What is a Japanese Chin Maltese Mix breed dog?

Are you familiar with Japanese Chin Maltese Mix dogs? JaTeses form strong relationships with their owners due to the Japanese Chin’s aristocratic nature and the Maltese’s gentle temperament. These little dogs can adapt to all living environments and are great for apartment and city living. Even when fully grown, the Jatese is adorable and playful with its large, imploring eyes. It also has a round skull which gives it a puppy-like appearance. The Jatese’s soft, straight fur can be either white or black, and it will grow long and straight.



Parent Breed information.

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The Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin dog breed is a native of Asia. They have been valued as companions for over a thousand years. They were popular Japanese and Chinese imperial court members, and their unique look was created in Japan.

The Japanese Chin is generally a happy dog that gets along well with everyone. He is friendly with other dogs and cats and can be a fun companion for older children. Due to his small stature, he is not suitable for homes with children younger than 5 years old.

The Japanese Chin is an old breed that originated at the Chinese imperial court. Perry gifted a pair of Chins to Queen Victoria and later gave another pair to President Obama. Also, the American Kennel Club recognized the Chin in the late 1800s under the name Japanese Spaniel. The American Kennel Club changed its name to Japanese Chin in 1977. Japan still holds the dog in high regard.


Maltese are gentle, playful, and small. If they feel threatened, they can defend themselves. They are a lot of softies. Also, they can be quite strong watchdogs and give the impression that they are fiercely protective of strangers.

They will jump up to lick people once they are sure they are not in danger. The Maltese is small in stature and has flowing white hair. She also has a beautiful brain and is easy to train. This toy breed has been loved since her childhood in ancient Italy. It is a beloved companion who can be carried around and loved. The AKC registered a lot of Maltese dogs until the 1950s. The breed has grown in popularity since then. The Maltese are a popular breed among dog show spectators. They often win the Toy Group. They have an excellent record in the “Best in Show” competition.

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JaTeses can be challenging to understand because they are not purebred dogs. The good news is that Japanese Chin dogs and Maltese can be very similar in temperament. However, it is important to remember that every dog, regardless of its breed, is unique and will display its own set of characteristics.

JaTese dogs will share similar temperaments. They’ll need to have lots of human interaction daily in order to be happy. JaTese dogs are naturally drawn to attention, as Japanese Chins and Maltese were bred for companionship. Moreover, JaTese can also be stubborn, as with many small breeds. JaTese dogs can be stubborn, but they are great for apartment living, seniors, and individuals.




They have the same temperament as Maltese and Japanese Chins. They are affectionate and loving little dogs. Although they are intelligent, most Maltese Japanese Chin dogs have an insatiable appetite for attention. They love to learn tricks and be praised. Also, they are great with children and pets. They are loved by most people and have loving sensitive personalities.



Derse suggests that grooming their flowing white coat takes a lot of effort. Brushing their beautiful fur daily is essential as it can become matted and dirty. Regular trimming will keep their hair in check and prevent it from getting into their eyes. However, even with consistent grooming, Derse warns that owners should not expect their Malteses to look like show dogs.

Regular bathing and conditioning are essential for Maltese dogs to maintain their silky hair. You must also trim their nails regularly, just like any other breed. Pay particular attention not to nick the quick. Many Maltese dogs have black toenails, making it difficult to see those nerves. You can also help your Maltese stay healthy between visits to the vet by doing routine grooming such as ear cleanings or brushing their teeth.

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Although a gentle companion, small dog syndrome can occur in some breeds. This is a disorder that causes dogs to growl or snap at people. These behaviors are usually caused by dogs being treated as spoiled or pampered. It is possible to prevent this behavior by ensuring your family treats them like dogs and has a structure, rules, and a strict routine.

Housetraining a Jatese is not easy. This is probably due to their small bladder. It takes perseverance to housetrain a Jatese. Owners should praise their dogs for using the outside toilet and reward them with a treat or two. Most children will be able to learn toilet training by six to nine months.



It is vital to exercise your JaTese every day, but this is often forgotten about with small dogs. JaTeses are companion dogs and require exercise despite having a lot of energy. Although a few short walks or running on a leash in a fenced yard are great ways to get them moving, each JaTese is different and will need to exercise differently. They also need mental stimulation and enjoy solving puzzles, especially when there is a treat.



Health and Lifespan.

Most Jateses live a healthy life with a 12- to 14-year average life expectancy. They are also not susceptible to any health problems. Some hereditary issues that are more common in the breed population should be monitored.

  • Heart Diseases
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
  • Mitral Valve Disease (MVD).
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Congenital porto-systemic shunts

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Can they be good family dogs?

They can be great for semi-active families home enough to pay attention. We recommend them for calmer older children because of their small size.


Are they get along with other pets?

JaTese dogs are generally good with dogs of their own size. Problems with larger dogs can cause a prey-driven reaction and could endanger your JaTese. To prevent territorial tendencies, we recommend having other pets with your JaTese. Also, it will depend on the JaTese of your other pets, as well as your JaTese. To avoid any fighting, we recommend slowly introducing them to your pets. However, JaTese may prefer human company to other animals.




The Japanese Chin Maltese and Japanese Chin mix dogs are unique because they combine the best qualities of both their purebred parents. JaTese dogs can be trained to behave politely and well in front of strangers. They are loyal to their families, but they are also very friendly. The JaTese is a great companion and lap dog.


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