Are you interested in a large dog like Newfypoo or Bernedoodle? Read this article to find the differences and similarities between these breeds.


newfypoo vs bernedoodle


The Newfypoo dog breed

The Newfypoo is a hybrid of the Standard Poodle and Newfoundland. They have thick, dense undercoats and long, thick coats. Their large mouths are accentuated by their dark, sweet eyes. They also have a square, short snout. They are beautiful dogs when adequately cared for and managed.

Newfypoo doesn’t shed as much as other breeds, but it is very meticulous about grooming. Brushing is an essential part of a dog’s life. At least two times per week, the owner should brush his coat. The grooming tools for Newfypoos include hair clips and nylon scrubs. They love to bark. They make excellent watchdogs and are rarely a nuisance due to their barking behavior.

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The Bernedoodle breed.

Standard Bernedoodle is a Poodle mix mixed between a standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Due to their close bond, designers made many changes that improved their living ability. One of the changes was to make them more sensitive to cold. These dogs were originally from Europe but soon returned to the North. The designers chose a warmer climate to keep the Bernedoodle happy and healthy.

The Bernedoodle inherits the hypoallergenic characteristics of its Poodle parent. They are energetic and require considerable exercise. Standard Bernedoodle is one of the most popular dogs amongst other Doodle breed such as Australian bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Irish doodle, Saint Berdoodle, St Berdoodle, Australian Labradoodle due to their temperament and intelligence.

They are not likely to have any health issues, but some Bernedoodle dogs’ traits can be challenging to manage. They can be very playful but also stubborn at times. Because of their gentle temperament, hybrid dogs are often easier to train than purebred dog’s.

Cold weather exposure is another problem common to Bernedoodle dogs. They are more at risk of heatstroke and hypothermia because they spend much time outdoors. Although their coats aren’t as prone to shed during winter, they need to be watched in colder weather. During the colder months, you should keep them indoors.


newfypoo vs bernedoodle



Newfypoos are large dogs weighing in at around seventy-five to one hundred fifty pounds. They are strong and compact but gentle giants. They can reach up to 28 inches at the shoulders.

The Bernedoodle is not as large as Newfypoo. They weigh between seventy to ninety pounds. Their height varies between 23 to 29 inches when they are grown enough.

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The lifespan of Bernedoodle dogs is between 12 to 18 years. This is a long life span for a dog breed. The Newfypoo, however, lives a bit shorter, and its lifespan is between eight to twelve years.



What is in common between these dogs?

  • Their hair is mainly curly and wavy.
  • Both dogs are hypoallergenic due to their poodle parent.
  • Newfypoo and Bernedoodle do not need a lot of attention.
  • They will not tolerate being shaken. They can even be aggressive if they feel that somebody is trying to shake them. They will not take to abuse. If they do not like something, they will not be calm.
  • They are usually very calm dogs. They will sit and look at you until you make a decision. They are generally very friendly. Many people choose Newfypoo and Bernedoodle over any other option because they are lovely.
  • You need to know one other thing about these beautiful dogs. They are not a high-maintenance breed. They will groom well and shed less than most other breeds.


newfypoo vs bernedoodle


Differences between Newfypoo and Bernedoodle.

  • The most obvious of the Newfypoo and Bernedoodle differences are in the color of the coat. The Newfypoo has an almost black coat with a few splashes of white in it. It has two different markings on it, one being a black nose with a white tip. Bernedoodle has a considerable variety in color and coat.
  • Another difference that you can see is the eyes of the dog. Your Newfypoo has clear blue and white-colored eyes, while the Bernedoodle has a brown colored and slightly tinted eyes.
  • Perhaps the biggest of the differences between these dogs is how they interact with their owners. The Newfypoo is extremely friendly and will often sit on your lap and allow you to pet it gently. The Bernedoodle, however, will not always sit on your lap, and you may have to gently push it off or coax it to sit on your lap.
  • If you are looking for a large dog that is friendly and loves attention, then the Newfypoo is the dog for you. The Bernedoodle, on the other hand, is an excellent option for someone who doesn’t want a huge dog. Both types of dogs make great family pets.

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Bernedoodles are also known for their wavy coats. Bernedoodle is also a curly or wavy coat similar to that of the Newfypoo, but it is generally softer to the touch since it is a Bernese Mountain Dog not designed to be a water dog. This coat type also needs a lot of grooming and is susceptible to mats if you aren’t up with it. The dog should be low to non-shedding based on how much time he spends after his Poodle parent. He also requires regular trimming to ensure that he looks at his best.


The Newfypoo coat type, like all crossbreeds, may differ; however, since we’re looking at the first-generation hybrids, they will have the typical Doodle furniture and may differ from curly to wavy curls that resemble Poodle. The Newfypoo is one of the thickest-coated Doodle breed’s, and they need to spend a lot on grooming. Certain Newfypoos have a soft more Poodle texture that is more prone to matting and tougher to groom. Newfypoos have a low or noshed except the occasional tumbleweed, but you might pick a few handfuls of undercoat when you groom the dog.




Both dogs share many characteristics in common because both have Poodle as a common parent. They don’t differ dramatically. However, The Newfypoo dog breeds are bigger than The Bernedoodle dog breeds. Both are calm dogs, but Bernedoodle is more energetic and needs more exercise. Unlike their giant appearance, both dogs are highly friendly and a great fit for your family.

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