Hunting dogs are energetic breeds with a high prey drive and energy. You won’t be able to channel your dog’s energy correctly. Your dog will find other ways to get it. Hunting dog owners often ask, “Can hunting dogs have toys?” YESHunting dogs can also have toys. Toys are an excellent way for your dog to have fun. However, hunting dogs should limit their toys to certain types.



What is a Hunting Dog breed?

A hunting dog is a breed that is bred to hunt with humans. There are many different types of hunting dogs.

  • Sighthounds. Sighthounds are lean and quick; they hunt by sight and use speed to chase down prey.
  • Scent dogs. Scent hounds are known for their exceptional tracking abilities. They hunt in packs and track, corner, and kill the game.
  • Retrievers. Retrievers are dogs that can retrieve and track shot prey or birds. They are medium-sized dogs with gentle mouths.
  • Spaniels. The Spaniel is used for flushing small game and birds out of thickets and underbrush. They can also retrieve shot games for the hunter.
  • Pointers. Pointers can be used to point prey at the hunter and locate it. They can also retrieve shot games for the hunter.
  • Waterdogs. These dogs are excellent swimmers and are used mainly in water birding. They can retrieve shot ducks and other waterfowl for the hunter.

Good behavior is something you can instill in your puppy. Also, this will help you and your dog in the field. It is crucial to properly train your dog with hunting dog-approved toys, equipment, and toys. Your pup will follow the same behavior at home as you do in the field. The puppy must understand what is expected.

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What Toys can a Hunting Dog Use?

The purpose of your hunting dog purchase will determine the breed you choose. Hunting dogs, such as catch dogs, must hold prey and bite them. They also need strong jaws and muscles in their neck, jaw, and head.

However, this is not true for water and upland dogs. It’s the exact opposite. So what toys can an upland or water-hunting dog have?

  • Nylabone. Nylabone toys can help your puppy get through the teething stage. However, it would help if you supervised your puppy’s chewing.
  • Kong chew toy. Kong chew toys are safe and durable for your dog to use to cut their teeth. The Kong chew toy has no small parts that can easily be chewed and swallowed.
  • Puzzle toys. Do-and-reward toys and puzzle toys can help dogs develop their brains. You should not train your dog for this purpose.





What type of toys Hunting dogs shouldn’t have?

As we said earlier, we want to keep the dog’s mouth from becoming hardened. Dogs can get hard mouths from toys.

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Squeaky toy.

Squeaking toys are often the cause of hard teeth. Dogs that squeak when they bite down are usually excited by the sound.


Soft toy.

They can also be affected by soft or plush toy’s. These toys can encourage dogs to be mouthy. Moreover, these toys encourage dogs to chew on them and grab their back teeth. They like to take the stuffing out of toys after they have ripped them apart. If my dog brought a bird back to me with its internal organs removed, I would be very disappointed.



Do toys have the ability to reduce chewing?

They can. However, dogs chew for many reasons. They can chew destructively if they are bored or don’t have enough stimulation. If they are occupied, chew toys may be a good option. However, they must chew well.

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What you should look for in a hunting dog toy

Hunting dogs spend a lot of time outside despite the differences between breeds. Toys must be strong and durable. Materials should not crack or fade and be durable. You can use nylon weaving that is strong and reinforced with stitches. You can also use soft rubber or high-quality bones.

These toys can be used for training and relieving boredom and reckless behavior. Also, if you have several dogs living together, many toys will be able to help guide natural behaviors like chewing and wrestling.





You can give your hunting dog breed something to play with and make their training more fun by giving them a variety of toys. Even though your dogs may be working dogs, that doesn’t mean they have to have the same needs as the fluffy dogs down the street. The toys we mentioned above are durable and will last a lifetime. You will have a better hunting experience and companionship with your dogs.


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