If you’re thinking of taking on a canine companion, the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix may be the perfect match! This hybrid breed unites the smarts and herding skills of an Aussie with the affection and spots of a Dalmatian. With their friendly disposition, unique look, and unconditional loyalty, these dogs make fantastic family pets. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about this fascinating breed – from their history to training needs – so keep reading to find out if the Aussie-Dalmat is right for you! 



The Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix is an increasingly popular breed of dog, but the history of these hybrids isn’t well documented. Nonetheless, deliberate breeding of mixed breeds was a common practice during the twentieth century; it is likely that Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mixes were created through accident and intentional breeding alike. Understandably, this means we can gain insight into their origins by examining the histories of both parent breeds.

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Australian Shepherd History

A breed often thought to be from Australia, the Australian Shepherd actually traces its origins back to the European continent. It was derived from the Pyrenean Shepherd breed, named for the Pyrenees Mountains range near which this tribe resided. When the Basque tribe relocated to Australia and bred their dogs with local collies and other working dogs, a new breed developed: The Australian Shepherd. Thanks to their love of work and excellent temperaments, they quickly rose in popularity and were recognized by the AKC in 1993. A noted favorite of farmers and rescue workers, you can even find mixed breeds like German Shepard-Australian Shepherds these days!


Dalmatian History

Dalmatians have been around since the 17th century and they remain a distinct breed today. This breed served as war dogs and hunting companions centuries ago. They continue to possess strong guarding instincts and were even members of the firefighting squad in their time. As for the silver screen, these canines are most notably associated with 101 Dalmations. The AKC officially recognized Dalmatians in 1888, so it has been quite some time since then that they’ve valued pet. Nowadays, they’re among the most beloved black and white dog breeds around!

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Appearance

The Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix, like all Dalmatians, will undoubtedly have short fur. This is due to the fact that having long fur is a recessive gene; a pup must inherit this trait from both parents in order to possess it. Furthermore, these crosses may exhibit various colors of spots – from speckles to patches – atop a white background as a result of their two distinctive parents. It is probable that the resulting hybrid could have any combination of size, weight, and coat color attributes inherited from its purebred kin.


How to keep care of Australian shepherd dalmatian mix?


The Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix is a high-energy hybrid and needs plenty of exercise. If the dog doesn’t get the needed physical activity, it may act out with destructive behavior. To avoid undesirable issues, an owner should take their pet for daily walks and have interactive playtime with them that lasts around an hour. It’s important to note that during these activities, toys and games should also be provided to keep the pup occupied. Due to the presence of Dalmatian blood, first-time owners might not want to consider this breed as it could quickly display less-than-ideal behaviors without sufficient exercise.



When it comes to training, Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs are truly intelligent animals with highly trainable minds. Their natural obedience and eagerness to please mean that they’ll excel in physical challenges – provided the training handler is firm in issuing their commands and rewards. Positive reinforcement with food treats can be utilized to keep your pooch focused on certain tasks; however, do not overfeed because your pup could become overweight.

Socialization is important for these dogs, as their predilections towards herding and territorial behavior need to be curbed early on. Obedience classes or show competitions can assist in this respect, as well as help build a good relationship between you and your pet. With a dedicated effort from both sides, you can raise a canine companion who will always obey your instructions.



Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

When breeding Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mixes, one of the most common health issues is white fur deafness, a congenital hearing loss that affects light-colored coats much more than darker ones. It’s essential to only adopt puppies with solid-color ears in order to decrease the chances of this disorder. However, there is no definitive way to predict which parent breed an individual pup may take after in terms of health issues; thus, it’s important to choose a responsible breeder for your canine companion. Reputable breeders can help limit the possibilities of any inherited diseases.

Australian Shepherd Health Problems

The Australian Shepherd breed is a healthy and long-lived one. However, they’re predisposed to several medical conditions, including cataracts, which must be dealt with through surgery; dysplasia in both the hip and elbow area that can be corrected but greatly reduced by managing the weight of your pet; lymphoma—a cancer of white blood cells with no cure but manageable via radiation or chemotherapy; and hypothyroidism, which requires lifelong treatment.

Dalmatian Health Problems

Dalmatians can suffer from various health-related issues, the most common one being hearing loss. Other ailments include kidney crystals, laryngeal paralysis, degenerative myelopathy and epilepsy. Kidney crystals occur when tiny particles lump together and block the urinary tract. Laryngeal paralysis is a condition in which the muscles that open the airways are not functioning properly, resulting in difficulty breathing and anxiety. Degenerative myelopathy is caused by damage to the nerve-protecting layers of the spinal cord, making it hard for them to use their back correctly. Lastly, epilepsy can cause seizures and loss of consciousness without warning due to other underlying conditions.


Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Price

When looking for an Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix puppy, you can explore both adoption and buying opportunities. If going with adoption, the only cost is typically associated with paperwork. However, if buying through a breeder, expect to pay up to USD 1,000. As such, it’s important to do research enabling you to identify reputable sources and engage in early screening of health issues.


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