breeders have stock their facilities with adult doggies who have already been housebroken. It would be best if you never bought a puppy blindly because some don’t have good pedigrees. To help you avoid making a poor decision, you should consult your local vet or the local animal control officers. If you don’t have any luck with your initial search, it would be advisable to continue looking for the right dog.


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