What is the Boston Terrier Maltese Mix?

The Boston Terrier Maltese mix is  a combination of a Boston Terrier and Maltese, is a designer breed. However, both can be friendly, their personalities are different. This perky hybrid’s coat is medium-long to long and should be brushed and combed daily. The Boston Malterrier can be seen most often in black and white. He is gentle but rambunctious. He is a spunky dog but can be shy around children and other dogs. This is the ideal companion for seniors or adults who spend much time at home.



Parent breed Information

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Boston Terrier

Since their inception, Boston Terriers has enjoyed a popularity that is more than 100 years old. This is a description of the ideal breed of each dog, which will be used as a benchmark for how dogs are judged at shows. A parent breed club originally created it, and officially accepted by international or national bodies.

While everyone agrees that Boston Terriers was born in Boston, Massachusetts in late 1800s, there are many stories about how it came to be. To avoid confusion with British bulldogs, the breed gained popularity and was named the Boston Terrier by its supporters in 1891. In 1893, the AKC recognized Boston as a distinct breed. He was the first American dog to receive this distinction. Today’s breed standard includes distinctive coloring and tuxedo marks, head shape, and size as judging criteria.


The Maltese is affectionate, gentle, intelligent, responsive, and trusting. Maltese make a great family dog. Also, they are playful, energetic, and love to learn tricks. They are often a bit snarky around loud children. The Maltese’s small stature belies their fearless nature. The Maltese is highly alert and will bark in response to unfamiliar sounds. Maltese dogs are great family dogs. They can be quite snappy with younger children. This behavior can be prevented by socializing your Maltese puppy early and giving them plenty of exposure to children.

The Maltese spaniel has been the most aristocratic dog in the world for over 28 centuries. The Maltese are thought to have originated on Malta, an island just south of Sicily. It’s only right that such a noble dog should be established in Malta, where sophistication and luxury are hallmarks of civilization.

Linnaeus, a botanist, described Maltese as “about the same size as squirrels” in 1792. White was the first Maltese to be displayed in America. It was listed at Westminster’s first dog show, 1877, as a “Maltese Lion Dog”. In 1888, the American Kennel Club registered Maltese.




The Boston Malterrier’s personality and character traits will reflect the personalities of his parents. He will be intelligent, playful, and a loving companion. Although the Boston Terrier is a calm and gentle dog, the Maltese can be territorial and snappy. However, it is important to socialize with your dog and start obedience training early.

In fact, Separation anxiety can cause excessive barking and chewing in the Boston Malterrier. Moreover, positive reinforcement is essential when training. Also, praise when you return to the house. The Boston Terrier Maltese mixed breed can be spunky. However, you should be aware of their curious nature. Dogs need to be supervised and walked around.

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The Boston Malterrier’s expressive, dark eyes are wider than the Boston Terrier’s. This dog has a mischievous look that is often reminiscent of its Maltese parents. His muzzle may be shorter and have a small, dark nose. Moreover, the Maltese Boston terrier mix could inherit the brachycephalic features from the Boston Terrier. This means that his face may be slightly flattened. His coat is black-white, and his face may resemble the Boston Terrier parent’s “mask.” Also, his ears are often large and folded, much like his Maltese parent. His medium-density coat is sometimes wavy and can be a little longer than the Boston Terrier’s.


Size and lifespan

The Boston Maltese Mix, a hybrid dog breed, is a mix of a Maltese and a Boston Terrier. Although the lifespan of this breed is variable, they typically live 12 to 15 years. The Boston Maltese Mix is small and weighs approximately 6-25 pounds. They are 9-15 inches high at the shoulder. The exact size of a dog will vary depending on its genetics and breeding.



Grooming and care

Your Boston Malterrier mixed breed will require daily combing and brushing if he has a medium-long coat. This type of fur is best brushed with a pin brush. It’s essential to remove tangles daily. Also, they can often be managed with your fingers. Trim the fur weekly if it starts to grow between your toes. It may be necessary to bathe your dog twice monthly using a mild shampoo. Your Boston Malterrier’s teeth should be taken care of daily, as smaller dogs may have problems with their dentition. If your hybrid is taught how to groom early in their lives, they will quickly learn to appreciate the care and attention it receives. While your dog is brushing his teeth or trimming his nails, praise him.

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Training and exercise

Boston Maltese Mix dogs can be small and energetic. They need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Regular walks and runs are recommended. Playtime in an enclosed yard or indoor space is also recommended. Moreover, these dogs can sometimes be stubborn and need training. Positive reinforcement methods such as praise and treats can effectively train Boston Maltese Mix dogs. Consistency and patience are crucial when training any dog, even this mix breed.


Health issues

In fact, a Boston Maltese Mix can be susceptible to similar health problems in both the parent and offspring breeds. This mix may be susceptible to eye problems, respiratory problems, skin allergies, and dental problems. However, to prevent or manage health problems, it’s essential that you have regular vet visits and that you maintain a healthy diet. Also, it’s a good idea to research any breeder that you’re considering buying your dog. This will ensure that they are trustworthy and care about the health and well-being of the dogs.

  • Common health issues:
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart Murmur
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosis



Boston Maltese Mix is a good family dog?

Boston Maltese Mixes are a small dog breed known for being affectionate, loyal, and friendly dogs. Moreover, they make great family pets and are intelligent and easy to train. Also, they are not suitable for all families; however, as with any breed of dog, mix or puppy, they can have unique personalities and temperaments. Before deciding whether the little dog is a good match for you, you must thoroughly research and get to know the dog.


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