What is a Mini Hippo Dog?

The Mini Hippo dog is a popular breed. In fact, this adorable mixed breed is becoming more popular because of its sweet disposition and family-friendly attitude. Mini Hippo dogs cross the Shar Pei and Cocker Spaniel breeds. This hybrid is often called a Cocker Pei.

Mini Hippo dog breeds typically grow between 13 and 20 inches in height. There will be variations depending on the parent breeds. Mixed breeds, such as the Cocker Pei, may take after any of their parents. Examining both parents to see what your puppy might look like is essential.



History of Mini Hippo.

Mini Hippo is also known as a Cocker–Pei. This hybrid breed has polar opposite parents. Although it is not known where they came from, it is believed that they were domesticated in the United States. This adorable pup is a mix of Chinese Shar Pei and Cocker Spaniel.

They are not compatible when you consider the two breeds as a whole. However, their offspring seem able to combine both their personality and traits. We have a gentle, family-oriented, and sweet Cocker Spaniel. Let’s first take a look at this puppy.


Parent breed information.

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Cocker spaniels

Cocker spaniels can be lively and sweet-natured. They are just the right size to fit in many homes. Cocker spaniels make a great choice for families as they are easy to train and very affectionate. Continue reading to learn about this beloved breed.

The Spanish cocker spaniel was first introduced to the world in 14th-century Spain. They were split into two types in the 1800s: hunting dogs and toys. They were named for their ability to hunt woodcock in the field and became an official breed in England in 1892. It is believed that cocker spaniels were brought to North America by the pilgrims. The American Spaniel Club was founded in 1881 and is America’s oldest breed club.

They are loyal pets and will follow their owner from room to room every day. Cockers love to go on long walks and enjoy frolicking wherever they go. Although they were initially bred to hunt dogs, they are now great companions for pet owners of all ages.


Shar Pei

Shar pies were originally bred to protect livestock. They are intelligent, alert, and protective dogs that make great guardians. Also, they are loving companions because of their calm, devoted nature. They are often aloof around strangers but are loyal and affectionate towards their family members and enjoy spending time with them.

This pooch is gentle and calm. Very intelligent. They are also capable of being independent and aloof. The Shar-Pei protects you when the Cocker Spaniel lives for you.

The Sharpei is an ancient breed that dates back to China’s Han Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. Peasants bred the shar-pei to do tasks such as hunting, herding, and protecting livestock from thieves and predators. Shar peis were often used as fighting dogs, explaining their aggression towards other dogs.




The Mini Hippo dog is a designer, companion, and sporting family member. They can weigh anywhere from 40 to 65 lbs and measure 18 to 21 inches tall.


Coat and Colors.

Let’s look at the coat of the miniature Hippo dog. Your puppy’s coat will vary depending on the type of inheritance he has.

Mini Hippos may have flowing, wavy coats that feel soft and silky. This is the bear coat. Other Cocker Peis may have a shorter, thicker coat that feels rough to your skin. This is the horse coat. Your pup may have a combination of both. Your pup’s coat might be shorter than you expect, but it will feel soft and more flexible than a horse’s coat. The last type of coat is called the brush coat.

These coat types are shared with the Shar Pei parent. You may also be able to see the soft waves of Cocker Spaniel. The shedding of all three fur types is minimal because they do not have an underneath coat. They do not trigger severe allergic reactions. The Mini Hippo can have green eyes and a pink or black nose.

Mini Hippo dogs can come in a large color spectrum. These include:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Even tri-color!

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They have an opposing temperament that creates a sweet, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate dog breed. Cocker Peis are loyal, protective, intelligent, and in general, they will be loyal. This mix will be affectionate and friendly if socialized and trained correctly. They can be difficult for first-time owners. While the Cocker parent is known for being social and friendly, the Shar Pei parent can be protective.

However, jealousy can result from this protective nature. These personality traits may make your Mini Hippo pup a better pet if they are more inclined to be the only pet. This is a gentle, playful dog that can get along with children. If trained early, they are friendly and energetic.




Although the Mini Hippo is generally healthy, there are some things you should be aware of:

  • Allergies
  • Ear Infections
  • Eye Problems
  • Teeth

Mini Hippo Dogs, despite these problems, are happy, healthy pups and should be seen by their vet regularly.



Grooming is another important aspect of care. The coat of your mini Hippo can will play a major role in this. Shar Peis sheds seasonally, while the American Cocker sheds moderately. This breed may not be suitable for those with allergies.

Your mini Hippo’s coat type will determine how much he sheds. Some will require more grooming than others. All types of ear wax should be checked for inflammation and waxy buildup. Regularly trim your nails.

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Are they good family Pets?

The mini Hippo is a wonderful family pet if they are well socialized and trained at an early age. Their temperament and appearance can be difficult to predict. This breed best suits families with lots of time to train, socialize and provide care. This mixed breed can be susceptible to a number of health issues. You might decide to rescue a Cocker Pei.




This adorable pup will make an excellent addition to any family. The Mini Hippo dog is a great dog for apartment living and would make a good pet for novice dog owners. This small dog is always ready to help you and make you smile. Mini Hippo Dogs are not afraid to voice their dissatisfaction, suspicion, or excitement. However, they aren’t what we consider “avid barkers.”


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