If you are considering purchasing a Beagle, you should know the average weight of a Beagle. You should also know that other breeds of Beagle will vary from the standard Beagle. When a Beagle is young, it can weigh eight to twelve pounds at full maturity. The average Beagle is about ten pounds at full maturity. This should give you a good baseline for the average weight of a beagle.


what is average weight of a beagle


The reason of to be named the beagle

The beagles were developed originally for hunting large game. The name Beagle comes from the Beagle’s habit of digging holes in the earth for the game. They have been known to kill a hundred mice in a day. Their size and strength allow them to be used for many different types of hunting. While some beagles are used for gun hunting, they usually only weigh around seven or eight pounds.

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Different characteristics.

The average weight will vary because each Beagle will have different characteristics. You may not like all of the traits that come with every Beagle. If you are looking for the ideal Beagle, you will want to find one that is calm, very devoted to its owners, and very obedient. Their size will also be an important factor in the average weight of a beagle.

The standard beagles weigh anywhere from twenty-one to twenty-six pounds. They have broad heads and big pointed ears. Their short nose will cause them to breathe through their mouths. The beagles with sandy brown coats tend to be the sleeker and sexier of the two beagles.

The long-haired beagles will weigh between twenty-two and twenty-five pounds. Beagle dog coats will be silky smooth and will have very good control. Dog coats will also guard against heat and keep them cool on hot days. The long-haired beagles do have some health problems but are generally mild. These problems include hip dysplasia and skin problems.



Exercise amount.

You will also need to determine the amount of exercise your Beagle requires. Many times people ask how many beagles should be allowed to run around. Well, the amount of exercise that your beagle needs will depend on how active they are. Beagles need lots of physical activity, and they also need plenty of rest.


What should the weight of a Beagle weigh?

This has been covered briefly. To confirm, a healthy Beagle should be within the following weight ranges.

Male Beagle: 10 to 11 kg (22 to 24 pounds).

Female Beagle: 9 to 10 kg (19.8 to 22 pounds).

Beagles’ gender and age (adult or Beagle puppy) is important. It would be best to consider their height compared to their weight. There are two categories of Beagle height: 13 inches and 13 to 15. For Beagles that grow up to 13 inches, a healthy weight falls between 22 and 30 pounds. Meanwhile, for Beagles that grow between 13 and 15 inches, a healthy weight range for them is between 25 and 35 pounds.

Adult Beagle’s who are considered to be runts of litter may not reach 13 inches. Therefore, smaller than average Beagles can be expected to weigh a little less than the recommended guidelines. It cannot be easy to keep your Beagle at a healthy weight, but it is possible. This will ensure that your dog has a happy, healthy, and long life. This guide will show you how to ensure your Beagle does not become overweight. For Beagle pup’s you can use from Beagle Puppy Growth and Weight Chart.



What is the weight of a beagle mix?

These are the most loved Beagle mixes. How much a Beagle mix should weigh is entirely dependent on what the Beagle has been mixed with.

  • Husky Beagle¬†¬†Mix
  • Pug Beagle¬†¬†Mix
  • Bull Terrier Beagle¬†Mix
  • Golden Retriever Beagle¬†Mix
  • Corgi Beagle¬†Mix
  • Fox Terrier Beagle¬†Mix
  • Yorkshire Terrier Beagle¬†Mix
  • Labrador Retriever Beagle¬†Mix
  • English Toy Terrier Beagle¬†Mix

Consult your vet to determine the ideal weight for your Beagle mix.

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Love and attention demands.

If you will raise a family and you have younger children, you will need to make sure that the beagles are getting plenty of love and attention. Beagles raised in loving homes are normally very healthy and very well-behaved. They will be alert and attentive, very protective of their owners, and energetic. You will also need to spend some time socializing your new beagle puppy with other dogs and animals. This will make for a happier and healthier beagle.


what is average weight of a beagle


The costs.

If you take the time to learn the average weight of a beagle, you will find that this is an ideal dog for anyone looking for a companion. You will not have to worry about the financial costs of caring for this breed, as these beagles will cost you less than most other breeds. They will grow up to be strong and sturdy with abundant stamina. They have made wonderful pets for many years.

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The curiosity.

A beagle does make a great watchdog. When you find a beagle that is a little nervous or skittish, try to take them out early in the morning so that they can eliminate. The Beagle is very curious and will search out things that it is interested in, but don’t make your Beagle nervous. If your beagle senses that something in the environment is making them nervous, they will quickly begin to try and hunt it down. Beagles love anything to do with water. You will have a blast watching your beagle chase after a ball of water as long as it is allowed.




Owning beagles makes a great family pet. They are loyal, patient, and very lovable dogs. Their loyalty goes back to their ancestors, the ancient dog of the forest. The Beagle makes an excellent family pet. When you are ready for more than one Beagle, it is important to know the average weight of a beagle. Beagle health depends on many factors; one of them is Beagle weight. An adult Beagle or Beagle pup’s healthy weight can be found in the Beagle growth chart. Beagle breed’s make great pets because they are loyal, cuddly, and extremely loving.

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