The long-haired French Bulldog is a captivating breed of small dog, known for their cute faces and outgoing personalities. If you’re looking to own one of these lovable pups, it’s important that you have the necessary information to provide them with the best environment. This article will cover everything relevant to bringing a Fluffy Frenchie into your home, so that you can make an informed decision when buying or adopting one of these furry angels.

There are a few quick tips you can do to take care of your Long hair Frenchie:

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How can I take care of Long hair, Frenchie?


  1. Brush their coat regularly to prevent mats and tangles from forming.
  2. bathe them regularly using a mild shampoo designed for dogs.
  3. Avoid letting them get too dirty or wet, which can lead to skin problems.
  4. trim their nails regularly to prevent overgrowth and to crack.
  5. Keep an eye on their diet and make sure they’re getting enough nutrients to support their coat.

Following these tips will help you keep your Long hair Frenchie healthy and looking their best!


What is a long haired Frenchie?

Long-haired French Bulldogs are an incredibly rare breed of Frenchie that feature longer hair than the typical Bulldog. They boast a stunning coat with slightly longer locks on the head and wavy fur on the body. The length of their manes is due to a recessive gene, making this particular type of dog as healthy as standard Frenchies. Furthermore, they possess distinctive bat ears which grant them a unique appearance.

In cats, it is possible to have offspring with the long-hair gene if both parents possess the recessive L4 gene — but they do not necessarily need to be carriers or have the long-hair trait themselves. This can be compared to humans in which two red-haired people can have a red-haired child, even when neither of them are carriers.

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History Of The Fluffy Frenchie

Though called ‘French Bulldog,’ the breed actually had its start in Britain. There, toy-sized English Bulldogs became companion dogs rather than competitive fighters and were crossbred with Terriers and Pugs to develop their distinct bat ears. The introduction of French Bulldogs to France occurred when lace workers migrated from England looking for new employment opportunities. These industrious canines soon rose to popularity in the north of France, where the employees settled down.

Business people had become fond of French Bulldogs, often owning them to increase their customer base. French Bulldogs even grew in popularity among escorts due to their remarkable features. This led to a surge in public interest, with figures such as the renowned French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec taken by the breed’s charm. With appeal continuing to grow and standards defined, the American Kennel Club officially recognised the breed in 1898; ear cropping was also established as part of its trademark.

How can I take care of Long hair, Frenchie?


Common Hair problem.

1 – Allergies

It’s essential to be aware of the food you’re giving your dog. This is because allergies, such as those related to dust and grass pollen, may be present. We recommend seeking advice from your vet so that the right course of action can be determined.

2 – Dandruff

This is often caused by poor quality food. Other possible causes include dry skin, parasites and low humidity.

Flea combs are not effective against dandruff. They don’t remove all the scales from the hair. Specific shampoos can only solve this problem. This shampoo should be used at least once per week.

3 – Hair loss

Sudden hair loss in dogs can be due to hormonal changes that come from things like the anticipation of going into heat or being recently neutered. In some cases, allergies could also be a contributing factor. To ensure proper care for your pet, please consult with your vet if you notice any symptoms of hair loss. If it isn’s an allergy-related issue, corticoid injections may help alleviate the problem.

Hair caring of a Long Hair French Bulldog.

Frenchies can be very low-maintenance. If you give them regular food, water and cuddles, they will be happy. Although these Frenchies may have hair that is different from others, maintaining their curly hair is not difficult. They will need at most four baths per year. If they go outside frequently or get particularly dirty, they may require more. Regular brushing helps prevent excess shedding and removes dirt between baths. This self-cleaning brush works well for both short hair and long haired French Bulldogs. Dry shampoo can keep your dog’s coat clean and fresh between baths.


How can I take care of Long hair, Frenchie?


Brushing issues.

Many Long hired Frenchie breeders out there will sell you a beautiful color puppy that comes with an adorable name. This cute little furball will require brushing from the moment it arrives at your home. A standard brush for a bulldog is usually too large for a small face, so you may need to purchase a bristle brush designed specifically for face brushing. Ask your breeder what types of bristle brushes they use on their dogs because it will help you determine how often you should use them. Most reputable breeders will have the grooming tools you need for short haired and Long hired Frenchie.


Long Haired French Bulldog colors.

The Long Haired French Bulldog typically features a variety of coat colors, with black, blue, fawn, brindle, and pied among the most common. Though some other coat colors may be available in the breed overall, these are the hues typically associated with the Long Haired Frenchie.

Long Haired Frenchies can have five different coat colors, each expressed in two ways: solid color or merle. Solid color means the dog’s fur is one solid shade with no patterns or markings, while a merle coat has patches of two colors such as black and white. Merle coats are especially popular on Long Haired French Bulldogs.

There is no right or wrong color when it comes to the colors of a Long Haired French Bulldog. It simply comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer solid colors while others prefer merle colors. There is no correct answer for what color you should choose for your Long Haired Frenchie.


What are the differences between a Fluffy French Bulldog (fluffy Frenchie) and a standard French Bulldog?

In appearance, the Fluffy French Bulldog looks very similar to other Bulldog breeds. This dog breed’s main difference is their slightly longer and fluffier hair. Fluffy Frenchies are often called “long-haired” because their fur is shorter than the average French Bulldog. However, they have a different long hair gene. It is better to be called “medium length”. Fluffy Frenchie has “bat ears” straight upon their heads. They are prominent and tall.


How can I take care of Long hair, Frenchie?



When choosing a Long Haired French Bulldog, Owners should be prepared to invest the necessary time and effort into taking care of its coat. This means regular brushing and bathing. It is also important to note that there are a variety of colors found in the breed. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what color your dog should be – however, it’s essential that owners take proper care of their dog’s coat regardless of the selected color.


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