If you have just brought home your puppy or already have a dog and want to know what to feed it, you should know that one of the most important factors in feeding your dog is how much food to feed them. This is because the amount of food you give to them depends on how much the dog weighs.


how much food to feed my dog


Another factor to consider is that some dogs don’t like certain foods, and you need to change your pet’s eating habits to accommodate these foods. In addition, some dogs will eat anything, and they really shouldn’t be fed that much food at one time.. Knowing the answer to how much food to feed dogs will help you make the right choice when feeding your pet.

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Dog Feeding Chart.

Charts for feeding your dog are mandatory on pet food packaging. The design of the chart will differ from brand to brand. If you’re changing brands, be sure to check that your dog is fed the proper amount according to his weight and age.

In the words of Dr. Harris, “Dog feeding charts generally provide guidelines for the daily consumption. If you feed the dog more than once per day, you’ll have to divide the amount suggested on the chart into the meals. The amount of dog food you feed your pet varies between products depending on the calories content and the formula. Refer to the dog feeding chart located on your pet’s food package. Each dog’s needs vary depending on food type (dry food, raw food, wet food, etc.) Also, what type of food are you feeding your dog (homemade dog food or canned food). Therefore, consult your vet about special dietary requirements.



The factors that determine how much to feed a dog.

A variety of factors affect the amount of food your dog gets and the type of food your dog needs.


Maintaining an ideal body condition is essential for your dog’s overall health. “If your dog’s health isn’t in his optimal body weight it is possible that you need to adjust the amount and type of food you feed the dog.” advises Dr. Callie Harris, DVM. It would be best to think about a weight management recipe to aid your dog keep in good shape. We also suggest working with your vet to identify any health issues.

Activities Levels.

Food recommendations in the dog food packaging are based on adult dogs with normal activity levels. If your dog does lots of exercise through regular walks or runs with you (active dog), it could require extra calories for his energy requirements. So they need more feeding amounts. Dogs who are not as active or over-weight and weight gain might require a better controlled daily caloric intake.


As your dog gets older in size, his nutrition needs alter. When your pet is a puppy, he will require puppy food to help develop and grow. For a senior dog, it is possible to be benefited from Senior formulas that keep old dogs engaged and keeps their mind that keep their minds sharp. You will need a different amount of adult food for the adult dog to depend on their age and breed. Discuss with your veterinarian.

When you have found an adequate and balanced diet suited to your dog’s specific requirements, you will be able to determine how much food you’ll provide him. The chart for feeding your dog found on the back of the pet food container can to guide you.

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Ask your vet.

As far as how much food to feed dogs each day goes, the answer depends largely on what the dog has been used to. This means that some dogs will need less food while other dogs will need more. If you are unsure how much your dog should eat, you might ask a veterinarian about this question. They will be able to advise you better than anyone else can.


how much food to feed my dog


Daily Feeding Frequently and amount.

Puppies are growing and require all the nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Due to this, it is advised to feed them twice the amount of food recommended for adult dogs.

A puppy needs to be fed between three and five times per day. This is because puppies have plenty of energy and can burn off lots of calories during the day.

An older dog needs to be fed according to dogs weight and activity. If your dog is at an average activity level, it should have approximately 1/4 cup or 1 cup. Smaller dog breeds should have one cup or 1 1/2 cup medium breeds should have around 2 to 1/3 cups, while large breeds should have 2 4/5 cups or 3 cups.

Senior dogs should be fed just a bit smaller than dogs of adulthood. Since they have lower energy levels, reducing the amounts of food they eat should be considered to ensure that your dog is at an appropriate weight. Senior dogs and adult dogs must be fed two times a day.

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For dogs that are pregnant, this is a bit different. For the first six months of the pregnancy, it is recommended to increase your dog food. The first step is to increase the amount of food you feed your dog by 20% in weeks 7-9.

Lactating dogs are a distinct situation too. Following birth, it is recommended to feed your dog as much as 50 percent more food for dogs than the normal amount. During the lactation peak that lasts from 4 to 5 weeks, you should give your dog as much as 30 percent more food than the normal intake. The dogs that eat lactating should have three times a day, with equal portions.


how much food to feed my dog


If you are a dog owner and wondering how much dog food your dog needs per day, you should consider these factors. As a rule of thumb, feed your dogs three times a day, once in the morning, once at night, and one hour after dinner. This will ensure that they get all of the pet nutrition needed.You can also use feeding guidelines on canned foods or a dog food calculator to have a healthy weight dog. Homemade food is an increasingly popular alternative to dry kibble or wet canned food.

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