Has your dog eaten a piece of rock? Read this article to see how to tackle this issue.

It’s adorable when your beloved dog takes a stroll; however, what fun will it be if “the dog” takes a rock inside his mouth and then decides to swallow it. You might not be shocked to know what dogs can consume! It’s like chewing their favorite toy, but instead of it staying in their mouths, the toy is trapped between teeth. Your pet may also take a bite of it.


how big of a rock can a dog pass?


Dogs love chewing and are constantly chewing on various foreign object’s. They enjoy chewing for multiple reasons, such as maintaining their teeth in good condition and being hungry or due to their nature, and the list goes on. Chewing isn’t an issue for dogs. But, they may swallow non-dog food substances like a stone, as we will discuss in the following article.

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How large of rock can a dog swallow?

The best way to answer the question would be “it will depend.” Each dog is unique, and some dogs will be able to digest larger stones with no issues in any way. Some dogs might need to have their abdomen removed surgically to allow them to pass through rock because a too large rock can lead to internal bleeding and pneumonia in the most extreme instances. Additionally, dogs may consume an enormous rock and go through it; however, it could also trigger internal bleeding and cause death. So, there is no standard size of a rock that dogs’ digestive systems can handle. It’s based on the dog’s size and, even more importantly, the food they eat. Dogs’ diets can help them process something that is not appropriate for them to eat.


What should I do when my dog swallows a rock?

When your animal has consumed the too big rock, your veterinarian will recommend vomiting to flush the stomach contents. This is the best method to eliminate the rock to go through to the body’s excreting tract. Sometimes, this is enough, but stones are so massive that they require surgery in some cases. To know the impact of a rock on your pet’s health, seek out a vet who can provide you with the most appropriate guidance. This rock can do a lot of internal damage, destroying the dogs stomach lining or creating an intestinal blockage.


how big of a rock can a dog pass?


Contact your vet right away!

If you suspect that your dog may have eaten a stone, you must contact your veterinarian immediately for an assessment. It is also essential to determine what other symptoms your pet could be suffering from. Sometimes, stones can lead to a severe intestinal obstruction that exposes your pet to serious health issues. If you suspect that your pet is eating stones, you must immediately consult a veterinarian. Your pet’s safety is paramount, and you would never wish for anything to happen to him; therefore, ensure that you take action immediately when you notice signs.

If you think your dog has consumed rocks, the best step is to contact immediately for medical care. The vet then has to drain the liquid in the stomach using tubes that are that is inserted into the throat. Also, The vet can determine the exact type of stone consumed and which part of the stomach needs to be treated. The vet may also eliminate the rock by using a laser scalpel.

Symptom’s that make you worry!

It would be best to look for specific indicators when determining whether your dog is suffering from intestinal obstruction. If a dog is suffering from obstruction in their intestines, they typically don’t eat any food. It could be that they have an infection within the intestines or indicate that the blockages are so massive that the dog cannot move them. If you see any of these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately to determine the cause.

A few dogs can pass small stones that have gotten stuck in their small intestine and digestive tract if you observe your dog and observe whether he can move the rocks. If your dog tries to pass the stones in his stool, it may be harder for him to do so. It is possible to hear a growling sound when you try to remove the stones out of his body.

If you observe that your dog is vomiting, struggling to swallow food, or attempting to drink more water than usual, It’s symptom’s that he ate the stone. Some signs that your dog might be suffering from including the following: blood in his urine, nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort. Contact your vet if you suspect that your dog may have swallowed a stone.

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Dogs can eat stones!

It is essential to know that dogs can eat gravel. But, eating gravel can cause a variety of challenges that your dog may face. If you observe your dog’s attempts at digesting rocks, you’ll realize that this is simply hard for any dog.


how big of a rock can a dog pass?


How long does it take for a dog to pass rocks?

Like all other foreign object’s, rocks wouldn’t get digested in a dogs stomach. Thus, it would likely pass through, and it may take as soon as two hours. If your dog eats a small amount of rock, it will likely get mixed in the dogs poop. However, if it’s a big one, it can cause gastrointestinal blockage and intestinal blockage, which can be dangerous. Because of this, as a pet parent or dog owner, always keep an eye on your pet and check on it every time it plays outside.


The consumption of gravel can result in growing corns, lumps, etc.

Dogs who eat gravel or other complex objects could be at risk of developing lumps , corns, and other skin growths. This is because these kinds of abrasions lead to injuries to the tissue layers of dogs tummy precisely like humans. This is why they can be extremely painful. It is common to see these wounds swell to the point of extending onto the abdomen, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and blood-stained vomiting. It’s possible to notice that your dog scratched at the wounds, which can irritate. These inside stomach injuries can easily lead to choking or other severe intestinal problems such as an intestinal blockage.

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Can a dog with a blockage still poop? 

The blockage impairs digestion and intestinal motility, preventing the dog from passing food and waste through the GI tract. Partial obstruction allows the dog to pass some stool and gas, but this will still eventually damage the intestines if not passed. So yes, dog can poop, but they need veterinary attention, and as pet owners, you need to take them to the vet to check up your dog health.

What to do when a stone is stuck in your dog’s throat?

In some instances, the dog has eaten the stone that was stuck in their throat. This can happen when your dog has eaten the rock, and it was stuck in the throat of its. This could cause difficulties in the swallow or breathing. The dog could start vomiting, drooling, or even be unable to breathe after swallowing the stone. If this happens, you should visit your veterinarian as soon as you can so that medical attention is provided.

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Do older dogs eat rocks? 

The most common reason your dog might be eating rocks is a medical condition called pica. The classic symptoms of pica are eating non-dog food items. Stress or anxiety in your dog may manifest into your dog eating rocks.




It’s unfortunate that most dog owners eventually will be faced with the issue of their dog eating some pieces of rock. Dogs are curious and can eat everything they can lay the chance to. While this is okay to have a few times, things that could be harmful to your dog’s health must not be ignored. As a dog owner, you probably already know that rock is something you shouldn’t allow your dog to eat.

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