You have probably seen your dog riding on a pillow, regardless of whether you have a male dog or a female dog. Also, stuffed toys are a frequent victim. Dog owners often ask the question, “Do dogs masturbate?”



Why do dogs masturbate?

Most dogs will exhibit normal behaviors such as masturbation, mounting, thrusting (humping), and tilting. Masturbation can take place in many ways for dogs. Moreover, dogs can mount or thrust themselves against animals, people, and objects such as blankets, dog beds, and toys. Dogs may rub against things or people (without mounting them) or lick their skin.

Puppies are known to hump and mount their littermates, playmates, and other toys. Experts believe this is a way for puppies to practice for their future sexual encounters. When puppies reach sexual maturity, they begin to mount other dogs in sexual situations. Many male and female dogs will continue to mount and even masturbate after spaying or neutering. This is because they feel that it’s good behavior.

Males not neutered and in good health will masturbate if they are prevented from approaching females during the heat. Males often mount and hump females during courtship. Females can also mount and hump each other when they are in heat.

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Do dogs masturbate?

Dogs are known to hump things when they shouldn’t, such as at family dinners. So, do dogs masturbate? They do, and it’s true! Both males and females do this, sometimes even after spaying or neutering. There are many reasons for this behavior.

This is a very embarrassing behavior that can’t be prevented. As dog’s age, some dogs may become more tolerant. Younger dogs are more likely to do this.


What is it that your dog does?



Sexual Behavior 

Masturbation can be part of normal sexual behavior for intact and spayed dogs. Also, male and female dogs can mount other dogs, people, and objects. This behavior isn’t restricted to entire male dog’s. Most people don’t know that neutered males can also exhibit erections or ejaculation. Masturbation and sexually motivated mounting often accompany “flirtatious” body language and courtship behavior (tail raised, ears rotated backward, licking, and bowings, etc.).

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Play Behavior

Normal play behavior includes mounting and thrusting. In the context of the play, dogs don’t often show erections and ejaculate. In response to play invitations, some dogs that are not well-socialized or properly trained may mount other dogs. They need to play better and get too excited during play.



Response to Stress and Excitement

Dogs may respond to stress or excitement by masturbating or mounting. A dog that is excited or aroused after meeting a new person or dog might mount another dog, its owner, or an object nearby, such as a dog bed or toy.


Compulsive Disorders

Masturbating can be a compulsive behavior, especially when it is done in response to stress. Dogs can become obsessive by masturbating and mounting, disrupting their normal functioning.

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Social Behavior

Dogs may mount other animals or people to show social status and control. Dogs that mount for this purpose may display an erection but are unlikely to ejaculate.




To rule out medical problems.

A dog’s behavior can be affected by various medical conditions, such as urinary tract infections, leakage, priapism (persistent and often painful erections), and skin allergies. These issues can become serious if not treated properly and may require treatment beyond behavioral therapy. Dogs with one of these medical conditions or another often spend a lot of time chewing, licking, and chewing their genital areas. You should take your dog to the veterinarian if you see him excessively climbing, chewing, or licking his genital area.

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Are Dogs Borne to Masturbate for Health Reasons?

Your dog may have excessive masturbation due to a variety of medical conditions. These conditions include:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Infections of the urinary tract.
  • Allergies to skin
  • Priapism.

These issues can be very serious and require immediate medical attention. To relieve their discomfort, dogs who have suffered from them may also chew or lick their genital areas.

If your dog is licking, chewing, or rubbing on objects, it’s time to contact a veterinarian. These problems require treatment by a veterinarian, not behavioral therapy.



What to do if your dog masturbates excessively?

For various reasons, your dog should not hump other dogs – unwanted puppies are just one reason. Some dogs can become aggressive if you don’t stop them from doing the “act.”

You should consult a local pet behaviorist if your dog is acting out or becoming agitated. Certified professional dog trainers can also treat aggression. It is optional to be an expert in dog aggression training.

A dog that mounts other dogs could get into trouble. This affection is not something that canines will be fond of. This could lead to an aggressive fight. This is another reason to ensure your dog doesn’t act this way.

Here are some tips to stop your dog from masturbating or mounting.


Let them be

Most dogs won’t mount more than once to twice per day. You don’t have any to stop them from mounting to toys.

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Distract them

Before humping, some dogs may display signs already mentioned. Your dog may be preparing to mount if he starts to the pane, whine, rub or lick against you.



Keep Him Focused on You

You can teach your dog to play different games with you if he is constantly humming with other dogs. Take your dog’s favorite toy outside, and let him play tug of war or fetch. This will increase his interest in you and your company more than other dogs.

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Neuter or Spay Your Dog

Spying on female dogs is also an option. If they are in heat or around other females, females may hump and mount. This behavior will be reduced by having to mate. Spaying and neutering your dog has many other benefits. Spaying and neutering can prevent many diseases and prolong the lives of fixed pets. These include mammary and testicular cancers. This will prevent unwanted puppies from being born, which is one of the main reasons dogs are abandoned.


Avoid Triggers

Avoid situations where your dog is likely to huff and puff out of stress. This is only sometimes possible. You can help him reduce stress levels if you are aware of a stressful situation, such as having to go to the vet. To reduce his fear of vets, take him to the ordination for socialization.


Contact the Animal Behaviorist/Vet

Compulsive masturbation is not something that will go away on its own. You will need to consult a professional. An animal behaviorist who is skilled in working with canines will be able to help you prevent such behavior.




Do dogs masturbating? Now you can find out the answer. Masturbation in dogs is an acceptable behavior, even though it may seem embarrassing. Every owner must know how to prevent their dog from getting into trouble and when to stop them. Masturbation and excessive mounting could be signs of a more serious health problem. If your dog displays any unusual behavior, be sure to get in touch with your vet immediately.


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