The Chimation is a special, lively crossbreed of the Dalmatian and Chihuahua. Its purpose was to create a dog that brings together the energetic nature of the former with the same spirited personality as the latter, creating an exceptional canine companion for all kinds of people. The Chimation has earned its place in many households as an active little dog with a big personality.

How to keep care of the chihuahua Dalmatian mix?


The Chimation is a unique-looking canine, with Dalmatian-style markings. Its short, gentle coat requires weekly brushing and care. A slicker brush should be used to minimize any loose or dead hair on the dog’s coat. It is also important to trim nails when necessary, clean ears and eyes, and brush teeth daily to ensure proper hygiene.


Given the urinary tract issues, Chimations are prone to, avoiding foods with high purine content such as liver, brains, kidneys, and hearts of duck, goose, and lamb; sweetbreads, venison, mackerel, sardines, mushrooms, peas spinach, and cauliflower is recommended. Water consumption should also be kept in mind – provide your pet with plenty of clean and fresh drinking water. Dry dog food should make up the bulk of their diet. Feeding time should be spread out throughout the day with 0.5-1.5 cups for each meal.


Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

The Chimation, a crossbreed of two active parent breeds, requires physical stimulation and exercise to stay healthy. This should include at least an hour of exercise every day, totaling about 11 miles per week. Ownership of this type of dog presents certain obligations that should be taken into account before adopting a Chimation to ensure it gets the necessary care and attention.


Chimation puppies can be headstrong and stubborn at times, which means they need a consistent and firm approach to training. Positive reinforcement such as food rewards works best. Socializing your Chimation with adults, children and other household pets early on will make it more friendly and amenable. Let your puppy know you are the boss; otherwise, it will be challenging to control it when it’s an adult. Make sure not to use mistreatment or overly harsh methods for training, as this will not lead to successful results.


The Chimations are characterized as loyal and protective of their family. Their inherent watchfulness makes them great watchdogs, but they should also not be left alone for long periods as this can lead to undesirable behaviors. The Chimations enjoy spending time with their family, so it’s recommended that they be included in various family activities.

When managed effectively, the Dalmatian-Chihuahua mix is a great companion for children of all ages. That said, parents must always supervise their interaction, as these dogs have high energy and could cause injury amid play. To ensure safety, it is important to educate children about not disturbing these dogs when they are eating or sleeping.




Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

The Chimation breed is known for getting along very well with other animals, including cats and dogs. If your Chimation is interacting with larger canines, it’s important to pay close attention to make sure that everyone gets along safely and politely.


Can families have them?


The Chimation is an ideal companion for families without young children, as they are liable to be accidentally injured by the small, active dog. This breed will do best in a home with an owner who enjoys outdoor activities. Additionally, since it is prone to separation anxiety, a Chimation should never be left alone for excessive periods.


Can we Poke a Chihuahua’s Head?

Chihuahuas have a rare anatomical feature found in newborn babies, called a molera, located on the top of their heads. In contrast to infants, however, this spot stays soft throughout the lifetime of the Chihuahua.


Is Chimations a Recognized Hybrid Breed?

The Chimation is a recognized breed according to the Dog Registry of America, Inc., the Designer Dog Kennel Club, the American Canine Hybrid Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry. Although it has not yet been officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, it is well-known among canine enthusiasts worldwide.


The Chimation is a unique breed of small dog, perfect for experienced owners. Highly active, this pup needs at least one hour of exercise daily in a home with older children and open space. As they require firm, consistent training to become well-socialized, the Chimation may not be ideal for first-time pet owners. Despite these factors, if you still think a Chimation is right for your family, they can bring cozy companionship and loyalty year after year!



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