The Teacup Maltese dog breed is a little dog and makes a great pet for many families. A regular Maltese breed is a small dog belonging to the toy breed group. It is a very adorable teacup breed that weighs a little less than 4 pounds! It is even just as small as the standard-sized Teacup Chihuahua with a loving and friendly personality.


teacup maltese


With a lovable fluffy white coat and an extremely friendly and mellow personality, it’s no wonder that this breed of purebred dog has steadily grown in popularity over the past two years. Here are some tips to help dog owner’s get started training their Teacup Maltese.

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The history of dog breed.

Maltese terriers were originally bred in Germany and then were brought to America, where they were first bred in Florida. They are small Maltese dogs bred down through several generations, resulting in a tiny creature that is adorable by all accounts. It is important to note that the American Kennel Club does not recognize the teacup as its breed.

Instead, it is recognized as a smaller Maltese member; it is part of the Maltese breed of dogs. This means that you could find that the Teacup Maltese dog is registered as Maltese by the Kennel Club. The mini Maltese or miniature Maltese is a version of this breed first observed during the 18th century when breeders tried to create the little dog to appear even smaller.

Maltese dog breed was first discovered in Malta. It has been called a variety of names. It includes:

  • Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta
  • Melita Dog
  • Roman Ladies Dog
  • Maltese Lion Dog
  • Maltese Terrier


They do not show dogs.

One of the first things you should know about the teacup Maltese breed is that they do not typically show dogs. They are wonderful pets; however, they do not perform well in the ring. These tiny dogs need lots of room to run around in, and they need to be socialized with other dogs to thrive. If you purchase a teacup miniature from a reputable breeder or shelter, you should be able to foster the love of a close friend into a teacup miniature with ease.


teacup maltese


They can be used as an inside dog when you’re not home.

Another thing that you should know about teacup Maltese dogs is that they are incredibly sweet. They will nuzzle you and snuggle up to you without any complaint at all. This is great for families with smaller children, as they can keep each other company all day long. This tiny dog can also act as an inside dog when you are away from home due their small size. Many people choose to own these dogs simply because they are so cute!

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Teacup Maltese is such a good watchdogs.

If you have children, teacup Maltese make great watchdogs. Their playful nature means that they are great to keep track of, and they can even bring joy to a child when they are running through the park or attending a birthday party. They are also very intelligent and can learn basic commands such as sit and stay, which is great if you teach your dog how to behave appropriately around guests and visitors.


teacup maltese


How is the grooming?

One of the best parts of owning a teacup Maltese is that the coat does not shed as much as some other breeds. The coat can be short or medium in length, and the hair tends to be soft and silky. If you have a curly coat, it will not wilt as other breeds do, and you can keep your teacup dog looking its best with regular brushing and frequent visits to the groomer. There is also very little maintenance involved once you have settled down into owning this breed standard, making it one of the most popular dog breeds around.


Caring stuff.

You must take care of your toy Maltese dog from when you bring a puppy until it is fully grown for possible health issues. You should provide a healthy diet for your dog, including plenty of table scraps and fresh water to drink. Avoid giving your dog any preservatives or food colors, as these ingredients can cause health issues later on in life.

Regular brushing and frequent visits to the groomer are also extremely important to keep your teacup Maltese healthy and happy. You should make sure that your dog receives proper exercise daily, as well, to prevent health problems such as obesity or hypertension. These conditions can shorten your dog’s life span.



The most frequent health issues that Maltese teacup breeds are hypoglycemia and heart defects, seizures, collapsing in the trachea, dental issues, digestion, respiratory ailments, and blindness. Another health issue is overweight, resulting from the ignorance and neglect of pet breeders or their owners. Since this dog is very small size, dog owner’s often carry them around in purses or on their hands all the time. They don’t get to run, walk or exercise. The breed is prone to gain weight if enough exercise isn’t provided.

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The Maltese teacup puppy you buy should weigh between four and ten pounds, depending on the breed. If you cannot keep this tiny dog, it may be best to look for one from another source. You can ask for referrals to help you find a good place to buy your new best friend. Also, You can do an Internet search for teacup Maltese for sale. In either case, keep in mind that the breeder should have proof of vaccinations and a current year-round health guarantee for all animals.

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