What is a Papillon Dachshund Mix dog breed?

Papillon Dachshund Mix Dogs is a small, rare breed of Dachshund that is energetic and can be used as a lapdog or companion. They are also known as Papshund. Papshunds can be housed in apartments and are easy to transport. The Papillon Dachshund is a small mixed dog breed that is a cross between two pure breeds. They require lots of love and attention from their family. In return, they will become loyal friends and joyful companions.



Parent breed information.

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The Papillon is an intelligent and energetic dog that has been a royal favourite for centuries. The Papillon dog breed is a descendant of the toy spaniel‘s often depicted in Old Masters paintings from the 16th century. She’s content in any family today.

Papillon means “butterfly” and refers to the breed‘s fringed, upright ears resembling a butterfly’s wings. The Papillon breed is devoted to children, but a small dog combined with a young child could spell disaster. If he isn’t being properly held, a Papillon dog might jump from a child’s hand and injure himselfhimself. He will also defend himself if he feels abused. The American Kennel Club ranks the Papillon 35th out of the 155 registered breeds and varieties.


The German words “Dachshund,”,” which stand for badger (Dachs), and dog (hund),, are the same as the German words “Dachshund”, because these dogs were originally bred to hunt badgers in Germany in the 15th century. The American Kennel Club recognizes the Dachshund as sixth among the 155 varieties and breeds. Dachshunds make wonderful pets and are friendly, playful dogs. Although they are great for small apartments, they can bark quite a bit.

Dachshunds are energetic and have lots of stamina. Dachshunds love to go for walks or to play outside with other dogs. They also enjoy digging and hunting. This breed can be difficult to housetrain. The Dachshund might not be able to see the need to eliminate outside. You must also be patient and consistent. Training in crate handling is also helpful.




Dachshund Papillon mix dog breeds are very affectionate and need a lot of care. They are sensitive dogs that require gentle care. They can be both urban and rural dogs. These dogs are also very active and can live in the city and the countryside.

Designer dog breeds make excellent watchdogs and are open to new people. Although they are friendly, they can sometimes be aggressive due to their prey drive. They aren’t lazy or docile, even though they are considered lap dogs. Separation anxiety and resource guarding can be problems in Papshunds.

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The Papillon Dachshund mixed breed is a small dog. A fully grown Papshund is between 10 and 18 pounds, with an average height of 9 to 18 inches. This mixed breed reaches its full size at 12-18 months of age.



The average life expectancy of a Papillon Dachshund Mix is between 13 and 16 years. The health of a dog is the most essential factor in its life.



Coat and color.

This hybrid dog has a more Papillon-like coat, with its tail curving over the back. It is adorable though it does have some plumage. The Papillon Dachshund Mix combines the best of both parents with a thick and long coat. The coats of these dogs are dense and come in the following colors:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

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It would be best if you gave them a good brushing once a week. For Papillon Dachshund mix dogs, a pin brush is a must. Although the Papillon Dachshund isn’t hypoallergenic, it is moderately sheder. To maintain a healthy hair, the hair must be brushed weekly. Attention must be paid to the ears of Papshunds. To prevent bacterial infections, they should be checked frequently. You can clean your ears with a swab or a veterinarian-recommended earwash.



Health issues.

Dachshund Papillon hybrid dog can be less susceptible to illness than other breeds and are considered less sensitive mixed breeds.

Major Health Concerns

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease 
  • Eye Disease 

Minor Health Concerns

Your mixed breed dogs health and well-being can be improved by eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise.

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Dachshund Papillon mix dogs are easy to train. Training a Papshund is not difficult, even if you don’t have much dog training experience. The Papshund can be a very energetic dog. They are intelligent and will always seek to please their owners. With the right training, you can take your dog anywhere. They can thrive in both cities and in foreign countries. They are very affectionate and need a lot of care and gentle interaction.




Papshunds, no matter how small or large they may seem, are energetic and active companion dog. Your Papshund should walk for 30 to 45 minutes each day. Because of their energy, this hybrid breed loves spending time outdoors. They can enjoy outdoor activities all day long if they have access to a yard. Taking them to the park is a great idea, where they can interact with other animals and people.


Are they get along with kids and other pets?

Although the Papshund can get along with other dogs well, the Dachshund parent‘s prey instinct may make it more aggressive and less tolerant. They are friendly with children and enjoy being with families.

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Are they good family dogs?

However, they must be supervised and incorporated into the family’s daily life. Papshunds are great with children and will make a good playmate for your kids. Papillon Dachshund mix breeds can only be left alone for a short time. They love to be around family and friends. The Papshund is tolerant of strangers more than the average dog and is a great watchdog.




Papillon Dachshund mixes breeds are great family dogs. They require a lot of attention due to their emotional and sensitive nature. The Dachshund Papillon Mix is suitable for both city and country living. They will always follow their family and are loyal. Some dogs can be protective of their family, toys, and food. This can lead to unwanted behaviors. Your dog will live a happy, healthy life if you give it a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get regular medical check-ups.


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