Today is World Nutella Day, when people worldwide celebrate the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. You’ll likely indulge in this tasty treat at some time. Can you share it with dogs and cats? This is all you need to know.

The quick answer to this question is that there are two main reasons why Nutella should not be given to dogs. Nutella contains cocoa, and any amount of cocoa is bad for dogs; It can cause chocolate poisoning and internal bleeding, so be careful about your dogs diet.


can dogs eat nutella


What is it made of?

Cocoa is one of the ingredients in Nutella. It is impossible to determine the exact amount of cocoa in a Nutella jar. Therefore, it is impossible to determine exactly how much cocoa was added to the recipe. Any amount of Nutella cocoa can be toxic for dogs, so it’s important to know that any cocoa content is harmful. Based on my experiences at the ASPCA Poison Control Center, I know that Nutella contains much less cocoa than a typical Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. The chemicals in cocoa powder, theobromine and caffeine, are toxic to dogs. A single ounce (two tablespoons) of Nutella should have 64 mg of methylxanthines. This means that a 10-pound healthy dog will not experience any severe side effects from Nutella. Some other ingredients in Nutella include sugar palm oil, skimmed milk powder, hazelnut, peanut, dark chocolate, theobromine, among others that can cause unfavorable symptoms when your dog eats the hazelnut spread.

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Are dogs able to ingest it?

Eating Nutella is not generally safe for dogs to consume. It does contain cocoa and theobromine, but it is a small percentage of the ingredients. If you look at Nutella’s ingredients list, cocoa is quite far down. Nutella has more sugar, palm oil, and hazelnuts than cocoa by weight. Even if dogs only consume a small amount of theobromine, it is unlikely to be harmed by it. Even though a small dog might eat enough theobromine to make them sick, they will most likely get sick from other ingredients before the chocolate content. Nutella, like other chocolate spreads, does not currently use Xylitol. One or more of these spreads may include Xylitol to reduce sugar levels in the future. Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach or intestines.


The following symptoms are common signs of gastroenteritis in dogs:

‚Äď Vomiting: recurring episodes of vomiting can be caused by gastroenteritis.¬†Dogs may vomit yellowish and foamy vomit, even if they have not eaten anything.¬†Dogs may vomit instead of vomiting after eating or drinking.

‚ÄďDiarrhea:¬†Also, gastroenteritis can cause recurring episodes.¬†Your dog will likely experience diarrhea multiple times per day, and their stool will appear soft.

‚ÄďDehydration:¬†Dogs with persistent vomiting or diarrhea can become dehydrated.¬†Dogs with gastroenteritis may have difficulty drinking.¬†Dogs that are dehydrated can become very sick.

‚ÄďAbdominal pain:¬†Dogs may be uncomfortable being touched or handled on their abdomens.¬†Dogs may avoid being touched on the abdomen or lie down on their stomachs.


can dogs eat nutella


If you notice any side effects in your dog’s behavior after they have eaten a lot of Nutella, contact your veterinarian immediately.

You may not be able to take your pet to the vet right away. If you do, give your dog first aid.

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Nutella nutrition facts

Ferrero is proud of the simplicity of Nutella’s components.

The company, for example, has tried to use sustainable ingredients such as certified sustainable palm oil, cocoa, and other oils.

These ingredients are found in Nutella:

  • Sugar¬†It can be either beet sugar or refined cane sugar depending on where it is produced.¬†Its largest component is sugar.
  • Palm oil:¬†Vegetable oil made from the fruit of an oil palm tree.¬†Palm oil¬†is what gives this product its distinctive creamy texture and spreadability.
  • Hazelnuts:¬†100% pure¬†hazelnut¬†paste.¬†Each jar contains approximately 50 of these sweet nuts.
  • Cocoa:¬†Most of the cocoa beans used to make Nutella are from Western Africa.¬†These beans are ground into fine powder and then mixed with other ingredients to create a chocolatey flavor.
  • Skimmed Milk Powder:¬†Produced by extracting water from pasteurized nonfat¬†milk.¬†Powdered milk is more stable than regular milk, and it does not require refrigeration.
  • Soy Lecithin¬†Soylecithin¬†acts as an emulsifier. It helps to keep ingredients from seperating, ensuring a smooth, uniform texture.¬†It is a common food additive and a fatty substance that comes from soybeans.
  • Vanillin¬†A flavoring component found naturally in vanilla bean extract.¬†Nutella is a synthetic version of vanillin.

Nutella is marketed as a hazelnut spread. However, the ingredient label lists sugar first. It is sugar, which makes up 57% of Nutella’s weight, that is the primary ingredient.

Two tablespoons (37 grams) of Nutella contain (1):

  • Calories:¬†200
  • Fat:¬†12 Grams
  • Sugar:¬†21 Grams
  • Protein:¬†2 grams
  • Calcium¬†4% RDI
  • Iron¬†4% of the RDI

Nutella is a low-calorie, high-fat, and calcium-rich snack.

What to do if a dog eats Nutella?

It is best to take your dog to a local veterinarian for any serious condition.

In a case of Nutella poisoning, you should immediately take action if you see any unusual behavior in your canine pal. Seizures, coma, or death can all result from serious cases. You can reach a veterinarian by phone if your nearest clinic is unavailable. Make your dog vomit. You can try activated charcoal to stop further absorption, and hydrogen peroxide mixed in water may help your dog vomit. Make sure your dog has plenty of water. Talk to your dog and show affection.




Nutella is not good for dogs and can cause more harm than good. This paste contains hazelnuts, hazelnut butter, palm oil, sugar, milk, cocoa, and sugar. Although they aren’t good for dogs, you can give them small amounts of each component. Also, it would be best if you were careful about chocolate toxicity and your dog poisoning.

Nutella is low in nutrition and contains only 58% sugar, 10% fat. Even though it’s World Nutella Day, please keep the spread for human consumption. Nutella is not good for dogs. It can be fattening and may not contain any vitamins or minerals your dog might require, but if your toddler throws a Nutella-laden piece of bread out of the highchair, and your dog picks it up, it’s not something to worry about.


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