What’s the Cairn Terrier Maltese mix dog breed?

Cairmal is a mix of two small breeds: the Cairn Terrier and the companion Maltese. It also includes the toy-sized Maltese. The Cairmal was bred to be companionship with the Maltese and Cairn Terrier, a long-standing companion breed. This hybrid makes a great companion for your home. It is friendly, alert, and happy. Cairmal, also known as a Malticairn is a rare mixed breed dog.



Parent Breed information

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Cairn terrier

Cairn terriers make great companions and are intelligent, affectionate, loyal, and love to be held. Also, Cairn terriers love to snuggle but were originally bred to hunt Foxes from their Scottish dens. They also enjoy hiking with their owners and running around the yard.

Cairn terriers, small dogs, have a weatherproof outer layer that can be dyed in a variety of colors, including red, black, and cream. Also, Cairn terriers are hypoallergenic and shed very little. They are a confident and fearless breed that can get along with other dogs if properly trained. Cairn Terriers are often left-pawed. Cairn Terriers developed on the Isle of Skye more than 200 years ago. Captain Martin MacLeod is believed to have created one of the oldest breeds of this breed. 1917 was the year that the American Kennel Club banned the registration of any dog resulting from interbreeding. That year, American Kennel Club membership was also granted to the Cairn Terrier Club in America.


The Maltese, a toy dog breed, is well-known for its floor-length white coat and playful personality. Maltese is a breed of toy dog named after the island of Malta, where it was possibly born more than 2,500 years earlier. They have been faithful companions for many centuries. There are references to this breed in Roman and Ancient Greek literature. These tiny yet courageous dogs weigh an average of 7 pounds and are charming and loyal companions.

Chinese people eventually adopted the long-lineage of the breed. Later, the breed became a mainstay at dog shows. It was also part of New York’s very first Westminster show in the late 19th century. The American Kennel Club registered a lot of Maltese dogs until the 1950s. The breed has grown in popularity since then.


Temperament and Personality

They have the temperament of both Cairn Terriers or Maltese. These mixed breed dogs are energetic and impulsive. They are easy to train, and they love to perform tricks. They can be noisy and destructive if left unattended.

Designer breed hybrids such as Cairmals can have very different temperaments than purebred dogs. Cairmals are also a mixture of two types of small dogs. This can make it harder to determine the temperament of your Cairmal puppy. To get a better idea of your puppy’s temperament, it is best to examine the personality traits of both parents breeds. Cairmals will be a mixture of both these temperaments. However, some Cairmals may display more “Cairn” traits while others will show more “Maltese.” It would help if you prepared for a dog who is at least as active as a lapdog, but most dogs will not require long periods of exercise.




The Cairmal is a small to medium-sized (toy dog breed) cross between the Cairn Terrier and the Maltese. Also, the Cairmal will have characteristics similar to the Cairn Terrier, with a wiry and wavy coat. However, he Cairmal will be a smaller dog than its parent breeds. Cairmal eyes are set apart and small, while the ears are semi-erect with triangular shapes. Cairmal’s nose is usually black. However, dark masks or points can be added to the head of this hybrid. Cairmal’s tail is short and lies flat on the back. It is carried straight up like the Cairn Terrier parents.


Although Maltese Cairn Terrier mix dogs can be bred from companion dogs, they are often crossed with a working breed. Cairmals are not always happy lapdogs. Exercise is vital to keep them healthy and happy. It should take just a few minutes to walk your Cairmal, and an hour of playtime off the leash. However, this will depend on their energy level. Your Maltese Cairn Terrier mix dog’s brain will also need exercise, as both parents are intelligent. Puzzle toys are an excellent way for your Cairmal to increase their confidence and provide a challenge.

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Cairn terrier Maltese mix is an intelligent little dog who is quick to learn commands despite his stubborn streak. This makes him a great choice for first-time dog owners. Socialization and obedience training early is key to getting the best out of your dog and ensuring he gets along well with other dogs and children. A consistent and rewards-based approach to encouraging your dog is the best. Verbal praise and treats are the best ways to get results.



Common Health Problems

Designer dogs can avoid the health problems inherited from their purebred parents, but you need to be mindful of what your pup might inherit. The Cairmal would have joint issues, patellar luxation from the Maltese, hip dysplasia from the Cairn Terrier, and cataracts.



Cairmals will live between 12-15 years.

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Size and Weight

Your Cairmal will be between 10 and 15 pounds in weight and between 10-13 inches in height.




Cairmals are bred with long-haired, hypoallergenic Maltese. However, Cairmals often have a coat more like the Cairn Terrier. Cairmal hairs are shorter than Maltese, but they must still be brushed and stripped by hand to avoid matting.



It should not be difficult to groom your Cairmal, but it will depend on the Maltese’s coat. It is recommended that you brush your Cairmal’s coat at least once weekly and strip it whenever needed. A trip to the grooming shop to trim your Cairmal’s hair will be helpful if it grows out. Your Cairmal’s nails should be trimmed every four weeks. To prevent tooth decay, your Cairmal should be brushed twice per week.


Are they good for families?

Cairmals are an excellent choice for families with older, calmer children. Moreover, Cairn terriers have a reputation for being strong and sturdy, but Cairmals are considered fragile because of their small size. Cairmals are not recommended for families with young, rambunctious children.

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Do they get along well with other pets?

Cairmals are generally good with other dogs and can benefit from having a “sibling” dog. Cairmals will adjust to dogs of similar size as long they are introduced slowly. Larger dogs may take longer. It will all depend on your Cairmal puppy’s strength in its prey drive and how small they are. You should use your best judgment and slowly acclimate new and existing pets.




Cairn Terrier Maltese mix dog breed’s may not be in fashion right now, Cairmals will soon become a popular designer breed. These dogs are perfect for people who want a small dog that is more than a lapdog and doesn’t have the energy of working breeds.


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