AlDachshund Doberman Mix.

The stunning Dachshund Doberman Mix is a cross between two breeds, the Dachshund and the Doberman. However, dog breeders create this rare mixed breed dog. Dachshunds are a great Picasso’s inspiration. They have a charm that many people cannot resist. Although it is difficult to predict what your Doxie Dobie will look like, you can be sure that your furry friend of the mixed breed would have Dachshund’s long, low-to-the-ground, elongated, and short legs.



Parent breed information.


Doberman pinscher.

Doberman pinschers, energetic and powerful dogs, require a lot of exercises. They can become aggressive or irritable if they are not exercised. It is important to socialize with your dog and teach them obedience from an early age.
Louis Dobermann, a German citizen, is believed to have developed the Doberman pinscher breed. This was in the late 1800s. He was a tax collector who needed a strong guard dog to accompany him on his rounds. Dobermann also maintained the local dog pound, where he could get many stray dogs. We are still determining, but Dobermann is believed to have crossed several breeds to create the Doberman Pinscher. In fact, the American Kennel Club suggests that the Dobermann Pinscher was developed from a mix of breeds, including the Rottweiler, Black-and-Tan Terrier, Rottweiler, and the German Pinscher.
Otto Goeller, a German Kennel Club breeder, is credited for making the Doberman more useful. In 1900, the Dobermann Pinscher was recognized as a breed by the German Kennel Club.

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Dachshunds are canine superstars because of their distinctively long, low profile, alert expression, and strong, vibrant personality. Dachshunds, pronounced DAKS hund, not dash-hound), come in three types: wirehaired, smooth (shorthaired), and longhaired. Also, they may be found in three types of coat’s, each with different coat types, colors, and patterns.

Dachshunds were bred as scent-hound dogs to hunt badgers, rabbits, and other tunneling animals. However, wild boar hunters used Dachshund packs to track them. They are great family companions, show dogs, and hunters of small-game animals. The American Kennel Club ranked the small dog dachshund 12th among all dog breeds in America in 2018.




Their temperament may be an alpha dog breed with strong personalities, and they need a strong, experienced owner who can lead them. They should be socialized and exposed to other animals. The mix dogs can be independent, but they can also spend time alone if the house is full or noisy. This crossbreed is predisposed to be aggressive and assume the role of the alpha dog within the house.

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Dachshund Doberman mix dogs are typically 8-9 inches tall at the shoulders, 16-32 pounds, and have short, straight hair.




A Dachshund Doberman mix breed Dachshund dog will live between 10-14 years if properly cared for.

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Although they shed little, grooming will require attention for Doberman and Dachshund mixes. In fact, in low-shedding seasons, a bristle brush or slicker brush should be used. It would be better if you brush them more often during high-shedding seasons, at least once a day.


Health Issue.

Dachshund Doberman mixed puppies may inherit their parents’ medical conditions or health problems. Moreover, these are some of the most common conditions that can affect this breed.

This mixed breed may also be susceptible to ear infections, cataracts, hip dysplasia, gastric torsions, and ear infections.



Food and diet.

The Dachshund Doberman Mix loves to eat. However, to help your designer dog develop healthy eating habits, you must learn to resist their adorableness.

This is a guideline for Dachshund Dobermans Mix Puppy Owners:

  • Two-four months old: Four meals per day
  • Six months old. Three meals per day
  • 6-8 months old. Two-three meals per day

Your Dachshund pincher can have two meals per day starting at eight months old if they are a Doberman Dachshund mix.

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You’ll have a lot of fun if your furry friend is a mixed breed. This breed is intelligent but stubborn. You will sometimes be frustrated, so make sure you have nerves of steel. Keep sessions short. Sessions should be, at most, five to ten minutes. You don’t want to bore your puppy. Also, playtime is vital. Playtime is always a good idea. Ensure your dog has plenty of toys, treats, and gifts to keep him stimulated.




You will need at least one hour of exercise daily for your Dachshund Doberman. Any extra time outside will be a benefit for both you as well as your Dachshund Doberman. Also, you can break down the 60-minute exercise into 20-25-minute walks and add 10-15 minutes of fun to the mix. You risk losing your dog’s attention by allowing them to chew! These dogs most commonly chew to express their anxiety and unhappiness.

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Are they good family dogs?

Doxie Dobies will be a great addition to your family if they are adopted as puppies and given the proper training. Moreover, they are great companions for children. It is essential to keep your children safe while the puppy plays. Children under five years old may not be able to understand the boundaries of their dog, which could lead to injuries.




Another fun crossbreed is the Doberman Dachshund. Moreover, it’s playful, loyal, and brave. However, these two purebreds are very similar in temperament and personality. This hybrid can be loved by any family, even families with young children if trained correctly.


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