The French Bulldog Dachshund mix, also known as the Frenchie Dachshund, combines the loving Frenchie and the short-leg Dachshund. This is the most in-demand combination of breeds. This designer dog is sometimes called a French Bull Weiner Dog or a BullDach. However, most people refer to it as a French Bulldog Dachshund combination. The French Bulldog Dachshund combination will be playful and friendly like their parent breeds. Also, this mix makes great pets for an apartment. They are happy and full of life. They are loyal to their families but can also be very friendly with strangers.


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix


Parent breed information


Dachshunds are intelligent, energetic, and courageous to the point where they can be rash. Dachshunds are known for their entertaining and fearless nature, but they want to snuggle with their owners. Temperament can be affected by many factors including training, socialization, and heredity.

The American Kennel Club registered them in 1888. They were very popular in the 1900s and among the top 10 entries at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1913 and 1914. This development took many years. In the 1800s, Dachshunds were kept as pets, not hunting dogs. Dachshunds were popular in America as a family dog by the 1950s.

French Bulldog

In England, the Bulldog was very popular in the 19th century, particularly around Nottingham. Many of the lace workers in the region moved to France during the mid-1800s and took their “Toy” Bulldogs along. As a companion dog, the French Bulldog has a long history. They were originally created in England as miniature Bulldogs. However, they were bred to accompany English lacemakers to France, where they got their “Frenchie.” moniker.

The French Bulldog is small, but strong in build and has a strong muscular body. This breed is a great companion dog. Also, French Bulldogs are excellent watchdogs. They will alert people when they see someone approaching, but it is not their style to bark unprovoked.


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix



The Dachshund French Bulldog crossbreed is friendly. This dog can be socialized early to ensure they are friendly with people and strangers. The Frenchie’s mild temperament will reduce Dachshund’s aggression, while the Sausage Dog may boost the French Bulldog‘s low energy. French Bulldog Dachshunds are friendly, intelligent, and cheerful. They quickly become close to their families and enjoy cuddling and playing with them. They make great family dogs if they are properly trained.

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French Bulldog Dachshund mix are typically small dog breed‘s, between 15 and 25 pounds and 8-12 inches tall.



Health problem‘s can cause a shorter life expectancy, but the average Dachshund French Bulldog mix breed lifespan is between 10-16 years.


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix


Coat and Color

French Bulldog Dachshund mixes will have straight, smooth hair with normal density. Moreover, the puppies may have thicker, wetter fur if their Dachshund parents have long, wiry hair. They do not have a double-coated coat, so they might need to be bathed occasionally. Brown, white, red, and black is the most popular coat colors. Some colors will be solid, while others may combine multiple colors.

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French Bull weiners are both parents and don’t need professional grooming. A good brushing once weekly is enough if they have Frenchie’s short, smooth hair. The sessions should be held at least 3 times per week for long-haired dogs. Doxie Bulldog mix dogs shed moderately, so it might be necessary to brush them once a week. You won’t have to take them to the groomer because their fur doesn’t grow. You can also trim your dog‘s nails at home with a grinder or clipper, even if it isn’t something you feel comfortable doing.

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Hybrid dog breeds can be at risk because they may inherit genetic health problem’s from their parents. These are possible health problems:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • hemivertebrae dysplasia
  • hemivertebrae
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • intervertebral disc degeneration
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • intervertebral disc degeneration


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix


Training of French Bulldog Dachshund Mix

Although mixed breed dogs aren’t the smartest in the world, they’re not perfect. French Bulldog Dachshund mix dogs are good at learning. Training is essential for all dogs. During this period, be patient. It is important to start training as soon as possible. Puppy classes are highly recommended to help with socialization and training.

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Medium energy levels are found in the Doxie Frenchie mixed breed dog. However, this can vary greatly from one dog to another. They are playful and energetic when they are puppies but may become more relaxed as they get older. French-speaking dogs are energetic. They can get very excited quickly, especially when people surround them. They will require up to 30 minutes of exercise per day. These small dog breed‘s can usually go for one to two daily walks.


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix


Are they get along with kids and other pets?

Although these mixed breed dog‘s doesn’t show aggression toward other dogs, they can be friendly. It is important to socialize these pets early so they can get along with other dogs. They are usually not prey-driven so they can live with other pets like cats or small animals.

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Are they good family dogs?

They are friendly and don’t mind children. They are very affectionate and will bond with all their family members. If you raise your Dachshund French Bulldog puppy correctly, it can make excellent pets.


 French Bulldog Dachshund Mix



The French Bulldog Dachshund mix is friendly and doesn’t need much grooming. They require moderate exercise. Also, these dogs are a great choice for pet owners looking for a companion dog. They are friendly and adorable. But, it would help if you didn’t choose a dog solely on its appearance. Do your research to find the best mix breed for you.


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