Humping, a behavior that humans often find a little strange due to their human sensibilities is actually quite common for dogs in many situations.


why do dogs hump the air?


Could it be a matter of excitement?

The dog may be humming the air solely out of excitement, and this could be because of the presence of another animal or person in the vicinity that your dog would like to have fun with. We’re discussing another type of excitement in this instance of dog behavior since the physiological thrill can take many forms and not always be sexual. If a dog is excited, the dog might hump in the air or around a nearby object like his bed or a stuffed toy. It’s not normal behavior for dogs to hum in excitement, but it’s a sign that could be attributed to being too excited.

Female dogs humping

Male dogs are more likely to hump, but female dogs can also do it as a form of play. This is not a sign they are in trouble. Even spayed dogs still produce sexual hormones. They may find humping an effective way to relieve tension.

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What is this behavior?

Mounting also called humping, is a motion that causes the pelvic to thrust in dogs under various circumstances.


why do dogs hump the air?
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Public opinion often considers this behavior “taboo” because it mimics the movements of male dogs and female dogs in heat. This is done for the purpose to have puppies.

This behavior is interesting because spayed male dogs, male neutered canines, and young puppies often do the humping. The humping motions are not directed at a female dog in heat, but towards other dogs, people’s legs, objects (pillows), stuffed animals, and sometimes even the air.


Sexual reasons.

This is an old reason to hump. It is due to sexual excitement. Both male and female dogs can do this.


Do dog’s hump for air?

It is common for canines to do this on a pillow, stuffed pet, or even people’s legs. But it is the same. If they are an intact male, it is possible for them to mate with a nearby female. They’ll also be frustrated if they don’t get along. Dogs hump whatever they can see and do their thing even if nothing is around. What about females? This can also happen when they are having an estrus or ‘heat’ cycle.


At what ages do dogs begin humping?

Puppy pups don’t enter puberty until six-eight months old to humping behaviour, which means that the air humping of a puppy is not sexual play. It’s among the first ways a puppy can discover its strength and social status. This is why it’s a habit that can last to adulthood; even if your pet is female and has been de-sexed, she can have an air hump.

Do I have to allow my dog to play with stuffed animals?

If you are scared whenever you see your favorite pet humming a stuffed animal, Don’t. Be aware that dogs do not have the same social norms as humans. The humping of various objects and people’s legs is generally completely healthy and normal behavior for dogs.

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A sign of dominance.

A dog that hums the air could be displaying dominant behavior. This could be your dog’s way to let another animal know it is boss. This is one of the most common causes for dogs to hump. Dogs are more likely to behave this way if they live with other dogs. You may have to deal with this if you are bringing a dog home. They’re just trying to assert their dominance in your social hierarchy.



Does it need to be treated?

It can be a worrying behavior if they do it inexplicably, for no apparent reason, or with a focus or frequency that suggests compulsion. It could indicate poor socialization, displacement, or medical issues. You can treat the root cause of the behavior and stop it from happening again. Training is the best option if your dog humps innocuously, but you want to make it stop in certain situations. You can teach them to obey certain commands and reward them when they don’t hump in certain conditions.


Is it a random occasion?

Your hyperactive dog could be humping for many reasons. He could be excited and need to release energy. However, he may also be running around with his tail waving wildly. He might want to hump a nearby object, such as his bed or toy, instead of another animal that is too far away because they aren’t at ground level.

why do dogs hump the air?
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Displacement behavior!

Displacement behavior in dogs refers to a behavior that appears “outside of context” when certain conditions are met, such as Anxiety or internal emotional conflicts. Humping and air humping can be used to relieve tensions. Although this form of anxiety relief can be common, it is important to be aware of it so you can help your dog cope with any stimuli or situations.


Female attractions.

Your unneutered male can sense a female dog in heat and begin humping the air. This is your canine behavior to let the female know it wants to mate and act as a dominant dog. It is normal and can even lead to unwanted puppies.

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Is humping behavior a sign of Anxiety?

Another reason why your dog might be air humping is because of Anxiety. In these instances, the humping is generally done under the hood and usually deals with Anxiety.

The air humping in this area could be related to other indicators that indicate Anxiety among dogs, such as:

  • Restrictive or aggressive behavior
  • Incontinence in the urinary tract or stool
  • Reluctance and pacing
  • Whining and various different kinds of vocalization
  • A decreased appetite
  • Hiding


A behavior for seeking attention?

Certain dogs are extremely keen to be admired and attention, particularly when they’re absent most of the time. They also have high expectations of your return. Imagine how they feel after returning home, and you offer them only a little attention, and then settle on the couch to watch all your favorite shows. Wanting to be noticed, Rover may get somewhat creative and make you stare at him, speak to him, or even touch him. Therefore, he might chase you around or even bark, but it doesn’t provoke any response from you.

After a few minutes, the dog starts to air hum and Bingo! Your eyes are focused in his direction as you giggle and say, “Sir-Hump-a Lot, now stop that, you naughty dog!” In time, the behavior takes its roots in the ground because Rover has learned that it is getting your focus. The air-humping behavior will then become stronger and repeat, simply because it’s in the spotlight of your attention.



Could it be due to boredom?

Some dogs show hump because they don’t have anything else to do. In the end, if we consider it, many breeds of dogs were selectively bred to perform a task. Golden retriever’s were carrying downed birds, pointers were waving when they saw a bird and hounds were following Hares’ scents, and several small dogs were warming the laps of aristocratic ladies (call it an occupation!). Let’s be honest: life can seem boring for our pets when we don’t give them adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation, and bored dogs frequently engage in unintentional dog behaviors that we consider annoying, like chewing, digging, and loud humping!


Something Medically Wrong.

Air hump dogs can be a result of an illness that is underlying. Allergic reactions, for instance, can cause dogs to be itchy like a rat. The causes of these allergies are often due to specific ingredients found in food or could be triggered by contact with specific allergens or chemicals. Local irritation can be caused by different skin conditions like skin fold dermatitis, insect bites, or scratches to the skin. In the medical problem, air humping is taking place to ease any irritation or discomfort. Infections of the urinary tract and bladder stones and problems with the dog’s glands of anal or prostate glands could be the cause.

What do you need to do?

We recommend that mild cases use a lubricant to their penis. After that, gently massage the oil into their foreskin. An ‘osmotic’ solution is another option. Wrap a gauze in 50% Dextrose and place it on the genitals. However, you must make sure that it is free from any foreign bodies that could get stuck.

In serious cases, the penis will need to be removed. Also, scrotal Urethrostomy can create a second opening for urine.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons dogs are known to him in the air. A few of them are physical, and some are psychological. Understanding the motivations behind dog humping behaviors can aid you in understanding the behavior of your dog a bit more.


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